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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICO January 22th] LABO - Japanese Messaging platform -  (Read 321 times)
LABO Inc. (OP)
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December 30, 2017, 08:02:00 AM
Last edit: January 22, 2018, 04:21:36 PM by LABO Inc.

Introducing LABO
Japan's First Messaging Platform Using Blockchain Technology

ICO 1/25 - 1/31

PRE SALE 1/25 - 1/26 : 20% bonus(Min:30ETH Max:150ETH)
FIRST WEEK: 1/26 - 1/28 : 14% bonus(Min: 100LABO=0.1ETH Max:100ETH)
SECOND WEEK: 1/28 - 1/31 : 9% bonus (Min: 100LABO=0.1ETH Max:100ETH)

LABO is an open-source messaging platform from Japan as well as a social network utilizing the power of the Ethereum network.
10 years have gone by since the birth of Blockchain technology but one can hardly claim the technology has penetrated to the general public or adopted by the mainstream society.
LABO messenger is a user friendly mobile interface for typical smartphone users which provides a means
to access Decentralized applications (Dapp) running on top of Ethereum network.

If we take “WhatsApp” messenger which is used by many people , we may be able to illustrate it better. In WhatsApp messenger,
anyone can send and receive messages and “stamps” easily. Similarly, LABO uses distributed network technology on Ethereum network
so that anyone can exchange messages, manage cryptocurrencies,send and receive cryptocurrencies, exchange with fiat,
and make payments in a brick and mortar store.
Traditional SNS and messaging applications are run by operating companies, and services are provided largely for the purpose of growth
and development of the operator. This means the purposes of the operating company and the users don’t necessarily align. The freedom
enjoyed by users is restricted at the operator’s discretion. For example, the operator can view user information, such as the contents of
messages sent and registration information, if they deem it necessary.

We are here to question the status quo that is accepted by everyone, and offer a solution: the development of a decentralized platform.
The LABO token in LABO network is a modular utility token for increased activities in the LABO network. With LABO platform and token,
users will have total freedom which was unattainable in Web2.0 era.
Such freedom translates into an array of things such as governance in LABO client, a curation function as social network, anonymous communication,
and settlements. In other words, we would like to show user acquisition strategies for expansion of LABO network by introducing price-competing
market which propose price two-way rather than solely by companies, such as Sticker market, and transfer capacity expansion function market
for sake of user- friendliness.
To demonstrate our research results of user acquisition strategies we have devised for expansion of LABO network, at LABO project, LABO token
is issued, and a subsequent token sale will be held. With this solution, centralized SNS and messaging applications can utilize distributed network
 technology to strive for a decentralized future.
We have the page, “Understanding LABO in 3 minutes”, which briefly summarize superiority of LABO, so we recommend you to read it.

LABO Token Sale
Token name : LABO
Total issue volume : 28,000,000 LABO
Base standard:Ethereum ERC20
55% of total issue volume (15,400,000 LABO) will be on sale.
The rate will be 1LABO = 0.001ETH[/color]

English :
Japanese :

The funds raised from token sale are to be spent stipulated as below:
・Development of LABO ICO token sale infrastructure platform
・Development, operation, and maintenance of “LABO,” a mobile application
・Promotion and marketing of LABO project and its related services
・Assignment of developers and engineers
・Legal department
・Application fees for approval as domestic operator
・Expenses toward employee, developers, and partners
・Enhancement of User Support
・Server enhancement
・Marketing costs f[/size]or user acqu etc.


Noki Matsumoto
Founder / CEO

In his years at technical high school he majored in mechanical technology and studied mechanical design and engineering.
In 2010, after graduation he took a job at major component manufacturer.
Due to his father managing a company, he began to take interest in management, and studied on his own. At age 20 he made investment
in solar power generation business, and he has started businesses since then. In 2014, he came across Blockchain technology, and studied
it being convinced of its potential. He also began investing in Bitcoin. With further development and wide adoption of distributed ledger technology
and Ethereum network as goal, he launched LABO.

Yusuke Takahashi
Co-Founder / CMO

He studied Economics in college. After graduation he joined an Internet startup finding it best for accelerating his growth. As a result of
his achievements there he was selected as head of web advertisement operation. While managing advertisements amounting to million dollars,
he also assumed the role of designer. He also took part in UI and UX design of job hunting app, allowing him to have insight in app design.
In 2015, he joined a major IT company as media director for portal websites and apps with emphasis on SEO and SNS inflow strategy.
He doubled PV of existing media which resulted in profit of tens of millions of yen. Invited by CEO Matsumoto, he is now in charge of web
marketing at LABO, where he strives for wider adoption of blockchain technology.

Daichi Kinoshita
Co-Founder / CTO

Due to his father managing an IT company, he was taught programing at 3rd grade. After graduation from high school, he went to vocational
college to study development of video games. There, he was awarded Bim Flontier award and Kobe Mayor's Award with his BuildLiveKobe.
 Upon graduating he joined a game studio. The game he developed in his first year went No.1 in AppStore’s game ranking. Then he resigned
and worked freelance, being involved in many projects by major companies. He saw potential in blockchain technology and has been devoting
himself in Research and Development since then.

Come Chat With Us On Twitter and Slack
Debra M
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January 08, 2018, 06:42:45 PM

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