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Author Topic: !!!!!! NavPay, optional privacy mobile wallet from NavCoin - released!!!!  (Read 172 times)
InsiderOfCrypto (OP)
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January 03, 2018, 03:29:28 PM


This is private Cryptocurrency mobile wallet which even your grandmom can easily use and be happy with!

NAV is not just very advanced and sophisticated privacy coin - which is technically much more advanced than Verge, Dash, Monero, PivX and etc. - NAV coin is about to become fully decentralized anonymous dApps platform ( "anonymous Ethereum" )

NAV is the most technically advanced project on the Market.

NAV coin is the most undervalued cryptocurrency - with the biggest price growth potential - NAV is the best pick for 2018.

NAV Coin official website:

Nav Coin Markets:

NAV coin is the most undervalued cryptocurrency - with the biggest price growth potential - NAV is the best pick for 2018.
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January 03, 2018, 03:31:59 PM

NAV coin is gonna be the next Verge in terms of Price explosion 20X -30X - it's massively undervalued - do not miss the opportunity
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January 03, 2018, 06:08:28 PM

Whith Navpay spread, White paper coming soon, the marketing plan soon announced by the new marketing team, polymorph Q1 2018 and then Navtech 2.0, 2018 will be the year of Navcoin. Such a great Dev team, great products and news incoming and geat tech, Navcoin stayed below the radar and really really undervalued (more than 10 or 15x regarding the market cap and more after the news and launch flow in 2018).

To understand what is Navcoin, and it will target the Top 20 Crytocurrencies market cap in 2018 (have a look, compare and make your idea by yourself) :

To start, NAV isn't just a "privacy" focused coin. In Q1 2018, it will become a "privacy" focused platform/ecosystem. That makes NAV markedly different than Verge and Monero, aka huge growth potential over the next few months Smiley. NAV is also POS whereas Monero is POW. I believe POS is the future of blockchain. No surprise that Ethereum is looking to migrate to POS as well in 2018. There are many more attributes that make NAV more versatile than Monero. That said, I like Monero as well. Here's a few highlights that explain NAV more for you:

NavChain (the teams working title for the anonymous dapps platform)

As I mentioned above will be a privacy focused platform/ecosystem (I hate linking us to another project, but think anonymity of ethereum/neo). Once NavChain (Adapps) is built (the whitepaper is set to release in early Q1), the first planned anonymous application will be NavTech2.0.

Bonus: The devs are developing a working prototype of NavChain as we speak (including a working protoype of NavTech2.0). This will lead to faster development of the actual product.

Read more from the AMA:


Because NAV is a POS coin, NavTech2.0 will make every individual staking wallet have the option to act as a private server, which will create a fully decentralized mesh network of private payment servers. This is truly revolutionary in that it will create a trustless network. It solves the current concerns regarding trusting a small set of servers for private payments.

For more information

Community Fund

Nav recently passed a community fund which will reduce the staking rewards from 5% to 4%. The purpose is to use the 1% staking rewards to finish roadmap projects; hire more devs/marketers; market product launches; and finish community projects. "This equates to about $1M USD per year (at the current price) to spend on community projects, the core teams development roadmap and marketing initiatives – which will be a huge boost to the project."

Read more here:


Polymorph is a web service designed to allow users to anonymise any of the currencies which are exchangeable on Changelly. How it works is best summarised by this slide from our 2016 Nav Coin Conference:

The user chooses their input currency & amount, output currency & destination address. Polymorph will exchange whatever currency is input to NAV with Changelly, send it through our dual blockchain private payment platform NavTech, then exchange it back to the specified output currency and send it to its destination.

You can specify the same input and output currencies, or you could actually use it as an exchange service also, inputting BTC and outputting ETH for example.

Copied from our lead dev here:


Check out the most recent NavPay launch: If you have android, try it out! It's coming to iOS soon.

More info here:


NavPi and coming in 2018 NavPi 2.0 25% complete

The NavPi is the Nav Coin Raspberry Pi 3 Stakebox. With the NavPi you can stake your NavCoin at efficient cost, saving electricity. Use NavPi as passive income generator while you sleep:

NavPi 2.0 - "After the successful launch of NavPi, we are working towards streamlining the interface. This means a full redevelopment using Angular2 served by NodeJS. This also aims to improve the performance of the front end giving a smoother user experience."

Copied from NavCoin Roadmap:

NAV Details at a Glance

NAV's Website: NAV's Roadmap: NAV Team Section: (Scroll Half Way Down)

How to buy NAV:

Algorithm: POS

Block Time: 30 sec

Number of Transactions/Second: 1120

Coin Circulation (as of 1/1/18): ~62,250,000 NAV

Inflation: 4% (once community fund is up and running in Q1 2018).

Lastly, Another great resource is This website was created by a community member and (reddit moderator /u/navtechservers) as an independent resource guide from the NAV development team. The tutorials/videos/links are extremely helpful!
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