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Author Topic: SUSCOIN LAUNCHES ICO  (Read 123 times)
arnab.suspro (OP)
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January 08, 2018, 02:57:29 AM

To implement Suscoin vision, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue suscoin tokens on the public block chain. The tokens called Coins (SUS) will be issued during the ICO.

The total capacity of Suscoin ICO Token is 0.25 billion tokens that is 250 Million tokens.

The sale for ICO  starts from 07.01.2018 (Sunday) at 12 Noon GMT at a face value of GBP 0.75 ($ 1.00) at upto 10% bonus. The total number of coins put up in circulation shall be displayed live on the scroll board of our website. This ICO sale shall end on 07.04.2018 (Saturday) at 12 Noon GMT.

What the customer needs to do get coins in this period is create a wallet on our website and put up a requisition with us where he shall be asked to transfer money to our corporate account. On successful receipt of the application money in our corporate account the customer shall be issued the tokens instantly.

The sale rate of tokens during the ICO is given below with bonuses:

SUS Issued during ICO   Bonus %
First 50 Million tokens           10.00 %
Next 50 Million tokens   05.00 %
Next 50 Million tokens   03.00 %
Next 50 Million tokens   02.00 %
Next 50 Million tokens   00.00 %

CSR (COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT)             5.00 %
DISRUPTIVE BLOCK CHAIN                           70.00 %

BACK GROUND PROJECT OF DISRUPTIVE BLOCK CHAIN DEVELOPMENT: The proposed Financial Disruptive Blockchain Project

As we know that 2017 was a year of Bit coin, different crypto currencies and their ICOs. 2018 surely is going to be a year of Block Chain. A Block chain is a chain of blocks of data of transactions performed on the network where all the nodes of the network act as validators of the transaction and gets rewarded for the same being known as miners. A block chain erases the requirement of a trusted third party validating the transaction. The computing and storage of the block chain is entirely cloud based without the requirement of a central server. Block Chain is said to be the next biggest discovery after the internet and like internet has changed the world forever, likewise block chain is supposed to change everything that we see and do in today’s world. It s going to impact each and every aspect of our live be it education, administration, socializing and banking among others.

Below we shall discuss how block chain shall be impacting the existing financial services industry. This impact is called disruption in technical terms.

Points where the block chain can disrupt the existing financial services industry:

1. The stock markets:

Management of shares of private companies.

World’s largest share trading platform NASDAQ has already appointed to manage share of private companies on its platform. Once NASDAQ platform is converted to a distributed ledger platform it shall mark a watershed event in the fintech sector which most share markets around the world and around most sectors.

Management of D-mat accounts of traders

If shares and its trading are brought into the block chain platform then D-mat accounts of traders has to be brought onto the block chain platform for sure.

F & O management of different shares and commodities

If shares are on the block chain platform then F & O of them are surely to be brought on the block chain platform.

2. The Commercial Banking sector:

International and domestic remittances

Instantaneous , 24 X7 and nearly free of cost remittances both domestic and international.

True replacement of SWIFT remittances

Can be a true replacement of SWIFT remittances which only delivers tele messages and leaves the transfers to the century old debit andn credit methods.

Foreign and domestic bill clearing, purchasing and discounting services

The statutory time frame for foreign bill clearing through banks is 21 days which may brought down to 21 seconds on the block chain platform. The same is applicable for domestic bills.

Chain financing in manufacturing and agriculture

Chain financing by banks is possible easily with instantaneous disbursements in agriculture and manufacturing on the block chain platform.

Corporate and retail financing

Corporate and retail financing along with their disbursements and recovery can be brought on the block chain platform at notional costs and time frames.

3. Central Banking sector

Clearing house and settlement systems

The one and half century old clearing and settlement systems of the central banks can be made obsolete or modernised on the block chain platform.

National and foreign Currency management

The FOREX system and the nation currency management system which is decades old now can be modernised to work 24X7 and with high speed using the block chain system.

Inflation and interest rate management

The inflation and interest management system which normally runs on a one month delay can be made to deliver on a real time basis using the block chain.

International balance of payments

The international balance of payments can be reported on a real time and secured basis on the block chain network.

4. The payments industry

Debit and credit card payments

Micro and small payments which till now could not be inducted into the payments systems due to their high fixed costs can now be inducted into the system using the block chain which charges nominally on the transaction amount without any fixed fee.

Now we have already developed the basic block chain using the path breaking technology of Sus-Knowledge cryptography where we are floating the transaction block on the cloud which after bouncing through several servers reaches the desired destination. The algorithm is fixed in such a manner that nobody can be sure that how many servers or nodes shall it bounce back and which nodes are they supposed to bounce off. This makes our block chain different from the Bitcoin block chain which uses P2P protocol or the Ethereum block chain which uses Smart contract protocol.

The present unique features of our block chain is as follows:

Transaction Speed: Instantaneous transactions using Suscoin Swift which is a proprietary technology of Suscoin.

Privacy: Superior untraceable anonymous transactions using Sus-knowledge cryptography

Low Fees: Significantly lower transaction fees than those incurred using commercial banks or Bit coin

Governance: A governance system allows for quick decentralized decision making

Funding: Self-funding allowing for continued development without the need to rely on founders financing or donations

Capacity: Capacity: 80 x Bit coin transaction capacity through an i Node network and up to 20-megabyte block

All the above is already in place.

Our block chain system is so designed that it can be easily re-engineered for any of the applications for stock markets, commercial banking, central banking or the payment cards industry.

The demand in the fintech sector shall exponentially increase in 2018 more than what the value of Bitcoin has increased in 2017.

With our strong technical capacity and with future financial back up we shall render green exponentially throughout 2018.

So, it's high time to come and invest in Suscoin.
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