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Author Topic: Bither miner  (Read 34 times)
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January 08, 2018, 06:14:06 PM

Bither - a simple and secure Bitcoin wallet!
Decentralized, based on Bitcoin P2P network, and open source.

Bither Hot Wallet: running on your daily phone, can easily monitor your bitcoin assets, and you can also save small amout of bitcoins in it to pay bitcoins anytime, anywhere.
Bither Cold Wallet: running on your backup phone (old or cheap one), keep the phone offline and save large amount of bitcoins in it, then you can keep your bitcoins as safe as possible.
Communicating between Bither Hot and Bither Cold is simple, the only thing you need to do is scanning the QR-Code.

source code : https[Suspicious link removed]
twitter : @bithernet

demo video :

UPDATE 2014.05.19
Bither v0.0.5 released.
1. New Exchange UI.
2. Low Transaction Fee.

UPDATE 2014.05.20
Open Source :

UPDATE 2014.05.31
Bither v0.0.6 released.
1. Fancy QR Code.

UPDATE 2014.06.16
Bither v0.0.7 released.
1. Asset Report.

UPDATE 2014.07.28
Bither iOS v1.0.0 released on App Store.

UPDATE 2014.07.30
Bither Android v0.0.8 released on Google Play.
1. Secured Keyboard.
2. Advanced options for private key management.

UPDATE 2014.08.11
Open source bither-ios, and announce Bitheri.

UPDATE 2014.08.13
Bither iOS v1.0.1 released on App Store.

UPDATE 2014.08.22
Bither iOS v1.0.2 released on App Store.

UPDATE 2014.09.04
Bither Android v0.0.9 released on Google Play, and also we announced the brand new Bitcoin Java Library - Bitherj.

UPDATE 2014.09.18
Bither iOS v1.0.3 released on App Store.

UPDATE 2014.09.28
XRANDOM announced.

UPDATE 2014.09.29
Bither Android v1.1.0 released.
1. XRANDOM; 2. More Exchanges; 3. BIP 38 & uncompressed private keys;

UPDATE 2014.10.16
Bither iOS v1.1.0 released.
1. XRANDOM; 2. More Exchanges; 3. BIP 38 & uncompressed private keys;

UPDATE 2014.10.20
Bither Android v1.1.1 released.
1. Less battery usage; 2. Less network data usage; 3. Pure Java Bitherj;

UPDATE 2014.11.07
Bither v1.2.0 released (iOS + Android) with RCheck protecting your bitcoin transactions.

UPDATE 2014.11.24
Bither v1.2.1 released (iOS users should wait for 1-2 weeks reviewing)
1. PIN code; 2. bits and more currencies; 3. trash can;

UPDATE 2014.12.05
Bither iOS v1.2.1 released with Touch ID support

UPDATE 2014.12.13
Bither Android v1.2.2 released.
1. Improve QR Code scanner; 2. Add view on blockmeta for Chinese users;

UPDATE 2014.12.30
Bither Android v1.2.3 released.
1. Message signing and signature verification; 2. Choosing change address manually;

UPDATE 2015.01.07
Bither Desktop v0.0.2 released.

UPDATE 2015.01.19
Bither announce HDM.

UPDATE 2015.01.28
Bither Android v1.3.1 released with full HDM implementation.

UPDATE 2015.02.18
Bither iOS v1.3.1 released with HDM.

UPDATE 2015.03.11
Bither Android v1.3.2 released.

UPDATE 2015.03.19
Bither Desktop v1.3.1 released.

UPDATE 2015.04.09
Bither Desktop v1.3.2 released with vanitygen

UPDATE 2015.04.11
Bither iOS v1.3.2 now supports Apple Watch

UPDATE 2015.05.05
Here we are !

UPDATE 2015.05.10
Bither v1.3.4 released.

UPDATE 2015.05.13
Bither Android v1.3.5 released.

UPDATE 2015.05.19
Bither iOS v1.3.5 released.

UPDATE 2015.06.03
Bither Desktop v1.3.5 released:
1. Better performance and lower memory usage; 2. Compressed private key supports for Vanity Addresses; 3. Mac version supports Retina display;

UPDATE 2015.07.20
Bither Android v1.3.8 released.

UPDATE 2015.08.28
Bither Android v1.3.9 released, iOS version released too.

UPDATE 2015.10.16
Bither Android v1.4.0 released, and fixed "Transaction Malleability" issue.

UPDATE 2015.10.28
Bither iOS v1.4.0 released.

UPDATE 2016.05.09
Bither Android v1.5.0 released with more data source on "Reload Transaction Data".

UPDATE 2016.06.06
Bither iOS v1.5.0 released:
1. More data source on "Reload Transaction Data".
2. Speed up the transaction sending.

UPDATE 2016.06.30
Bither v1.6.0 released:
1. Upgrade QR-Code Format.

UPDATE 2016.08.30
Bither iOS v1.6.1 released:
1. Fix Bugs.
2. Improve Performance.

UPDATE 2016.11.18
Bither Android v1.6.1 and iOS v1.6.2 released with:
1. Adjust the transaction fee option;
2. Add advertise;

UPDATE 2017.05.24
New mobile/desktop version released with higher fee options.

UPDATE 2017.08.03
[Bither&bitpie] new versions (Bither Android v1.7.0/iOS v1.6.9 & bitpie v2.1.0) help users to easily get BCC/BCH.

For Bither wallet users :
For bitpie wallet users :

UPDATE 2017.08.24
Bither v1.7.1 released:
1. Fix getting BCC by too large tx;
2. Support importing wrongly encoded private keys from ;

UPDATE 2017.11.19
[Bither&bitpie] new versions (Bither Android v1.7.7/iOS v1.7.3 & bitpie v2.3.4) help users to easily get BTG (Bitcoin Gold).

UPDATE 2017.12.19
[Bither&bitpie] new versions (Bither Android/iOS v1.7.8 & bitpie v2.4.1) help users to easily get SBTC (Super Bitcoin).
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