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Author Topic: Primecoin Solo Mining Subscription - Only 50 Shares Available/SOLD  (Read 2114 times)
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August 17, 2013, 03:31:59 AM
 #1 (has released) 50 Shares Available for SOLO Primecoin Mining
XPM Coin is offering a Shared, Cloud Computing Server Solution - Giving You A Hands-Free XPM Mining Solution.  

XPM Coin will do all the work of setting up servers, optimizing for the best results.
You just make a weekly subscription payment, and earn XPM while you are busy doing other things.

You will receive weekly payouts to your Primecoin Address every Wednesday (no matter how many subscribers are in it).

We have 50 Servers LIVE right now, and ready to start the earning process instantly!

XPM Coin is a service ran by Maco.
My current results have been increase with the deployment of more servers and most recent optimizations. (See screenshots below)

Currently, I am mining about 8-10 blocks/day with 25 (servers LIVE - average time). Some servers have been on/off for testing purposes and
optimization of better hardware/resources. I have found my best results, and I am ready to offer solutions to the public.

This will only be available and accessible to 50 share subscriptions total.
Each subscription (0.50/BTC a week) will count as 1 share.

My efforts counts as 1 share. That is because I am able to get the best available results, and I am constantly monitoring, upgrading,
and optimizing our servers. I work on Primecoin XPM mining 12+ hours a day, and I am ready to dedicate full time to all subscriptions.

>> Click Here To Get Started and Find Out More! <<

Note: This mining business ( is not affiliated with Primecoin or its network. This is an independent service provided by Maco from
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August 17, 2013, 03:33:14 AM

Reserved for Announcements and FAQ

Q) What if not all 50 were sold shares?
A) I will deploy 50 and scale up from there, and only 25 shares have been sold, Coins generated are divided by the # of subscribed shares.

Q) How will you track it?
A) I will use one wallet across all deployed servers to keep track of the full balance. I will give screenshots upon approval.
I am programming something to make it display the wallet balance in real-time, online. I will let you know when that is released.

Q) How will you know if I made a payment?
A) Once you subscribe @ - and you subscribe via coinbase, we will receive your order # and Transaction #
your next step is to submit your application on the next page to begin processing your shares.
We need the application filled out so we have your direct contact and payout address on file.

Q) When do payouts hit?
A) Every Wednesday. You qualify only for the weekly payouts for subscription you have made.

Q) Can I cancel anytime?
A) Yes, anytime. If you made a payment for week 1 (up front) and you cancel it before Weekly Payout, you will still earn for that paid week.
Need to cancel? Go to coinbase, click subscriptions (merchant) and cancel it there. Contact me if you need assistance.

Q) Is there a money back guarantee
A) We have bills, expensive bills, and huge risks ahead. We are taking on this business model as a risk, just like you, as a investor/customer.  
You won't know the outcome until you try, and we can't guarantee outcomes either. However, no strings attached, so you can cancel anytime.

Q) What are the Server Specs
A) We have about 8 to 24 CPU Cores running across our servers. We plan to implement more 24 CPU cores to maximize increased block earning.

Server stats
Currently running Servers #1 - #25
processor : 23
model name: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU   X5650  @ 2.67GHz
Currently running Servers #25 - #50
processor : 14
model name: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU   E5645  @ 2.40GHz
Awaiting 50 Total Subscribers to run Servers  #50 - #200
model name: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5410 @ 2.33GHz & more of Xeon X5650  @ 2.67GHz

These have been the best mixture of results. I will open up more of these servers to maximize our earnings.
I plan to deploy up to 200 servers, once 50 Subscribers (50 shares sold) have been reached.

Q) If Difficulty goes up, what happens to block rewards?
A) Block rewards usually goes down as more miners come in play. Currently, I am earning 10.50 XPM per 1 Block.
It is better to maximize now before it gets harder and more miners jump in.

Q) I need support or have a question
A) Sure, contact me, MACO anytime or reach me at ( I am always monitoring )

Q) Submitted payment?
A) For speed of implementation purposes, contact maco with your ORDER # or Transaction ID from Coinbase.  
I will start processing everything for you right away (I am usually here).

Q) Why should I trust you, Maco?
A) You shouldn't trust anyone. Aside from my track record of always keeping an open communication and listening to investors/customers, this should give you a reason to trust me. I don't expect everyone to trust me 100% because that isn't the way it works. I would like to earn your trust, and for a small investment of 0.50/BTC a week, I would like to earn your respect and trust down the road. Let me prove it by showing you how I do things starting with week 1.

Q) What happens if 50 shares/subscriptions are sold?
A) We shut down the service and cannot accept anyone new. If someone does drop out, maco reserves to right
to find a replacement subscriber; however, I may not do this to help others earn more XPM coins for their shares.

Q) Where can I sign up for this mining system?
A) Simply @ - then click the green button after reading the page - it will take you to a subscription page on Coinbase.
One you subscribe for a weekly payment of 0.50/BTC - you will be taken to an application form, please submit that, and send me a PM if you can.
Otherwise, I will see it on my end, and start getting you implemented in my systems.
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August 17, 2013, 03:33:46 AM


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