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Author Topic: Successful btc password recovery by Dave Bitcoin  (Read 342 times)
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February 01, 2018, 10:14:08 PM
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Hi guys,

I'd like to share my positive experience with recovering lost password of my wallet.dat file (btc-core client).

Let me start from beggining, but I'd try to keep it short story.

Few years ago I purchased some bitcoins and encrypted a wallet with some password, which I managed to forget meanwhile. Even though I've been using internet over 15 years (meaning different emails, forum accounts, icq, mirc, skype and programs requiring username and password) I have never managed to forget password for any account, but for bitcoins it was not the case  Cool....of course, based on my previous experience I thought password I set for a wallet will be remembered in my brain, and I did not write it down anywhere else, like on a plain paper, and I was wrong.

Over time, I tried manually to unlock a wallet with numerous combinations (over 500 different attempts, I wrote down each attempt to avoid repeating it) but with no luck. I also tried to run some scripts I found on this forum (like ruby script by Revalion), also Jack The Ripper, but as I am not much into coding, I did not make it work.

I continue to google for password recovery solutions and stumbled on service provided by almighty  Cheesy Dave Bitcoin. For those unfamiliar with him, this is his official webpage:

Even he is quite "mysterious" person and not much info can be found about him except his nickname, he managed to built over the internet positive reputation of his service (I found him active on this forum and Reddit), which is not so easy in cryptocurrency world. There is also an article on Coindesk about Dave and his service, which ensures reputation of Dave.

So, as I was left with no much options to unlock my btc wallet, I decided to contact him and see what can be done. He responded to my email quite quickly and we started negotiation, he explained me process of his service and we decided to move on. I sent him wallet.dat file (which was not so easy for my mind lol) and a list of potential keywords used in a password. He managed to crack a password the same day! I can not explain you my personal feelings at that moment, for the past few years I tried to unlock a wallet, and he did it "bang" in one day. He sent me my password back and I really managed to unlock the wallet. Of course upon cracking the password he charged me with his commission fee by reducing btc balance with specific %, which was surely part of agreement.

I am writing this thread with two reasons:

1) To spread a good words about Dave Bitcoin and his service, because he really deserves full respect, and to strengthen his reputation. He is very trustful and professional person, and we all definitely need person like him in crypto world (and we know how crypto is still risky dimension in general).

2) To encourage people that are in same situation like I was, to contact him with no hesitation and try to crack lost password, his service definitely is no scam.

All in all, I really had only positive experience with his service and I highly recommend him as a reliable person for password recovery.

PS. He also managed to crack my Litecoin wallet!...I also forgot password for ltc  Grin
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February 03, 2018, 09:58:01 PM


Dave Bitcoin

Last summer I downloaded a bit coin core wallet (which took days to do). I was warned that if I lost my password I would lose my money. So I carefully wrote it down and memorized it. Then I started putting bit coin into the wallet, believing it was safe. Recently I purchased a Trezor wallet and decided to move my bit coin into the Trezor wallet. Every time I tried to move it, ‘incorrect password’ came up. So I tried many variations on the password, even though I still had it written down. I simply couldn’t believe that my password didn’t work.

I asked a friend who has better computer skills than I do to help and she finally agreed that my password simply didn’t work.

Because bit coin core is a widely distributed ledger there is no one in charge. I could not appeal my case to anyone.

My friend found Dave’s site ( and suggested that I write to him. At first I was hesitant because there are so many scams on the Internet, but I was desperate and didn’t have any other viable options.

However, Dave reassured me that he cared about his reputation and had helped many people in the same situation. We agreed on his fee and I sent him the necessary information.

Within a day he had cracked the password, retrieved his fee and given me the revised password. I had evidently typed in one incorrect number when I registered the password. My vision is not what it once was, so I simply made a mistake when typing the original password.

I could not believe my luck!! Within a day my bit coin was available to me again. Dave suggested that I move a small amount into the Trezor wallet, then send another small amount back to the bit coin core wallet, just to make sure the addresses worked and to become familiar with the process. I did as he suggested and everything went smoothly. Then I moved almost all the rest of the bit coin into the Trezor wallet where I knew I could retrieve it anytime.

This made me think about another challenge. Since I had opened my bit coin core wallet last summer before the distribution of bit coin cash, I was entitled to a small amount of bit coin cash. However, I had no idea how to claim it. I had been warned that I should empty my bit coin core wallet before trying to claim the bit coin cash because I would have to reveal my private keys in order to do this.

I asked Dave to help, offering him the same percentage fee, and he did so immediately. So now I have my bit coin and my bit coin cash safely tucked into my Trezor wallet.

I am extremely happy with Dave’s service and would recommend him highly to anyone struggling with issues such as these. He is completely trustworthy. Vaughn
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