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October 22, 2018, 04:55:00 AM *
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Author Topic: Unconfirmed Transactions - please help!  (Read 87 times)
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February 21, 2018, 05:33:15 PM

Hey guys

I was running the old Bitcoin Core Qt Wallet and sent two transactions to my Exodus wallet, this was on the 4th December, 2017. The Bitcoins left my Bitcoin Core wallet but never arrived in my Exodus wallet.

Below are the two tx ID. It's been about a month and 5 BTC have basically vanished. Please help, will be tipping generously. Have asked someone else for assistance and they informed me but both transactions are reflecting "double spend found" and all he suggested was to ask for support.

Status: conflicted with a transaction with 28555 confirmations
Date: 4/12/2017 23:42
To: Exodus 1AEdg6CnwG2xrZCuEx6BVMJtDUYTpP2t6u
Debit: -2.00000000 BTC
Transaction fee: -0.01000000 BTC
Net amount: -2.01000000 BTC
Transaction ID: c356ab3c49929cdf34b0adb45851105cd1fafbb522b76c4ec461c52c1687d886
Transaction total size: 673 bytes
Output index: 0

Status: conflicted with a transaction with 6451 confirmations
Date: 4/12/2017 23:41
To: Exodus 1AEdg6CnwG2xrZCuEx6BVMJtDUYTpP2t6u
Debit: -3.00000000 BTC
Transaction fee: -0.01000000 BTC
Net amount: -3.01000000 BTC
Transaction ID: bbd0a1ac723ddbbf4449cc1d3cf29022158d38659455986e56b4d258d1f7fe09
Transaction total size: 225 bytes
Output index: 0

you can use these links to view the transactions:


I believe at the time my Core client was seriously outdated, running on version 0.4 or older, has since been updated.

Willing to pay $500USD to the person who can help me retrieve these BTCs.

All help will be really appreciated, i'm kinda stuck at the moment!


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February 21, 2018, 08:15:44 PM

What i seen about your transaction according to your post
your transaction almost got 28555 confirmations and 6451 confirmation. You should received it to your exodus wallet.

Do you have any private keys backup from your exodus wallet?
You can try to follow this method how to backup or export your private keys from exodus wallet.
Check the guide here

Then after you get all of your private keys import them into electrum wallet then check if your bitcoin is there And update here if its solved your issue or not..

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February 21, 2018, 08:26:32 PM

kind of a puzzle game. There is not enough addresses, to see from where to where the funds were send.
I get, that EXODUS WALLET address is 1AEdg6CnwG2xrZCuEx6BVMJtDUYTpP2t6u. That is the target address, that never received the funds. So useless to search in this direction.

Obviously the problem comes from the Core wallet. When you want to spent from your core wallet, it generates a double spend.
This would mean, that funds from addresses in the core wallet have already been used in a previous transaction.

You say
- you have updated your wallet - is it completly sync'd now? And what does it say - how much funds it has?
- the coins "left my Bitcoin Core wallet" - how do you know? What are the evidences?
(use the command line with "getbalance", "getaddressesbyaccount", "getreceivedbyaccount", "getreceivedbyaddress" and similiar) - this is a bit manual work...
I think best is to find the used addresses in your core wallet, and verify their status on or

Is "17qTnk8CaFRMYsidhFiDsgsi24acKD4NDr" one of your addresses?

And just some questions come to my mind, which may define future research (if you don't know, no prob):

- have you assembled a tx yourself, or did you use only the wallet software?
- have you re-used address many times?
- have you tried to create private keys and load them into the wallet?
- are you sure you didn't send to BCash addresses?
- which OS are you using?

@BitMaxz: I think the OP states, that his transaction conflicts with one, that has already 28555 (or 6451) confirmations. But we don't see the tx IDs here ...
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February 21, 2018, 08:52:17 PM

What a mess.  The second one wouldn't work because you tried to send 2 BTC to 1AEdg6CnwG2xrZCuEx6BVMJtDUYTpP2t6u and 1.444 BTC to 166a2sQ8XAyKc6PKYyajDFMTSQiWDQTk3d in this third transaction here on the 27th of November, which appears to be stuck according to that block explorer, but that's unlikely given how old it is.  And since you were using 166a2sQ8XAyKc6PKYyajDFMTSQiWDQTk3d as one of the inputs for the first one, that's never going to confirm either.  


It's likely the network isn't trying to process these anymore and has forgotten about them, so the above is pretty much irrelevant now.

Also, that bitaps block explorer isn't the greatest, maybe stop using it.  These would appear to be the addresses that currently hold your coins: : 3.147 BTC : 2.1406297 BTC

If you still control both of those, you should have at least 5 BTC.

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February 22, 2018, 07:34:05 AM
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OK... This does indeed look like a big web of unconfirmed transactions, spending unconfirmed outputs from unconfirmed transactions, which (just to make this all "doubly" confusing) are double spends! Shocked Shocked

As near as I can figure... The sequence of events goes something like this:

On 21st November 2017, you attempt to send 1 BTC to your Exodus wallet (1AEdg):

For whatever reason, this transaction is NOT confirmed, despite the 1327 sats/byte fee!!?! Shocked

Then, on 22nd November 2017, it seems you executed a double spend... basically the same transaction (1 BTC to Exodus wallet, 1AEdg), but with a slightly higher fee of 1333 sats/byte:

This transaction was CONFIRMED.

Then on 27th November 2017, the change output from successful "6513d" transaction was attempted to be spent in this transaction:

Again, despite a 1321 sats/byte fee, this transaction is NOT confirmed??!?

This is important... as one of the outputs of this UNCONFIRMED transaction, was then used in the 21st DECEMBER transaction (which is currently showing as "conflicted" in your wallet):

With the previous transaction not being confirmed (and most likely dumped from the mempool after nearly a month)... this transaction will not confirm.

Then, the UNCONFIRMED output from the "ecb252" transaction on the 21st NOV was then attempted to be spent in your transaction on 22nd DECEMBER 2017 (which is currently showing as "conflicted" in your wallet):

Obviously, that's impossible as the INPUT was already used in the transaction on 22nd Nov... so it will be "unconfirmed" forever.

And now we arrive at today... we can see you still have 3.147 BTC in 17qTnk8CaFRMYsidhFiDsgsi24acKD4NDr

And as far as I can tell... there is no "missing" 2 BTC... they were "unconfirmed" inputs that were attempted to be double spent...

As for how to fix all this... I would recommend you do the following:

1. Make a couple of backups of your wallet.dat
2. Install latest version of Bitcoin Core and let it fully sync up
3. Using one of your "backup" wallet.dat's, start Bitcoin Core with the -zapwallettxes commandline argument (This will remove ALL transactions from your wallet and then rescan the blockchain looking for "confirmed" transactions that belong to your wallet.)
4. If it doesn't rescan, shutdown Bitcoin Core and restart it with the -rescan commandline argument.

After all this is completed, you should be able to see all the "true" transactions in your wallet history (ie. transactions that have been confirmed)... and you should also be able to see the 3.147 BTC (assuming that the "17qTn" address is contained within your wallet).

Best of luck.

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