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 The Tochka Foundation is an independent research organization in field of experimental countereconomics (Digital Shadow Economy). Tochka’s activities include:

    Developing Open-Source Software; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research
    Integrating software solutions into prospective fields of Digital Shadow Economy

We strive to disrupt the current state of DarkNetMarkets by building and offering trustless services such as the following Tochka Products. Tochka Tokens will give power to the people who are using cryptomarkets on a regular basis as they can own a part of this Foundation and help us develop and maintain the products and the community. Tochka Tokens will be a sign of revolution as they will show everyone that not only a small team stands behind this idea but rather that a large community supports the vision.
Tochka Products

We envision Tochka as ecosystem of products in the area of crypto economy:
Tochka Free Market

The Tochka Free Market is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) for building trading communities. Source code is available here:

As a trustless cryptomarket to buy and sell goods on the DarkNet the Tochka Free Market was esthablished in January 2015. Steadily improving the Tochka Free Market gains new functions on a weekly basis. Not one single security breach in 3 years. These are facts that speak for themself.

The Tochka Free Market also offers to share a part of its revenue via a referral function where you can invite other people to join the Tochka Free Market and get a percentage of the sales volume they generate. Up to 45%.

The Tochka Free Market will support Tochka Tokens.
Tochka Vendor Store

The Tochka Vendor Store is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) for building WebShops. It supports BTC, BCH & ETH and also offers a safe escrow provided by the Tochka Foundation.

The Tochka Vendor Store will support Tochka Tokens.
Meet the Team
User    Role
@earthling    Founder
@freak_out    Marketing
@pepe    Development
@nugacity    Vendor Relationship
@sata45    Vendor Relationship
@r00tedlucifer    Customer Relationship
@only0ne    Finance
Operational Statistics & Risks
History & Statistics

Founded in January 2015 the Tochka Foundation is one of the oldest DN operations and with more than 160.000 Users one of the biggest as well. The goal is to become the leading international cryptomarket in 2018.

We recently hit the vendor count of 10.000 and are already close to 25.000 listings on Tochka. The average weekly sales volume is calculated at 15.000 USD but it is increasing each week.

In the last 2 months we had around 1500 transactions.

Governmental operations aimed at the takedown of the Tochka Foundation are the biggest risk we have to be aware of. If you invest into the Tochka Foundation you need to realize the fact that the value of your token could decrease to zero if a takedown occurs.

A Vulnerability which is exploited to damage the Tochka Free Market, could decrease the value of our token by many percents.

Human errors of Staff members could destroy the value of the token, if someone of us gets busted people will sell because they will fear a takedown, if we act in a non professionel manner people might lose the faith and drop thei tokens.

These are the three major risks you need to be aware of if you want to support our vision and be a part of this movement. The risks can be minimized if we gain more users who contribute to the Tochka Foundation by auditing the source and helping to fix bugs that might be spotted.
Market Research

Till now you won’t be able to find any other open source cryptomarket that is operating. Many of our competitioners had security issues in the past. We do not want to spread any FUD, we rather want to spread attention with this point. If you take a look at the history and you are aware of the fact that the history is repeating itself over and over again you think twice about using the one or the other market. History
International Markets
Dream Market

The Dream market is the biggest international operating market at this point. To gain market share we need to improve faster and offer higher quality. Lately the image of Dream was damaged pretty hard by many different reports. We include a small sample of links and sources to get your own opinion:

    Senior Moderator get’s busted without any notice for one month.
    Dream was not able to PGP Proof themselves.
    Scammer in the Staff Team
    Vendor treats to dox a user, no intervention
    A retired vendor about Dream

You might not be able to read some reviews anymore but you can always use an internet time-machine to read them.
Wall Street Market

The Wall Street Market is a newer market founded in Germany with already over 200.000 users. They had an IP Leak just recently.

    IP Leak of WSM

Russian Markets

    The biggest russian market at this moment. At the moment they have no intentions to gain international market share.
    A newer market with huge potential. At the moment they have no intentions to gain international market share.


We will take a look at the estimated market volume of the DarkNet Drug Econonmy and its growth, according to different sources.

According to Nicolas Christin the SilkRoad had a monthly turnover of around $1.2m. Source Mind that this is a calculation from mid 2012.

This chart shows the proportion of recent drug users who report the consuming of drugs purchased through cryptomarkets in the last 12 months: GDS-1 We can see that the chart starts with a high percentage that was likely caused due to a sampling bias but if we take a look on 2013 to 2014 we can see a global increase of 1.2%. This means that 1.2% of the participants switched from local sourcing to cryptomarkets as their source.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s World Drug Report 2005 estimates the size of the global illicit drug market at US$321.6 billion in 2003 - Source The increase of 1.2% is therefore a really big volume shift.

If we now take a look at the graph of the Global Drug Survey of 2017, which shows the cryptomarket usage in Europe from 2015 to 2017: GDS-2 We can see even more growth. We can conclude that the way how the average joe is getting his drugs is changing and we are the early adopters who push this change.

    The drug trade is moving from the street to online cryptomarkets. Forced to compete on price and quality, sellers are upping their game

The Economist Source

From July 2013 to 2015 Gwern Branwen scraped the english speaking DNM’s and came to the following result, visulized by The Economist: Drugs

He estimates a volume of US$50 million. Source

Now let’s take a look at one of the recent markets: Alphabay The reseacher Nicolas Christin estimated the daily volume to be around $600.000 to $800.000. Source If we take a look at the Forfeiture Complaint we can read that over $23 Million were seized by the government from Alexandre Crazes personal accounts. Source This is an example to demonstrate the value of a large cryptomarket.

Measuring the Longitudinal Evolution of the Online Anonymous Marketplace Ecosystem - A Research paper written in 2015 by Kyle Soska and Nicolas Christin Source

We quoted their conclusions.

    Even though anonymous online marketplaces are a relatively recent development in the overall online crime ecosystem, our longitudinal measurements show that in the short four years since the development of the original Silk Road, total volumes have reached up to $650,000 daily (averaged over 30-day windows) and are generally stable around $300,000-$500,000 a day, far exceeding what had been previously reported. More remarkably, anonymous marketplaces are extremely resilient to takedowns and scams – highlighting the simple fact that economics (demand) plays a dominant role. In light of our findings, we suggest a re-evaluation of intervention policies against anonymous marketplaces. Given the high demand for the products being sold, it is not clear that takedowns will be effective; at least we have found no evidence they were. Even if one went to the impractical extreme of banning anonymous networks, demand would probably simply move to other channels, while some of the benefits associated with these markets (e.g.,reduction in risks of violence at the retail level) would be lost. Instead, a focus on reducing consumer demand, e.g., through prevention, might be worth considering; likewise, it would be well-worth investigating whether more targeted interventions (e.g., at the seller level) have had measurable effects on the overall ecosystem. While our paper does not answer these questions, we believe that the data collection methodology we described, as well as some of the data we have collected, may enable further research in the field.

Provably Fair Profit Sharing

We make use of the Zydeco Smartcontract to pay out dividends in a fixed interval between all Tokenholders.
Tochka Tokens

The Tochka Token is a piece of the whole Tochka Foundation, if you buy into Tochka you buy into a vision.
> We will distribute a total of 5000000 Tochka Tokens.

You can calculate with a ROI of x% p.a. which will increase over time as the Tochka Foundation is growing fast.

Tochka Foundation Roadmap

We will try to archieve the following goals listed below on time:
Q1 - ICO

    Advertisement System on Tochka
    Support System Upgrade to decrease waiting times
    preICO & ICO
    XMR Support for Tochka
    Implemention of ShapeShift into Tochka
    QiWi Payments for Tochka
    Launch of the Tochka Vendor Store
    Marketing in the Russian DarkNet scene
    Improved vendor relations & vendor screening to clean the market
    Implement the “Trusted Vendor” batch
    200.000 Users on Tochka

Q2 - Improve

    Update Roadmap for Q3 of 2018
    Implement Tochka Tokens as new vendor bond
    Scale the Team & Market to handle 500.000 Users
    Improve the Tochka Free Market & Vendor Store with community suggested features
    300.000 Users on Tochka

Q3 - Scale

    Update Roadmap for Q4 of 2018
    Implemention of community suggested features / Tochka Foundation suggested features
    500.000 Users on Tochka

Q4 - Disrupt

    Update Roadmap for Q1 of 2019
    Implemention of community suggested features
    800.000 Users on Tochka


The collected funds will be used to pay for improving the current infrastructure, the development of the Tochka Exchange, future Ventures and to pay the employees of the Tochka Foundation.

Tochka Exchange - Trade traceless

The Tochka Exchange will be the first DarkNetExchange which will change the way how people trade cryptocurrencies. You will no longer need to think about ways to cashout and reduce taxation as we will implement features like localbitcoins where you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies for cash. A trust and vendor system which will cut off the Treasury.

Improvements - Community poll for new features

We will implement new features that were choosen by the community as the Tochka Free Market is your market and you will own a piece of it. Every Tokenholder will be able to vote for new features and speak to the Tochka Foundation in a own board just for Tokenholders. We want you to feel and become a part of this movement.
Infrastructure - Kubernetes

We will setup our own Kubernetes Cloud for easy scaling of Tochka Products like the Tochka Free Market and the Tochka Vendor Store. We will be able to offer Tochka Vendor Store’s hosted by Tochka as a easy solution for businessman who only wants to concentrate on sales & support.
Tochka Mobile App

We will develop a dedicated Android Mobile app for accessing Marketplace. Mobile app will be our distinguishing feature and will incorporate all our main features for buyers and vendors. App will be open-source and will offered as .apk
Tochka Offline Marketing

We will build a platfrom that will help us improve brand-awareness by utilizing offline guerilla marketing methods. We will pay people for making graffities and placing stickers with Tochka’s brand in our key cities of interest.
Terms & Conditions

To participate in this Initial Coin Offering, you need an Ethereum Wallet that supports ERC20-Tokens. We do recommend MEW - MyEtherWallet. A minimum amount of .0012 ETH is required as the smartcontract will reject smaller amounts. The sale will also accept BTC, LTC, XMR

Contact for pre ICO details
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