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Author Topic: [ANN]⚡[AIT]⚡AICHAIN - AIT⚡AI BASED CRYPTOCURRENCY  (Read 165 times)
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February 24, 2018, 10:34:28 AM
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 Introducing AICHAIN (AIT) to the Crypto community!

In our Vision, AICHAIN is a public chain that is specially designed as a blockchain infrastructure for AI applications. The AICHAIN inherited the advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, open source, tamper-proof and anonymous, to solve the current challenges of AI such as data domination.

AIT is a decentralised blockchain digital asset that is issued through AICHAIN and is served as a medium of exchange on the AICHAIN Platform. The AICHAIN will adopt the consensus mechanism of POW and will generate 2.1billionAIT when the AICHAIN is officially released. The initial token is generated by the ERC20 contract. It will be arranged to replace the main chain token, after the main chain of AICHAIN is officially run. Tongue

 In a nutshell, AICHAIN provides a variety of applications and the user just need to pay AIT for the application. Both cooperative and individual data owners are allowed to exchange the data with value while protecting data ownership. It also allows AI developers to buy data and sell the application on the AICHAIN platform. Shocked

AICHAIN aims to solve the following challenges with the help of AI.

1) Plugin virtual machine:
The way for AICHAIN to overcome the language constraint is to use the plug-in virtual machine, an integrated open-source Docker container. By relying on conventions and publishing a uniform standard of docker IMG image files, the application environment of the AICHAIN can be unified and upgraded independently. Moreover, docker IMG image files are able to integrate multiple programming languages, including 9 sophisticated AI applications such as tenser flow, to make it possible to trigger the running of AI applications on AICHAIN nodes
2) Out of chain data storage:
AICHAIN will store executable files data and resources data outside of the blockchain and only include the description and tag of such data on the chain, therefore to ensure sophisticated application and large data set can be run on the AICHAIN platform.
3) Easy adoption:
AICHAIN provides API dedicated to deploy, extract, and enquire application data resources, therefore allowing developers to easily connect their AI applications to the AICHAIN platform to complete user identity verification, payment verification and so on, without the requirement of understanding the underlying blockchain technology.
4) Ready to use Applications:
The AICHAIN team has rich experience in AI technologies and are running multiple successful AI applications. Unlike other AI blockchain platforms that depend on external AI applications, applications run by the AICHAIN team will be the first group of applications to be run of the chain to kick-start the momentum and attract more applications into the platform.


AIT is a decentralised blockchain digital asset that is issued through AICHAIN and is served as a medium of exchange on the AICHAIN Platform. The AICHAIN will adopt the consensus mechanism of POW and will generate 2.1billionAIT when the AICHAIN is officially released. The initial token is generated by the ERC20 contract. It will be arranged to replace the main chain token, after the main chain of AICHAIN is officially run.

   PROPORTION.       DISTRIBUTION.                       QUOTA(IN MILLIONS AITs).        Allocation's Details.  
   1. 30%                 Private Sale: Round A.                           630.                            Soft Cap: 9% of total AIT.Unfilled part will be rolled to
                                                                                                                            Round B

   2. 16%                 Private Sale: Round B.                           336.                            Will be released based on future funding needs. The AIT
                                                                                                                            price in round B will be higher than round A. The exact
                                                                                                                            price will depend on the situation
   3. 30%                  Foundation                                          630                             10% for application expansion
                                                                                                                            10% of community management
                                                                                                                            10% of talents and equipment    

   4. 9%                   Founders and developers                      189                              Will be gradually leased during 9 years with 1% each

   5. 15%.                Reserved for mining                             315                              The reserved tokens will produce by AIT miner after the
                                                                                                                            main chain is officially run.  
 1. AITs for investors are generated at once and will be distributed to investors based on private sales.
 2.The remaining part of AITs will be retained by the AICHAIN Foundation and be released only upon project implementation. Any such AIT release will be published within 5 working days.
 3.After AICHAIN main chain launches, the released the ERC20 tokens will be gradually replaced by main chain tokens. The rest will be frozen and destroyed forever.


June 2017 Project started
Aug. 2017 Proof of concept
Nov. 2017 White Paper 1.0 completed. Signed strategic partnership
Dec. 2017 Project promotion
2018 Q1Technical Yellow Paper 1.0 completed Finalize the basic parameters and POW consensus parameters Launch AIT
2018 Q2 Start to develop AICHAIN full nodes, mining algorithms and trading application information expansion Start to develop AIT-based AI application distribution platform
2018 Q3 Complete AICHAIN full nodes mining and trading transformation and release the test environment 22 Complete the development of the mining program, released the test environment. Completed the AIT-based AI application distribution platform development, release the test environment Complete docker operating environment parameter standard formulation and operating environment integration test.
2018 Q4 Complete the AICHAIN all nodes and docker operating environment integration, release formal network operation Release project code and related parameters of the open source code.



AIchain has one of the most experienced team graduated from top universities around the world working hard to make AIchain best. Our team is highly focusing both on the technical development and also in the field of Marketing.

1. Duan kai.
Master in Electronic Engineering of Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology. Mr Duan is the former CTO of Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd and was responsible for developing and managing mining software and cross-platform mining algorithm for Bitcoin, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. Over the past 4 years, Mr Duan has accumulated rich industrial experience in the technical structure of virtual digital currency wallets and exchanges. Mr Duan Kai is good at C / C + +, and familiar with many development languages such as Java, python, PHP and so on. Good at a variety of technical integration, system architecture design and product. He has rich experience in cross-platform transplantation on the windows, Linux, iOS, Android and other operating system software.

Mr.Duan responsible for the AICHAIN architecture design and development team management, including the design of the third party application implemented with the AICHAIN.

2. Stephen Huntsman.

Stephen Huntsman is experienced in world diplomacy, trans-media, technology & natural products-wellness industries. He has spent a lifetime and enjoys respect with family ambassadorial relations and associations with world-class individuals, celebrities, companies, Olympians and acclaimed professionals, world dignitaries and high-ranking government officials. Stephen has extensive and intimate Government-Business relations internationally with a focus on Asia and is well known as a multi-generational “Friend of China”, expert facilitator, commodities partner and humanitarian. Stephen’s activities include vibrant healthy consumptions, inline skating, Qigong and Yoga by the Ocean surf energy. As a student of Mandarin & Confucius, private pilots license is on the list as well. As an epic wellness & unity consciousness lifestyle eco preneuer, reform in healthcare and currency remain paramount issues that Stephen supports wholeheartedly. In recent years Stephen also became a well-versed entrepreneur in crypto assets, trading and an activist for disruptive technologies.

Mr Stephen joins AICHAIN with real AI applications, and will also bring more AI cooperation opportunities for AICHAIN in the future market expansion.

3. Justice Laub.

Since the mid-2000s, Justice pioneered the world of branded content with Cobrasnake Marketing working with T-Mobile, RVCA, Paramount Pictures, BCBG and countless more. In 2013 he began learning blockchain technology. His influencer marketing agency Strange Arcade pioneered influencer powered marketing before the invention of Mobile social media. He has worked with some of the biggest names of our generation, including J.J. Abrams, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga (to name a few). Throughout his career, he has used technology to reshape media norms. His visionary insight has inspired a product that’s both inclusive and elegant.

Mr Justice is responsible for the industry and the corresponding market management of AICHAIN overseas intelligent marketing.

4. Dr. Yan, Ming

PhD of the University of California Los Angeles Department of Mathematics, master and bachelor of University of Science and Technology
of China. Currently, Dr Yan is an Assistant Professor
of Computational Mathematics and Engineering at the University of Michigan. Prior to that, he served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California. Dr Yan’s research focuses on large data parallel computing and distributed algorithm optimization, and has extensive research experience in blockchain, cryptography and data mining.

Dr Yan will provide depth algorithm support for AICHAIN in the core mathematical model of the blockchain, core algorithm of artificial intelligence, and parallel computing of large data.

5. Dr. Zou, Yi

Ph.D. of the University of California. Bachelor and Master of Tsinghua University. Dr.zou worked in Alex network, Microsoft Asia Research Institute, and some were successful acquisition or listing of startups or part time on the non CPU network architecture, heterogeneous computing (such as GPU and FPGA), load optimization  fields of research and Application on the block depth. Chain based digital currency and its chip design optimization, have a deep understanding of the transaction algorithm hardware.

Dr. Zou is responsible for the design and optimization of the chip design of the AICHAIN block chain direction digital money miner.

6. Dr. Zhang, Rumin

Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Electronic Information Engineering of Beijing University. Mr. Zhang previously worked in Datang Telecom Group, responsible for robot vision navigation and man-machine vision interaction system design. He has extensive experience in narrowband Internet of Things, visual artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Dr. Zhang is responsible for the design of the AICHAIN visual artificial intelligence interactive system.

7. Dr. Wang, Wenyi

Ph.D. and Master in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of University of Ottawa, Canada, and bachelor of Wu Han University, China. Dr. Wang previously worked as an assistant researcher at the University of Ottawa and his research involved data mining, artificial intelligence, and algorithm optimization.

Dr Wang is responsible for the construction and optimization of the AICHAIN artificial intelligence algorithm.

8. Dr. Jia, Huixing

Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, Former employee of Microsoft Research Asia and Agilent, Lead the development of multiple intelligent transportation and image recognition products. Has more than 10 years of research and industry experience in artficial intelligence.

Dr Jia is responsible for the research and development of AICHAIN artificial intelligence image and video products.

9. Yu, Ning

Master of Sophia University (USA), with more than 10 years of experience in Internet operations management, marketing, brand PR and Digital Marketing project planning.
EasyAI CMO. Took charge of EasyAI marketing planning, brand promotion and product promotion. Focused on the application of AI interaction.
Formerly the director of WEIHOU Live. Created the marketing department for WEIHOU Live and build the WEIHOU Live brand image and marketing strategy from scratch. Provided marketing consulting services for IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and other Fortune 500 companies.

Ms Ning is responsible for the overall marketing promotion of AICHAIN.


1. Dr. Chen, Jianwen

Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles, visiting scholar at Harvard University, senior member of the IEEE, distinguished professor of the National “Youth Thousand Talents Program”, and PhD supervisor of the Virtual Intelligence Center of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and the board director of EasyAI. Dr. Chen’s has more than 15 years of industry experience in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning algorithms and digital asset research.

Dr. Chen provides an overall advisory service for AICHAIN and helps AICHAIN provide strategic support to the application of artificial intelligence to the ground.

2, Professor Dong, Le

Professor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chair Woman of ACM SIGAI CHINA, Chief secretary of VALSE. Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering of Queen Mary University of London, Bachelor, and Master in Telecommunication and Information System of Xidian University. Devoted to multimedia and computer vision research. Lead and promote international organizations in the areas of AI. Received couple of patents in the area of AI. Published multiple articles in international conferences and journals (JCR II and above). Hosted a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects.

Received the the Best Report Award for the 10th ACM International Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Symposium in 2015. The summit chairman of ACM Turing 50-year China Artificial Intelligence Grand Meeting. A guest speaker of 2017 iWorld Digital World International Forum hosted by IDG. Guest host of the Artificial Intelligence Frontier Summit Forum. Chairman of 2018 China Turing Congress Industrial Liaison Committee. Received The EXCELLENT ACM CHINA LECTURER AWARD and ACM 2017 OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AWARD

Professor Dong provides an advisory service to AICHAIN in the direction of artificial intelligence.
WeChat ID:  AICHAIN2018
Hope we can work together to do great things in the future

Thank you guys for checking our announcement see you around !!!


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