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September 22, 2018, 08:09:11 PM *
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Author Topic: [2018-03-28] Steven Seagal Karate Chops Bitcoiin ICO Goodbye  (Read 29 times)
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March 28, 2018, 08:53:02 PM

Celebrity endorsements of ICOs are a great way for projects to get mainstream media exposure and might appear to be a risk-free way for the stars to get some tokens. However, if a specific ICO, or the entire industry, gets negative press it can hurt the reputation of anyone associated with them. For example, Steven Seagal seems to have decided that his link to the Bitcoiin ICO is no longer in his best interests.  
Exit the Dragon
90s action movie star Steven Seagal is no longer the official Brand Ambassador for Bitcoiin. According to an announcement on the project’s website, both Seagal and the founders of the ICO have exited from their roles at Bitcoiin.

The positive spin is that “As Bitcoiin goes through the conversion phase from token to mineable coin we wish to advise that Bitcoiin will join the likes of the original Bitcoin and become a truly open source. Therefore a big thank you to the Founders and to our Brand Ambassador whom we wish all the best in their future endeavors. However, from this point on Bitcoiin will function within its ecosystem and become a genuinely anonymous cryptocurrency with no individual or individuals having control over the entity!”

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March 29, 2018, 12:36:38 PM

Yes, this is quite a bad situation. I really like and respect Steven as a master and I don't want to believe that he is involved in the fraudulent schemes, but all the facts say the opposite. From the outside it looks like the traditional scheme of fundraising when investors' money is collected - the project's management disappears.

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.F O R :
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           ,██'  d████████   `██p
           ██P   Y███o._`'    Y██
           ██[    `Y█████o    ]██[
   ___     ██b   ,o__'Y███b   d██
 d█████bood███.  Y████████P  ,██'
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`███████P     Y██bo..  L,od██PY██o.,ooo.
 `Y███P'        '"██████PP"'    `████████.
                 ,██'            ████████b
               _od█P             Y██████P
             ,██████b              `"""'
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March 29, 2018, 06:18:48 PM

Really Bitcoiin? Why will someone be so unwise to invest in a token that mimics the legacy bitcoin name and try to use it's popularity?

The name alone has scam written all over it even if all the Hollywood stars endorsed it! Scam projects like Bitcoiin are part of the reasons why government is going hard with the regulations.

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March 29, 2018, 10:19:58 PM

For it is a big question - why did he decide  to participate and become the face of the project which smells bad and has such a name. Remember this statement - Bitcoiin won't face next year
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March 30, 2018, 06:35:54 PM

I really like and respect Steven as a master...


in his movies he is always a "god", with him being "god" I mean that he is always the winner of any fight. something strange, but at the same time funny. I like him, but I do not think it was a good move for him to have supported this project. where are the people who take care of the image of him who did not advise him right.

Celebrity endorsements of ICOs are a great way for projects to get mainstream media exposure and might appear to be a risk-free way for the stars to get some tokens.

If the celebrities know about what the project is about and who are the members of the team of this project, to avoid helping scammers to get rich would be good, but who will guarantee that someone famous is honest? the celebrities are known to be scandalized people with low reputations and many of them only think of money. most of celebrities not care about morality and honesty. Do not get me wrong, I like movies, music, but I do not follow the lives of celebrities because they are constantly involved in scandals

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March 30, 2018, 07:08:19 PM

I do not trust such projects myself and I advise others not to buy their tokens. Steven Seagal is a man who had authority in the last century. What's the point of believing him? He's not risking his reputation because he doesn't have it. He sells his face. The name also bothers me. I really saw a lot of Chinese fakes which is the name used well-known brand but changed 1 letter. Very high probability that it is a Scam.
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