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Author Topic: [ANN] Ravencoin [RVN] PoW GPU Mining | Asset Transfer Blockchain (Updated ANN)  (Read 1170505 times)
shiggidy (OP)
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April 02, 2018, 03:49:23 AM
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UPDATE: Raven has recently updated and forked as of October 1st, 2019.  Please ensure your client is updated to v2.5 or greater otherwise your wallet may be looking at the wrong chain.
Ravencoin was officially launched on January 3rd 2018 with the vision of becoming a community coin, meaning anyone is able to contribute and add to the project.  It is not owned by one individual or a team of developers. As such, while I am posting this announcement with updated information, I am not the founder nor a developer, just a volunteer that is looking to help inform the public.  This is a new open-source project that anyone can contribute towards with the goal of utilizing the blockchain to facilitate the transfer of assets.  

Most people have a hard time conceptualizing what "assets" are so I'll do my best to try to give examples of assets: Assets can come in a variety of types, such as financial instruments such as security tokens/stocks/bonds/deeds/etc as well as gaming items (ex. a sword)/conventional asset management/managing  distributions for co-ops/digital art.  There are a lot of real-world applications that this blockchain is intended to disrupt and improve. Ravencoin is intended to be the rails to these assets and will power the transfer of assets through raven's decentralized trust-less network, which is why there was no premine/developer reward/etc and was launched fairly to instill trust in the network.

The core developers are currently focused on building the asset layer which will allow Ravencoin to facilitate the transfer of assets.  There is a hard-fork planned for the network to implement this additional asset layer in around October/November 2018 time frame.  This hard-fork will not create multiple coins as it will be an upgrade and the balance that you currently have will be transferred over to the new chain.  No additional coins will be given out from the fork.  

The Ravencoin protocol will support RSK / solidity but ALSO have a native capability built in which makes it easier for many use cases. Additional capabilities will include messaging and dividends. More information to come soon on this matter. Ravencoin will eventually support new token launches and facilitate exchanging/transferring tokens, its unclear at this point what the primary use of those tokens will be, but it can be a wide array of purposes.  

        Core Developers (Discord Username): RavencoinDev, Tron, Chatturga
        Advisers: Bruce Fenton
        Contributing companies:  Overstock, Medici Ventures
        Controlling companies: None
        Please consider donating to the community development fund: RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT (Raven Address) thank you!

More Information:
We'll update this thread with core developments as that information becomes available to us. Please join us in one of our discord channels for the latest news and updates.

Ravencoin Community Discord
Ravencoin (RVN) Lounge Discord  *Note: This server contains NSFW content.  Visitor discretion is advised.
RVNGaming Discord (Trivia Here)

Project Info:
Ravencoin was launched in the interest of fair distribution. Miners from all around the world have added to the network to create one of the strongest decentralized networks in existence.  There is no ICO, no pre-mine, no masternodes, or any other gimmicky feature, and you can mine RVN using AMD or NVIDIA GPUs. Raven is focused on maintaining a decentralized network and the core developers have expressed their intent to change the algorithm should an ASIC ever be launched on Raven's network.  

     Coin Specifications:
          Algorithm: X16Rv2
          Block Time: 1 minute
          Block Reward: 5000 RVN
          Block Reward halving schedule: ~4years
          Total Coin Supply: 21 Billion
          Block Size: 1MB (may increase in the future)
          Pre-mine: No
          Founders Reward: No
          ICO: No
          Masternodes: No
          Airdrops: No
          RPC port: 8766
          Network port: 8767

     Important Links:
     Wallets Linux/Mac/Windows:

     Web Wallet (by Traysi):

          Ravencoin Web Wallet where the keys remain fully in control of the user at all times. Emphasis on privacy and security. Server never sees the users' private key.
          Supports wallets, custom addresses, seed addresses, multi-sig addresses, time locked addresses, and more. Users can also sign and broadcast custom transactions from this wallet service.
          Pocket Raven Donations: RTraysiFeCoWZ4y1dTWXHbdyT9Jp541fkf

     Paper Wallet (by Penfold):

     Block Explorers:

     Rich List:

     Statistics (by teh_director):

     Community Wiki:




     Miner Software Downloads
         Nvidia Mining Rig Software:
          Suprminer for nvidia cards (0% devfee by ocminer)
               Windows/Linux release:

          Nevermore Miner for nvidia cards (1% devfee by brianmct)
               Windows releases :

          Tpruvot-ccminer-2.2.5 (0% devfee by tpruvot)
               Windows releases :

         AMD Mining Rig Software:
          Avermore Miner (optimized SGminer by brianmct, 1% devfee, ~+10% performance gain over current versions)
               Github source:
               Windows/Linux releases:
                    Getting Started wiki:
                    Optimize Hashrate:

          SGminer (by acenine)
               GitHub source :
               Windows releases :
                    Getting Started wiki :
          SGminer (by Brianmct)
               GitHub source:
               Windows releases:
                    Getting Started wiki:

     Mining Pools
                        code: stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x # USA
                        code: stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x # Europe
                        code: stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x # Asia

                         code: stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=RVN

                        code: stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=RVN

                        code: -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS> -p c=RVN

                        code:  US Stratum: stratum+tcp:// -u
For EU stratum change "us" to "eu"

                        code: -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet.rigName -p c=RVN - Europe
                        code: -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet.rigName -p c=RVN - USA
                        code: -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet.rigName -p c=RVN - RU

                        code: stratum+tcp:// -u WALLETADDRESS -p c=RVN



                        code: stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET -p c=RVN


          Rush Hour Mining:
                         code: stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p <RIG NAME> c=RVN

           Full Mining Guide (credit: Charlie):

           German Quick Start Guide (Credit: Shiradvor):

     Ravencoin Mining Profit Calculator:
           Coin Calculators

           Raven Community Forums

     Ravencoin Project Donations:
          Help contribute to the community's goals by donating Raven to the specific fund that you would like to
          see accomplished.
          The funds contributed to these addresses will only be used in accordance with their title/description.

              1.) Development Fund: rEgfYH2ed8a3Age6qLuhXeLvSUJU4Q3sBE (Multi-Sig 3/5 required)

              2.) Legal/Exchange Fund: rVFHXEu91BXK4NDaGGudjqBGdaWsaAK9Eg (Multi-Sig 3/5 required)

              3.) General Fund: RYXTg27X81RT9WM8QUYv4wGZzhyscP8ddg

              4.) Marketing Fund: RRpoNfwgVo7nEZsiao9caWjvY9BDVGDs5L

              5.) Hardware Wallet Support Fund: RFYpqPQqZKKbFCSXMzownDqHEs6ZWHpQaq

          Consolidating Old Funds
              Old Development Fund: RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT will be sent to the new one above (1.)
              Old Exchange Listing: RUHAU58CmceTgB2gbGKSXgHXUaiet22tU9 will be sent to the new one above (2.)            
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April 02, 2018, 05:20:12 AM
Last edit: April 06, 2018, 09:36:28 PM by roffo

Ravencoin Lounge:

New versions of enemy have just been released in #software at the Ravencoin Lounge. Don't download from random sources, these links are posted by Enemy himself.
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April 02, 2018, 07:07:27 AM

now at least i have read something without mn sale, no premine, no ico, no airdrop. i think if that is true , then maybe this is the one that you can call fair distribution.   ▄████████████████████████████████████▄
   ██ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄            ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ██  ▄████▄
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█     ▄▄▄██▄▄▄     █ ▌▐▌
█                  █▐ █
█                  █▐▐▌
█                  █▐█
▄█▀       ▐█▌       ▀█▄
██         ▐█▌         ██
████▄     ▄█████▄     ▄████
███▀    █████████████    ▀███
██       ███████████       ██
▀█▄       █████████       ▄█▀
▀█▄    ▄██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀██▄  ▄▄▄█▀
▀███████         ███████▀
▀█████▄       ▄█████▀
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April 02, 2018, 07:13:52 AM

why another thread.? go to discord and get the latest news about rvn.

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April 02, 2018, 08:47:40 AM

Why dev team doesn't just update the official ANN ?
BitNugget Pool
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April 02, 2018, 08:48:26 AM

Reserve 4 pool
shiggidy (OP)
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April 02, 2018, 08:50:41 AM

Why dev team doesn't just update the official ANN ?

That is not even the official ANN.  It was the first announcement but it was created by a community member named Kai.

Please read here what has transpired:

Basically, Kai is not suited to run the Discord channel and therefore the key members of the community have migrated servers to avoid having Kai at the helm of the server. 

Here is the link to our new discord server

Btw Bruce Fenton dropped by and gave us a lot of insights into the future of Ravencoin.  I've added a lot of the tidbits into the summary above but I know I missed a bit.  Come on into the server to get it all.

I'll be keeping this post updated for the future. 

Thanks for your support!
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April 02, 2018, 11:11:44 AM

reserved for pool
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April 02, 2018, 12:34:28 PM

Is this an official ANN? What happened to the other thread?
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April 02, 2018, 02:46:33 PM

Is this an official ANN? What happened to the other thread?

Check shiggidy reply above.

I have opened a new pool for RVN, been in the works for awhile now. Running on a modded NOMP, very cool! Thanks to BigZim for answering all my questions over the past few weeks!


  • DDOS Protected
  • Singapore Location
  • Very fast (node.js stratum)
  • Hosted in the cloud with high availability and auto-failover
  • 1% fee with hourly payouts over 0.001

I mine on this from Canada and the latency is fine surprisingly so the location should be fine for most everybody. I am working on a few additional features such as enhanced reports and graphs as well as miner alerts such as if hash drops or miner goes offline.

Pool Page:

Example Config:

ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet-address -p somename

Hash has slowly but steadily growing since this morning, hope to see some of you there!
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April 02, 2018, 02:49:45 PM

Silent Miner v1.0

-Mines x16r Ravencoin
-NVIDIA only
-5%-10% faster than Enemy Miner
-Only displays accepted shares
-Windows x64
-1% Dev fee

Single GTX 1080

Download Link!iLJQCajA!7-53wJKPEsG41wmEfMOC88QtwW9hdJq4QNYe38GV_z8

Virus Total
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April 02, 2018, 03:03:37 PM

Stop creating these stupid threads, The other was deleted, this will be too.

The original ANN thread is
shiggidy (OP)
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April 02, 2018, 11:33:16 PM

Stop creating these stupid threads, The other was deleted, this will be too.

The original ANN thread is

Hi this one will not be deleted.  We'll keep updating this one as we get new information.  Come join us on discord for more information.
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April 02, 2018, 11:47:17 PM

Glad to see the new ANN is up and running Shiggidy, looking forward to the Roadmap being released tomorrow! Smiley
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April 03, 2018, 02:03:22 AM
Last edit: April 09, 2018, 11:13:35 PM by BiteByte
Merited by shiggidy (1)

An interview about Ravencoin with Tron(Dev) and Bruce(Advisor)

roffo - Today at 9:01 AM on Discord
Tron and Bruce just did a great interview with Etherplan.  Check it out here:
Donald McIntyre
Ravencoin Explained with Bruce Fenton and Tron Black

Who is this Shiggidy... That has come in and disrupted our world.

Below is Edited to make it a bit shorter

Sorry, again I am just a volunteer who likes Raven.  I am extremely active and an admin in the Discord server and you're more than welcome to join and ask around about me.  I have no ties to the development team.  I am not a developer or a an "official" representative of the team.  I posted this announcement because the Discord server that Kai had originally created lost the community's trust and therefore we needed a new announcement to direct people to the new server.

Since I was posting a new announcement, I decided to take it upon myself to update the information a bit.  I'm trying my best to do that.  I'm sorry if I don't have time to answer every posted question in bitcointalk.  It's just not going to be possible for the future. Feel free to come to the discord channel and ask the community your questions though someone will be around to help answer any concerns that you may have.
I'm trying to move the community forward and away from the mess that has happened over the last few days.  Just bare with me and give it some time.  Leave the past in the past and lets move forward.  


I've been to Discord and have asked around.

UPDATE: Discord community have described @shiggidy as a long time community member and an admin for the new Discord channel, and ofcourse the creator of this new ANN.
...and a dictator - but that was a joke  Grin Grin Grin

Now the Devs have Access

Just a quick update, I've shared my bitcointalk account password with the core team.  Updates to the announcement will also be coming from them via this account.  It will be a joint effort.  You can verify in discord by asking "Chatturga"

Thanks guys for the support.

This Announcement thread has started fresh for the same reason as the Discord Channel:

Why has a new Ravencoin Discord server been establish?
The original server was owned by a person named Kai, who participated as a community leader in the early days. He left the project for personal reasons, but then recently returned in a questionable state, posting spam.
The community decided that the official project Discord channel can't be owned by someone exhibiting this behavior, and therefore created this new one.
The core team, and all contributing members have moved here. Future updates will be made here, and you can safely exit the old Discord.

Summary from Bruce Fenton: (RavenCoin Advisor)

A Number of sequential Tweets from @brucefenton on Twitter recently: For those that are not following him or using Twitter.

  • First: The paper isn’t asking anyone for a penny- it's actual technical paper not a marketing document for a centralized scam coin/ ICO. Ravencoin is a free & open source community project
  • The paper is open for peer review, its not working to sell you something, its purpose is to discuss ideas and determine if this science can work, comments are welcome --
  • There is no leader, CEO or corporate controller, the project is decentralized, real free & open source with anyone able to contribute, dev funding is voluntary and/ or covered by community, personal & corporate donations -  mining is fair, transparent POW (proof of work)
  • The purpose of the Ravencoin protocol is to use a significantly modified code fork of the Bitcoin code adding OP RETURN changes and the ability to issue assets, add messaging and pay dividends -Ravencoin is already operational,
  • all Ravencoin in existence are issued the same way: through a fair and transparent mining process – there are over 20,000 miners (or 80k? not sure how to read node count depending on pool) securing the network with 1.5 GH/s in hash power – wow!
  • In only three months the community of fans got together and built a highly secure and decentralized network with a strong blockchain, wide diversity of mining and nodes and lots of activity – all driven by community members with zero paid marketing
  • Over 800,000 transactions have been done on the network so far, network and mining growth and the community has grown rapidly with active Telegram and Discord channels
  • total supply is fixed at 21 bn coins– block rewards are currently at 5000 with a halving schedule the same as Bitcoin’s in terms of adjusted blocks, 773 million coins (approx. 3.6% of total supply) have been mined since the coin’s public and fair launch on Jan 3 18
  • there was no premine, developer set aside, founder or advisor coins, solo mine, insta mine, tricky gpu algo holdback, sale, pre-sale or any public or private fundraising of any kind: notice was given...
    ...code was released & people chose to run it - thats it
  • within one day the network had 70 miners, within a week it was 4500, since then the hash rate has grown and adjusted and grown again
  • these code changes to allow asset creation (as well as a new ASIC resistant algo called x16r, 1 min block times etc) wouldn’t be practical to add to Bitcoin and the purpose of Bitcoin is not to serve as rails for tokens--- hence the reason for a separate project
  • BTW the x16r algorithm was invented for this particular project (already at least one other project has used it in a fork) --- x16r rotates through 16 algorithms at random – intention is to make this difficult to make an ASIC for
  • even if someone creates and ASIC, main devs have a stated policy to code an algo change to break the asic - that’s very raveny
  • by the way, ravens are amazing animals - part of legends from Shakespeare to Edgar Allen Poe, Norse legend and they are worshiped and subjects of stories in numerous cultures – the birds are highly intelligent, punish cheaters and remember allies)
  • Heres some more on ravens
  • Will tokens and assets on a chain be a thing? Who knows? I can argue securities tokens all day …doesn’t mean I’m right – but I’m pretty sure SOMEONE SOMEDAY will SOMEHOW make ONE token or crypto kitty that has value - this doesnt matter to the code
  • The Raven protocol will allow creation of fungible assets which can represent whatever the user wants them to represent (coins, tokens, in game gold, securities tokens, flyer miles, good projects, bad ideas, whatever)
  • Users will ALSO have the ability to issue unique assets such as in game items, tokens representing a serial number, physical bar of gold, art etc.
  • I personally think there are TONS of good uses for tokens such as securities tokens – but that’s a separate conversation – the protocol doesn’t care if securities tokens become a thing, the protocol doesn’t even know what a security is (& shouldn't)
  • Yes there are also tons of issues with using a blockchain to represent physical assets – will they make it impossible? I don’t think so - from a scientific / technical paper standpoint does it matter? Nah ...
  • All that matters from a computer science & technical standpoint is whether the protocol can do what it is trying to do (issue tokens, allow messaging, dividends, unique names etc) – the evidence indicates that what the protocol is trying to do is possible
  • We know that step one can be done: the creation of a secure, decentralized network running this code - that’s been done already by the Ravencoin community
  • The rest of the changes and code upgrade are being worked on and tested - the chief developer is working on a paper for the "Kaaawww Protcol", which is the built in messaging system for token holders
  • Messaging is cool and unusual (unique in this way afaik) --- the protocol will allow a token creator to message token holders(!!!) – this is automatically opt in because only voluntary holders get the message and it can ONLY come from that token’s admin
  • So someone can create ActivistCoin and divide it in to 100 parts, send one privately & securely to another activist (who can also divide it) and they can all receive uncensorable messages from that token’s admin
  • (to be clear this is for tokens created ON the Ravencoin network, not Ravencoin itself)
    RVN can also be sent to token holders as a dividend or reward -- the ability to send RVN to other token holders is another interesting, perhaps unique feature of the protocol
  • Messaging also works for securities tokens: right now ERC20 token holders have no way to message token holders – if they are securities this is a problem – you need to be able to message shareholders, tokens on RVN will be able to
  • Messaging can be fun for games and other uses as well – holders of the Platinum_Sword_of_Badassery can get a special message for a hero quest that only they can get –
  • Game players can also bring their virtual suit of armor to a game upgrade or to an entirely different game – expect small independent game developers to use common currency, items & cross-platform tokens – games will use more open source sharing
  • Since the suit of armor or other game good is represented by a token the user can print it on to a paper wallet or sell it to a friend or carry it in a mobile wallet
  • Cant a database do all this? Yes!! But ONLY if its self-contained and separate-- as soon as you want to go cross platform or with parties who don’t trust each other (like global banks and brokerages) you benefit from a decentralized system

A few of the standout questions
  • Question: Was there an airdrop to btc holders at time of fork?
    Answer: No -/ it's a code fork only.  There is no airdrop.  All coins had to be mined fairly from scratch.
    There was no ICO, airdrop, premine, developer set aside etc.
  • Question: Full disclosure please. Do you own any?
  • Answer: To be clear this is presentation of a technical paper not a market pitch (I almost never discuss price). Holdings should be private & disclosed voluntarily. Yes- I own roughly 6 million RVN - accumulated about 4 million since  last time I disclosed the holdings 2 months ago

Ravencoin (RVN) Decentralised: RHE9Pys8aQ47G28PYhC2umaT7ouNvtpXkU
Hanacoin (HANA) Centralised: HJzbjF8YUcETVB6K23o84aRY7wBirzJNrr
Both can work
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April 03, 2018, 02:10:00 AM


No sense in reporting this thread mate, this will be the main Ravencoin ANN thread, moving forward. If you would like to learn more, please join us on discord to understand why there has been a migration of the community to new discord servers, and new ANN threads, Also stay tuned to the new Discord and ANN threads for the most up to date information about Ravencoin. Cheers!
shiggidy (OP)
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April 03, 2018, 02:18:14 AM


If you take a look at the old announcement, it now points here. Do you mind deleting your comment pls?
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April 03, 2018, 02:28:19 AM


You guys should explain to all what happens. I don't time to search your discord channel(S) I am in 5 and all of them are  a messing
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April 03, 2018, 02:29:22 AM

On pins and needles till tomorrow, whitepaper day . good luck everybody  Grin
keep on hashin
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April 03, 2018, 02:32:18 AM

Going to be a long night!  Grin
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