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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO] MONOPOLY 2.0 Crowdfunding - Investment Platform on the Blockchain  (Read 203 times)
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April 03, 2018, 07:16:08 PM
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Crowdfunding 2.0 Decentralized Investment Platform on the Blockchain

15 April - 31 July

General Information

MONOPOLY is the first decentralized investment Blockchain platform that allows you to participate in the most promising projects in a foundation where investors are the ones making development, scaling and profit distribution decisions. Those that have interesting projects without the means to bring them to life will have an opportunity to make their dreams come true. We are creating an ecosystem that will allow entrepreneurs to manage their businesses remotely and securely, giving them the opportunity to expand and maximise their profits with the help of cutting-edge technologies.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________
Solving market problems

Monopoly solves four major problems of investment funds
1. Raising funds for start-ups
MNP allows a start-up to be placed on the platform and to attract fund investment through decentralized investor voting. the funds enter escrow and unlock partially when the team performs tasks within their road-map.
2. Appropriate use of funds
Not all the start-ups show the same profitability. At the selection stage, we not only evaluate projects in context of formal requirements, but we also usea neural network to analyze their reliability and profitability. the revenues received from the projects are distributed through a decentralized platform for participant voting. Thus, we not only "collect and invest" funds for the purpose of general enrichment, but we also can justify why this particular project was admitted to the fund-raising stage.
3. Development and scaling of projects
The most promising and profitable projects are scaled by decentralized voting of participants at the stage of profit distribution. Failure to comply with funded processes leads to termination of financing, which stimulates the start-up team to perform tasks properly.
4. Safe investment in projects
Fund investment decisions are made by decentralized member voting, which reduces the risk of making a wrong decision.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
The Main Idea

The main idea of the Monopoly project is to organize a remote and secure interaction between investors and the most profitable projects in the cryptocurrency market, to build transparent relations without risk and with maximum profitability. We are creating an ecosystem based on a proven business model for attracting investments in cryptocurrency, which has justified its existence in the construction of mining farms.

• The Investors. It is important for every investor to preserve and increase their capital by investing only in projects that will develop and generate income.
• The Projects. It is not always enough to have a good idea to create a business and start earning; first of all you need funding to begin and mentors to help you avoid making the wrong choices.

To attract a large number of investors and promising projects to participate in the fund, MNP must provide a decentralized software solution for the safe and transparent relationships of the participants. To this end, we created a mobile investment decentralized blockchain-based platform, where users can make their decisions about the creation and development of businesses. This will change the way investors interact with ideologists of new projects and make these relationships more valuable and effective. We are launching the MNP project to expand opportunities for interaction between these parties. MNP tokens (ERC-20 standard) will allow access to the Monopoly platform.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
How it works

Project scoring and neural network.

In order for Monopoly to develop and show a large return, it is important to avoid mistakes while selecting a project. That’s why we have introduced a two-level scoring system.
• When a project sends us a request to participate, an initial profile will be created that includes all the necessary characteristics. Then the platform itself decides the status of the scoring, according to
a priority scale that contains both key and less important criteria.
• We will create an evaluation system that examines working profile analysis data using a neural network (3 factors, 1 answer).
The neural network is also used in voting as it helps to foresee more details thanks to its big data underpinning. We will receive an answer like ‘there is a 71% chance that the project will succeed’, and therefore we will make decisions based not only on our own experience or on expert advice, but using a multi-factor analysis.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
MNP token sale terms and conditions

Soft Cap (minimum) - $ 1 000 000
Normal cup - $ 5 000 000
Optional cup - $ 10 000 000
Hard (maximum) Cap - $ 25 000 000
Distribution principles For every 70 tokens sold, an additional 30 tokens will be issued for the foundation.
Maximum number of tokens for sale - 42, 000 000
Maximum number of tokens for the foundation - 18, 000 000
Maximum total amount of tokens - 60, 000 000
There will be no gap between the maximum possible amount and the real amount.
Initial distribution is to take place in April 2018.
Listing is planned for August 2018.
Sales geography MNP tokens may not be sold or transferred to natural persons or legal entities, living or registered in the USA (including all the states and the District of Columbia), in Puerto-Rico, in the United States Virgin Islands or other US territories, as well as in all countries that ban digital token operations by law.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

March 2017 - May 2017: First mining farm purchased and a rig of three Radeon R390
GPU launched. Breakeven point passed.
September 2017: ICO TRM1
December 2017: ICO TRM1 realization
January 2018: ICO TRM2
February 2018: Foundation launch projects examined.
April 2018: Trading company foundation.
April 2018: Closed PRE-Sale for our VIP clients
April 2018: Platform demo creation
May 2018 - July 2018: ICO
June 2018: TRM1 and TRM2 enter STIGL Ltd.
August 2018 - September 2018: Platform launch
September 2018: Token listing
September 2018: Negotiations with underwriters on public stock offering on the Cypriot exchange.
October 2018: Scoring and voting on the launch of new projects.
November 2018 - December 2018: Launch and realization of projects.
March 2019: Public company creation
April 2019 - October 2019: Audit performed in order to evaluate capitalization and the price of the assets belonging to the public company.
January 2020: Stocks handed out to foundation token holders and public stock offering on the Cypriot exchange.
March 2020: First dividends paid to stockholders.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
MNP achievements

1 - April 2017 a GPU mining farm was built through internal funding and in just 4.5 months it managed to break even. Subsequently the decision to begin developing a unique cooling system was made.
2 - July 2017 Submersive cooling system research & development begins. Tests have proved to increase profitability per mining unit through overclocking ASIC chips by Innosilicon
3 - August 2017 Successful testing of the unique submersive cooling system
4 - September 2017 Launch of the first ICO – TerraMiner, based on the experience received over the previous months that resulted in creating a concept of a mobile mining farm inside a cargo container utilizing a unique submersive cooling system. Located in China, near an ASIC manufacturer INNOSILICON on a guarded compound, which solves the issue of logistics, electricity price and makes the launch quicker.
5 - Late December 2017 TerraMiner 1 ICO successfully ends raising around $850,000 that went towards fulfilling the obligations given during the campaign.
6 - 30 December 2017 successful launch of the TerraMiner 1 project, the mining farm is commissioned and ASIC overclock procedures begin.
7 - Early 2018 TerraMiner 2 project launch
8 - January 2018 TRM1 token holders begin receiving payouts
9 - January 2018 Testing and launch of TRM1 proprietary mining pool

10 - January 2018 First batch of hardware preordered for TRM2
11 - March 2018 first batch of ASICs for TRM2 arrives, research & development of a second generation submersive cooling system based on the experience from the first farm.
12 - 15 March 2018 MONOPOLY decentralised blockchain fund conceptualized to be an ecosystem for investors and start-up projects. Platform development begins.
_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
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