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Author Topic: [WTS] Bitcoin domains:, + 40 more  (Read 1218 times)
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November 23, 2013, 01:22:31 AM

My name is Johnathan Regan Smiley

Thanks for your time. I have a selection of premium
Bitcoin domain names for sale.

If you are interested in any of these domains,
then please send me an offer via private message
AND post the following below: "PM SENT"

If you post "PM SENT" below, I will reply much faster
and we can negotiate. All domains are hosted at,
and can be pushed to your account, or transferred to another
domain registrar within minutes.

I can prove ownership of the domains below and
discounts will be given if you buy multiple domains ...

Final payment must be via Bitcoin. Please send your offers via PM.

There are some amazing domain names here, and as Bitcoin
adoption increases, these domains will become even more valuable.

"Trust" is an important concept in the Bitcoin world,
and owning a premium domain is a business advantage.
A keyword rich domain suitable for accountants,
tax advice, financial guidance and more. This
domain is easily branded and represents one
of the most lucrative Bitcoin services.
An obvious choice for an escrow service. This
is another industry that is set to grow in
importance, as more people use Bitcoin.
If you were an early adopter, and see yourself
as a Bitcoin consultant, then this is a great
domain. Easily branded, and conveys trust and
instant respect. The perfect domain for a blog
or personal site ...
An excellent domain for an exchange, or any type
of market place. This domain could also be easily
branded to a service, an application or a premium
blog. It's quite easy to remember and looks great
when put on paper.
Another excellent domain for a Bitcoin exchange.
It seems Mt. Gox owns so you
will no doubt pickup type traffic for free, forever.
A nice sounding domain, just perfect for an exchange.
You can redirect this back to a Facebook fanpage,
or setup a blog or premium website. This is a great
domain to collect Bitcoin news, or get feedback from
other Bitcoin fans. You could sell advertising or
setup a fanpage building service, for Bitcoin.
Thinking about running a Bitcoin competition? It's
so easy, with the transparent nature of the blockchain.
Run a lottery, a dice game or any type of competition.
Use the domain to list other people's games - or think
outside the box, and setup a website about alternative
crypto currencies.
An excellent domain for an investment group. Manage
other people's Bitcoin or offer financial advice.
Manage the development of the Bitcoin eco-system,
setup a wallet style exchange. Lots of possibility.
You know it's going to happen right? Offer bankruptcy
advice for those in financial trouble. Or, setup one
of those conspiracy blogs, and discuss the end of our
beloved Bitcoin. A great domain for accountants and
lawyers alike Smiley
Another useful domain for an accounting firm. This
would also brand well, for an online service that
allows people to perform security audits on their
existing infrastructure. It could also be used as
a consultation blog or website
Perfect for web developers, that want to offer their
programming and design skills for Bitcoin. This is a
good domain for a blog or website, that discusses the
code and maths behind Bitcoin.
A great domain for the sale of Bitcoin - both in
Virtual and physical format. A nice domain to setup
a consultation blog, or a full blown exchange.
A great domain for someone who wants to train others
how to use Bitcoin. Teach people how to integrate the
Bitcoin system into their local business. OR ... setup
a personal trainer website, and accept Bitcoin? ** SOLD **
This is the Bitcoin version of "Visa Preferred",
and well branded, international concept by big
bad Visa. Setup a business and brand this idea.
Charge merchants for services or offer advice.
An interesting domain, perhaps for a buys/sells
style exchange. It could also be used as a positive
blog, that explains the advantages of Bitcoin etc.
Were you around when Bitcoin was a few dollars?
You're a true Bitcoin pioneer! Brand yourself or
your business. Demand respect and setup your own
personal blog, premium website or Bitcoin service.
A nice, catchy brandable domain name. Perfect for
a consultant, or a service service business. For
the more imaginative ... how about selling lions?
(hey, that might be a stretch ok)
A great domain for a financial or legal consultant.
Offer guidance on all matters Bitcoin. This domain
inspires instant trust and brands well.
Want to get high? Setup a drug or pharmaceutical
website, offer advice and sell drug related stuff.
OR ... setup a trading blog, website or service
and indicate the industry highs and lows ...
Another useful name, for a consultant, or a service
that allows Bitcoin advocates to diversify their
holdings. Sell physical Bitcoins, gold or silver,
or setup some kind of arbitrage exchange that will
allow customers to diversify their funds.
A great domain for a plugin, a service or a business
that sells products/services. Easily branded and very
catchy. You could setup a browser extension, or create
an instant exchange with this domain.
Another excellent domain for a consultant. If you're
looking for that extra bit of professional reputation,
then this domain may work well for you. You could list
other professionals. Perfect for tax, financial & legal
professionals. ** SOLD **
Setup an online or offline service, a product or a
consultation business based around the idea of Bitcoin
being "required". This is perfect for certain industries
where chargebacks are high.
Another great domain for an exchange or trading website.
Very catchy and brandable. If you firmly believe that
Bitcoins are a current bargain, then let the world
know. Setup a blog, a premium website or service.
Can also be used for physical Bitcoin sales.
Another domain for an exchange, or perhaps a business
that buys physical Bitcoins. Quite simple and easily
Are you a Bitcoin supporter? Of course you are ...
now let the world know! This is the perfect website
for community groups, a forum, a blog or service.
The Bitcoin world is still so tiny, so gather people
together and help them understand Bitcoin Smiley
A good domain name for a price/exchange comparison
system. This could also be a useful blog or website
where you discuss the volatile nature of Bitcoin.
Thinking about setting up a social network, based
on Bitcoin? What a great idea, and an even better
domain name! Bitcoin allows micropayments, and this
will change the world in ways we cannot imagine.
Create your own social network and integrate the
Bitcoin payment systems into the very core ...
An excellent domain for a Bitcoin consultant based
in the United States. Short, simple, easily branded
and looks great on a business card. If you have made
money buying and selling Bitcoin, then you can start
your own consultation business in minutes ...
A nice domain - the "Bitcoin Service Network", could
list different services, and is suitable for a blog
or domain.
A nice domain for an exchange, or an information based
blog that offers advice on buying Bitcoins. The .info
extension is quite unique and this domain is easily
branded. Know anything about buying bitcoins? Let
the world know, through your new website Smiley
Another excellent Bitcoin exchange domain name. Start
your own exchange, or setup an auction/buying system
and let people buy and sell products and services.
The "Bitcoin Trading Spot" is easily branded and
suitable for many business models.
The "Bitcoins Exchange Network" - another useful domain
for a Bitcoin exchange. Setup a local exchange, buy and
sell products and services. Bitcoin continues to grow
so help connect buyers to sellers and earn a slice!
A nice, simply hyphenated domain name based around the
idea of Bitcoin arbritage. Setup a blog, an automated
service, a product or consultation website. The volatile
nature of Bitcoin means arbritage can be very profitable.
An excellent domain for legal counsel, or financial advice.
As the early adopters become rich, they will need solid
advice on a range of tax, legal and financial issues.
Start a service business, offer a product or publish
a blog on important issues.
The "Bitcoin Freelancers Network" is an easily branded
domain that allows designers and programmers to list
their services. Lots of opportunity here!
A keyword rich domain, that is sure to get plenty of
free organic website traffic. Setup a casino directory,
your own Bitcoin casino, a blog or website on gambling.
Lots of opportunity here Smiley
A nice domain based around the idea of open source
Bitcoin exchange. This domain inspires trust, and
could be used to setup a competitor.
A great domain for a charity fund, an organization or
consultation business. List charities, accept donations
or run an information based blog Smiley
A short domain for an exchange. Could be useful for a
bricks and mortar style business. Call into your local
"Bitcoin Branch" to withdraw your Bitcoins! Nice and
simple and easily brandable.
Create a Bitcoin tumbler, or cleaning service. Accept
Bitcoins from customers, mix and blend them inside your
cleaning system, and output fresh, clean Bitcoins. OR,
setup a cleaning business, that only accepts Bitcoins.
Lots of opportunity here Smiley
A great domain for a bio or pharmaceutical compay.
It's also a nice short domain, for a consultant that
wants to put his/her bio online. Great for a personal
blog or something bigger ...
A brandable domain for a product, a service or a public
information website. Security is becoming more and more
important - and this domain lends itself to lots of ideas.

Obviously, I am new to the forums, and this may concern
some of you. I can send you my Paypal and Ebay details
(long time verified seller), and can prove my ownership
over these domains.

I'm looking for a nice clean swap. My domains for your Bitcoin.
Every domain listed above is worth good money and it took me
a LONG time to find and register these domains.

I'm based in Australia, so please be aware of the timezone
difference. I may not reply quickly, if I have fallen asleep Smiley

I look forward to doing business with you!

P.S - Please remember to post "PM SENT" below, so I get
instant notification that you are interested. If you have
any questions, post them in the thread or PM me directly.

OR ... email me at the address below:
(but please post "PM SENT" below as well)

The World's Betting Exchange

Bet with play money. Win real Bitcoin. 5BTC Prize Fund for World Cup 2018.

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November 23, 2013, 02:17:44 AM

Great list of keyword-rich Bitcoin domains!  Smiley

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November 24, 2013, 05:37:02 AM

Thanks. I have several other non-Bitcoin domain names as well.

Several offers pending now. Thanks for the feedback!
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I am Mining Coins

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November 25, 2013, 08:13:34 AM

Nice list of bitcoin domains.   PM Sent.
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November 25, 2013, 11:39:16 AM

PM sent
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November 26, 2013, 12:41:46 PM

All PMs replied to. Thank you. Please contact me via private message
to discuss any of the above domains.
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November 29, 2013, 11:52:27 PM

Black Friday Weekend Madness Sale!
Sale over - thanks!
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December 03, 2013, 04:23:41 AM

Sale extended until the 6th of December,
as a result of the BitCoinTalk downtime.

I have replied to all messages. Thanks Smiley
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December 05, 2013, 08:26:42 AM

36 hours left! All PMs answered.

Domains are now for sale on Reddit as well.
Several offers pending. If you are interested,
let me know Smiley

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December 07, 2013, 12:16:36 AM

Sale is no over ... Thanks for the interest guys!
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December 14, 2013, 06:20:47 AM

Thread updated Smiley
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December 19, 2013, 10:08:16 PM

Four domains sold this week!  Thanks for the offers Smiley
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January 18, 2014, 02:52:46 AM

email sent

Certified Bitcoin Professional -!
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January 21, 2014, 04:50:27 AM

These domains are now sold:

Many more left - great prices. Don't miss out Smiley
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