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Author Topic: WARNING: SmokeAndMirrors Is a SCAMMER!  (Read 987 times)
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August 08, 2011, 03:39:27 AM

SMokeandMirrors is a thief/scammer.

As we all know through Bitcoin trades, especially when made through PayPal. As, BTC are irreversible it's most secure for both parties if the buyer sends the money first.

SmokeandMirrors is a thief!


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August 08, 2011, 03:41:35 AM

aand the vicious circle goes round and round.
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August 08, 2011, 03:44:05 AM

This is number 4 for you, is that right? If I were you, I'd just stop, because your scam detector must be broken.

Or... Much more likely, you are lying.

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August 08, 2011, 05:13:39 AM

How many times has it been said on this forum to not do transactions via Paypal?

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August 08, 2011, 06:17:24 AM

I'm starting to vote for the person scamming you.  Undecided

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August 08, 2011, 10:21:40 AM

Lol. I just noticed this post before going to work. You must seriously be kidding me  Shocked. I'm listed in the honest traders thread for completing this deal with deepimpact after you failed to make a successful trade with me.

Good luck in the future of your scamming bud.

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August 08, 2011, 12:56:37 PM

In the event SmokeAndMirrors is a scammer, how did his nick not tip you off?

Would you do business with someone called I_will_f@#$_over? a totally worthless exchange, trade orders are fake
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August 08, 2011, 09:12:39 PM

Just to make sure my name is kept clean:

[9:51:15 PM] Ken: Hey Jay
[9:51:18 PM] Ken: I got your Add
[9:51:20 PM] Ken: how can I help ypou
[9:51:46 PM] jay schr: you pm'ed me about the bitcoin trade
[9:51:57 PM] Ken: Yeah thought so
[9:52:03 PM] Ken: Okay your looking to buy 1 right?
[9:52:04 PM] Ken: 14.50?
[9:52:11 PM] jay schr: 1.5 at $14
[9:52:20 PM] Ken: 1.5 okay
[9:52:27 PM] Ken: sure do you have your bitcoin wallet
[9:52:33 PM] Ken: all the blocks downloaded
[9:52:33 PM] Ken: already?
[9:52:47 PM] jay schr: That's the only way I roll.
[9:52:58 PM] Ken: lol
[9:52:58 PM] jay schr: address is 156GUUFABHHgMY9NW1MiXyW1tt8a1yNc1b
[9:52:59 PM] Ken: Okay cool
[9:53:09 PM] Ken: Alright so are you gonna be paying through PayPal?
[9:53:25 PM] Ken: Received transactions: 0
Received BTC: 0
Sent transactions: 0
Sent BTC: 0
[9:53:26 PM] jay schr: indeed I am
[9:53:29 PM] Ken: Your wallet seems to be new
[9:53:32 PM] Ken: Okay sure
[9:53:36 PM] jay schr: the address is new
[9:53:38 PM] Ken: So my email is
[9:53:45 PM] Ken: Do you mind sending the payment as a gift?
[9:53:45 PM] jay schr: let me pull up my original address
[9:53:57 PM] Ken: I''ll send the BTC right after I recieve payment and verify it
[9:53:59 PM] jay schr: 1GffzQvwd5eZy47xP2Ea7n4NuDGW6sYocB
[9:54:00 PM] Ken: as a gift ofcourse
[9:54:09 PM] Ken: Okay so which wallet
[9:54:11 PM] Ken: do you want me to send it to?
[9:54:16 PM] jay schr: they're both to the same wallet.
[9:54:27 PM] Ken: Okay I c
[9:54:44 PM] jay schr: If I am going to be going first, I'd like to see some rep that you've built somewhere, if you don't mind
[9:54:56 PM] Ken: Just search my name
[9:54:58 PM] Ken: on the Forum
[9:55:01 PM] Ken: I've been a member for a while
[9:56:29 PM] jay schr: registered june 29th, 40 posts. have you made any trades is what I'm more interested in.
[9:56:38 PM] Ken: Yeah got scammed just yesterday
[9:56:42 PM] Ken: by The Middle Man
[9:56:51 PM] Ken: I went first and lost 1 BTC
[9:56:51 PM] jay schr: I've already gotten positive feedback for trading, if you don't mind I'd rather have the BTC sent first.
[9:57:00 PM] Ken: No sorry.
[9:57:11 PM] Ken: Thats not going to work
[9:57:12 PM] Ken: Been there done that
[9:57:16 PM] Ken: Scammed over and over again
[9:57:23 PM] Ken: I can assure you I'll send the 1.5.
[9:57:29 PM] Ken: I just need you to send the payment as a gift first
[9:57:32 PM] Ken: its standard procedur
[9:57:34 PM] Ken: Ask anyone on the forum
[9:57:48 PM] Ken: and I'd like to think I have a positive rep
[9:58:11 PM] jay schr: I'll take a shot in the dark, $14 is not much anyway I guess...
[9:58:31 PM] Ken: Cool.
[9:58:52 PM] Ken: Just make sure to send it as a gift and I can promise you you'll get your BTC in less then 5 minutes
[9:59:12 PM] jay schr: Why gift?
[9:59:21 PM] Ken: So it's undetectable
[9:59:38 PM] Ken: and you can't file any unauthorized claims
[9:59:45 PM] jay schr: what's the email?
[10:00:55 PM] Ken:
[10:01:50 PM] jay schr:
[10:01:54 PM] jay schr: don't think so.
[10:02:19 PM] jay schr: you've got bad rep as far as I can tell. If this trade's going through, i'll take the BTC before I send the money.
[10:02:21 PM] Ken: Whats this
[10:02:23 PM] Ken: its not loading
[10:02:47 PM] jay schr: It's a post claiming that you are a scammer, with you claiming the OP is a scammer.
[10:03:23 PM] Ken: Yes. I just told you ive been scammed
[10:03:23 PM] jay schr: If you want to build rep on the forums this trade may help as I will be posting in the honest traders thread, otherwise we're done here.
[10:03:24 PM] Ken: Ive been scammed twice
[10:03:26 PM] Ken: in 3 days
[10:03:32 PM] Ken: Im not making it a third time
[10:03:33 PM] Ken: Sorry.
[10:03:39 PM] Ken: Either send the money first as a gift payment
[10:03:40 PM] Ken: or good bye
[10:03:45 PM] jay schr: that's fine. have a nice day...
[10:03:52 PM] Ken: Haha fuck you
[10:03:53 PM] Ken: thief
[10:03:54 PM] Ken: reported

This is the full conversation log of the potential trade that never went through.

Some points to make:
1. When we were talking about the pricing, I he asked if I was looking to buy at $14.50 and I corrected him at $14.00 was what I was buying with. A scammer would not care what the price is as they would chargeback in the end anyway.

2. After he mentioned his e-mail, I did a quick forum search to find that half (give or take a few) of his posts were posts spamming copy/pasted info, or 1 word replies such as "haha", "lol", and "deleted", not to mention his name was mentioned previously in scammer threads.

3. I had previous +repped trades under my belt, he had none yet he was "pressuring" me to send the payment first as a gift. In the world I live in, the one with higher rep always goes last, especially in the event that the other trader's pointed out in scammer threads.

4. Claiming sending paypal gift as standard procedure, seems to be like he's trying to pressure me. He says ask anyone on the forum which is a bluff because anyone on the forum would simply say "NO." to paypal.

5. Does his concluding messages sent really sound like those of someone who is legitimately trying to trade? He didn't get what he wanted, so he resorted to calling me a thief and a scammer even though I was simply saying that I wouldn't go first given the circumstances. There was no trade initiated on either end (I had obvious reasons to decline sending first, whereas even with the rep I've got, his reasoning was that he'd already been "scammed")

6. After claiming to have been scammed multiple times in the past few days, does he not seem to be very eager to make this trade rather than being cautious like a smart person would?

If it is at all possible, I would like to have this thread deleted to clear my name.

Help Bitcoins by buying clothes, technology, books, etc. through people/stores that accept BTC. This will increase overall value of BTC as well as mitigate unnecessary bank transaction fees.

My address -
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August 08, 2011, 10:20:26 PM

Quote from: SmokeAndMirrors
I'd like to have this entire thread deleted pending review of what really happened.
I actually did that last night while it was being reviewed. No conclusion was made, so it was undeleted.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was sent a PM by a party not involved in this thread that DiamondPlus was offering people large sums of money to say that he was an honest trader. Of course, there is no hard evidence to prove it.

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