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Author Topic: What Section/subsections do we award our sMerit to and vice-versa – Interactive  (Read 103 times)
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May 10, 2018, 11:15:47 AM
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In previous posts we got a look at what our sMerit Network looks like ( Our very own sMerit Network Picture ), and our Trust Network ( A picture of what our Trust/Distrust Network looks like), but I missed being able to visually see and play around with a a graphical representation of the boards we interact with in terms of sMerit, thus this tool.

The tool is interactive, and allows us to play around with the filters to get different graphical views on the data and relations. Having clear areas of improvement, it does allow us to play around and filter the data to get different views, and may show us information that we were not aware of.
The data represented is updated from the latest sMerit-txt file released on the 04 of may 2018.

You can play around with the data using the following this links:
Sender's view:
Receiver's view:
Playing around with the filters gives you different options of output.

Note: The tools only allows one data table to be loaded, so I had to break it into two different links on this occasion as shown above, since the aggregated data I used had different grouping semantics.

1. Examples of output:

a) Who awards sMerit to the Spanish Local Forum:
In this example, I used the first link to access the tool, and then filtered by Spanish [Local] Section/Subsection.
The results shows 78 nodes: 1 is the board (in orange) and the remaining 77 are the users that have sent sMerit to the local Spanish Board. The bigger the size of the node, the larger the amount of sMerit sent.

Paxmao stands out as the biggest contributor to the Spanish Local Board, with a second layer formed by EcuaMobi, MA40, solosequenosenada, foroplus, aleix, cigaLeider, VictorGT, Gothorum, freemind1, Frinky, and Vingaard.

b) Who awards above 30 sMerits To Meta:
This example uses the first link to access the tool, and then filters by Meta [Other] Section/Subsection and an additional filter to restrict graph to users that have awarded >= 30 sMerits to Meta.
The results shows 92 nodes: 1 is the board (in orange) and the remaining 91 are the users that have sent >= 30 sMerits to Meta.
Tman and Vod stand out as those with higher awarding of sMerits to this section.

c) Which Sections/Subsections do I award sMerit to:
This example uses the first link to access the tool, and then filters only by FromUserName.
The results shows 8 nodes: 1 is me (in blue) and the remaining 7 are the Section/Subsections I’ve awarded sMerit to. Null represents cases of deleted messages.

I seem to favour Meta, followed by Spanish [Local] and Beginners & Help.

d) Which Sections/Subsections sMerit which users with over 100 sMerits:
This example now uses the second link to access the tool, and then filters only by sMerit >= 100.
The results shows 164 nodes: 22 are the section/subsections and the remaining 142 are the users awarded with >= 100 sMerits in those sections (in 1 or n transactions). Some items do not show name of the graph, but they would if using the tool and zooming-in.

Meta, Ann Altcoin, Russian, Economics and Turkish have the largest network with over 100 sMerits awarded by the section/subsection. Theymos is the most awarded judging by the size of the node.
There are also a few exceptions that get awarded over 100 sMerits on multiple boards: Satoshi (Bitcoin Discussion and Development & Technical Discussion), Nullius (Development & Technical Discussion + Meta), RichDaniel (Marketplace and ALT Announcements).

e) Which users have been awarded sMerit on the Spanish Local board:
This example uses the second link to access the tool, and then filters only by Spanish [Local] section/subsection.
The results shows 172 nodes: 1 is the section/subsections and the remaining 171 are the users awarded with at least 1 sMerit in this local board (in 1 or n transactions).
Gothorum, solosequenosenada and MA40 are the most Merited on this local board.

f) Which Section/Subsections have awarded me with sMerit:
This example uses the second link to access the tool, and then filters only by ToUserName.
The results shows 5 nodes: 1 is me and the remaining 4 are the users Sections/Subsections I’ve got my sMerit from.
Meta is clearly my main source, followed by Spanish Local, and at a distance by Beginners & Help and Bitcoin Discussion.
If you drag down the three dotted lever above the graph, you gain access to de data behind the scenes.

2. Tool specifics:

In order to apply a filter:
-   Click the Filter dropdown box.
-   Select the field names you want to filter by (a filter should be now visible on the left side of the screen). Multiple filters are allowed.
-   On the filter you can now type the filter values. Multiple items are allowed.
- Press Find:
  *   Filter should be applied and the image limited to the filtered values.
  *   You can adjust the image size and move it around.
  *   There’s an irritating thing (that seems to be a bug) that often happens: Not all nodes are shown by default, so you need to increase the nodes in the box above the image (I normally just retype the upper limit of nodes shown by the node box).
  *   Sometimes, to filter again it's easier to delete the filter and restart the process.

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