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Author Topic: [ANN] [NEWS Coin Sale] NEWS COIN - THE BITCOIN OF THE MEDIA INDUSTRY  (Read 157 times)
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May 11, 2018, 08:53:09 AM
Last edit: May 13, 2018, 05:56:20 PM by Crypto News Official

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                                                                                                                       PRE-SALE NOW!
                                                                                                                             DISCOUNT 70%
                                                                                                                   ONLY 10.05-30.05.2018
                                                                                                                                 HURRY UP!


Time has come to bring change to the media industry. Just as Bitcoin transformed the financial market, we will do the same for the media industry through the NEWS coin - with you leading the charge.


Crypto.News is the first blockchain based crypto economy and technology news multi-channel, providing the community – both content creators and viewers – with the only completely unbiased informational platform.
Imagine a news platform free of the clickbait plague, irrelevant information and favoritism. One that is an immovable pillar of trust in an erratic and unpredictable cryptocurrency economy, where the research is done for you and each individual has a voting power that actually matters. We are offering all that by combining proven industry standards with trust delivering blockchain technology - the algorithm used for achieving this is called Proof-of-Quality (PoQ).

More basic information regarding Crypto.News can be found here.


One that is an immovable pillar of trust in an erratic and unpredictable cryptocurrency economy, where the research is done for you by you and each individual has the power to determine what content shines through. We offer all of that in three media channels - a news aggregator, a video platform and a TV Channel.

  • News Aggregator
    NewsBot will filter the content available on the internet and collect it all under one domain, using machine learning technology to provide only original, high quality pieces. Every user will be able to personalize their newsfeed as needed, making our NewsBot your new favourite spot on the net - fully reliable and exceptionally convenient.
  • Video Platform
    The video platform will be optimized exclusively for the audience interested in crypto economy and blockchain technology, providing the perfect pedestal for industry professionals and admirers. The platform will focus on engaging and rewarding the community, eventually moving on to its ultimate form - decentralization.
  • TV Channel
    Crypto.News TV channel with 24hr broadcasting schedule will completely transform the perception of TV. The channel will become a beacon of knowledge covering the industry in-depth with the power to put each user at the forefront of action through a set of various high-end technologies.


Revolutionary ideas need a strong foundation to be heard. Our platforms are built upon the right mix of various technologies: Proof-of-Quality, Zero Knowledge Voting, Second Screen, Over-the-Top Broadcast, ADS Bidding - all of them an essential part in making Crypto.News unique. Each component will ensure viewers and publishers experience what high quality truly means.

  • Proof-of-Quality
    Proof-of-Quality (POQ), the cornerstone of our platforms, will be carried out through the elected members of the Crypto.News community. Every member of the community will be given a right to endorse anyone they see fit to speak on their behalf. Such endorsement, the strength of which depends directly on the NEWS coins held by the voter, can be given to one person at a time, making sure the decision is done rationally. Those members with the heftiest endorsements will be given the rank of a verifier. Verifiers will evaluate the quality of the publishers, however if the work is done poorly - endorsements can be taken away easily. With great power comes great responsibility!
    Every publisher has the chance to be rewarded in NEWS coins for their content. Every click, every view, every comment on a piece of content which belongs to a certain publisher counts towards hispotential payout. When a publisher decides to reap his rewards, the verifiers are prompted to evaluate that specific piece of content from the scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is very poor quality and 5 is great quality. Depending on the size of the cash-out, specific number of verifiers need to grade the content and allow the transaction - Both financial and nonfinancial benefits of this positionwill ensure the endorsements are given rationally, and the verifiers take their responsibility in a serious manner.
  • Zero Knowledge Voting
    Each vote is registered in the blockchain and can be traced back to the user who participated in the voting, but not to the actual meaning of the vote. Such technology ensures no one is able to assume the end result, be influenced or demotivated by the existing votes - zero knowledge during the voting process. The vote itself is encrypted and the decryption key held secret until the specified point in time when further voting becomes no longer available. For more click here.
  • Second Screen
    Second Screen technology has been adopted by many different services and products, yet it is still far from reaching its full potential. Our approach to the Second Screen technology is more focused towards the actual functionality rather than small cosmetic features. It will be utilized for not only engaging the audience, but as a truly powerful tool in the broadcasting quality itself: some of the first functions will provide an ability to participate in the activities taking place during the actual broadcast, e.g. if a contestant is taking a quiz du ring the broadcast, everyone else outside the studio can put themselves in their shoes by taking the same quiz real time. The best part of this feature is the reward: participation may be charged for, but if  you score better than the majority or even win, there is a hefty prize waiting for you.
    For more click here.
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) Broadcast
    OTT offers a certain level of flexibility which traditional broadcasting options are not capable of. The channel can be broadcasted anywhere almost immediately without the need to partner up with satellite or cable providers, the audience can tune in with the same devices that are used everyday - smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs for a more traditional feeling.
    For more click here.
  • ADS Bidding
    Every media channel of ours will hold excellent opportunities for the advertisers. The NewsBot will display the ads among the aggregated content styled to assimilate with the look and feel of the platform. Advertising banners will also be sent out together with our newsletter. The video platform and the TV channel will offer advertising space in blocks of 15 seconds, which can be used as single units or coupled up together with the neighbouring screen time to show a commercial of a required length. Auctions for the advertising space will accept NEWS coins exclusively.
    For more click here.


The News coin issued in the ICO will serve as the currency of the platform, directly binding the viewers. The value of the NEWS coin will reflect the popularity and usefulness of the platform itself. This is the similar to how the shares of the traditional media companies such as Bloomberg, based on the user volumes, on-site traffic and demand for content. The more value our platform creates, the more valuable the coin will become, making the incentives for quality content.

PRESALE with a 70% discount IS NOW LIVE!

The NEWS coin sale will be distributed over the course of three months with the starting price of 0.12 USD and the final price of 0.20 USD, divided into 6 slots until all coins are sold.

More information about coin distribution is here.


You want to contribute? Our bounty program can be found here.


You can find out about our milestones and roadmap either here or in our Vision paper.


Crypto.News has gathered an astonishing team full of colourful free-thinking personalities, experienced in media, global business and blockchain industries with a commitment to make meaningful changes worldwide.
With everyone united under one goal of purifying the media we have the right minds to make the change happen.

Constantin Rauter, CEO & Founder

Ernst Karoly, CV & Founder

Karina Semenova, Chief Strategic Officer

Wagas Ali, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Aler Denisov, Blockchain Developer

Emina Mandzuka, Chief Operating Officer

Zach Weiner, PR and Social Media Marketing

Aina Germogenova, PR and Social Media Marketing

Ibrahim Abdalla, Head of GCC


Alex Ecker, Media Advisor

Alois Nimmervoll, Security Advisor

Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain Advisor

Malcolm Tan, ICO Advisor

Markus Gronbach, Law and Regulations Advisor

Cathy Li, Blockchain Advisor

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May 11, 2018, 10:01:26 AM

Italian translation reserved
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May 16, 2018, 03:36:50 AM

All the information with the picture more confused to understand this project there are other tricks of this project to succeed
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May 16, 2018, 03:49:58 AM

Nice project admin. I am looking forward on this project hopefully this will be supported by a lot of investors.
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May 16, 2018, 09:26:55 AM

Project looks interesting. I will be looking out for more information, let's see another opinion giving to this project & how this project will turn out.
Good luck to all investors and also developers Cheesy
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