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Author Topic: very new to this, how do i add coins to my account  (Read 662 times)
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August 31, 2011, 08:53:31 PM

i just downloaded it because i have to pay someone online for something, how do i add coins is it like paypal? thanks
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August 31, 2011, 09:07:52 PM

You either start by "mining" the bitcoins - see the mining section in this forum OR buy your bitcoins by opening an account with one of the bitcoin traders example
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August 31, 2011, 10:25:41 PM

1) Click new address, give it a name like "first deposit".  Your public key will appear in the address textbox.  This long string of letters and numbers looks like gibberish, because it is a cryptographic code.  This public key can be copy and pasted, and it will be used by others to send you bitcoins.  It is safe to give to others, they can't get coins from it, only send coins to it.  You will be using it to send yourself bitcoins from your first bitcoin purchase in step 7.

2) Start an account at or  If you go to tradehill and find this post helpful, please put referral code TH-R18248.  It costs you nothing and gets me a referral bonus that I earn by taking the time to write this post.

3) Fund that account with US Dollars or other fiat currency.  On this is done by clicking "Deposit Funds" on the left.  Then you click your currency abbreviation in the middle of the page.  Pick a deposit method.  You may need to do some legwork with another website like Dwolla, liberty reserve, or paxum to get dollars in quickly.  Or you can send a wire transfer, probably the quickest way for a first-timer like yourself.

4) [Wait for the funds to show up in your account.  Depending on your deposit method this could take some hours or days.

5) Place a buy order for X bitcoins at Y dollars, a price that is close to the current bid/ask spread.  If you want to hold out for a lower price, put that price.  Orders work like a good till cancelled order on an online brokerage like Etrade, for example.

6) Wait for the order to execute.  Could take seconds or days depending on the spread between your desired price and current trading price.

7) Send yourself the bitcoins.  The coins should appear in your website's account balance once the order has executed.  Then (on tradehill) you just click on "withdraw funds" on the left, click on "BTC Bitcoin Transfer" in the middle, put in the amount to withdraw, and cut and paste your receiving address from step 1 into Box A, then click on "Request Withdrawal".  

Cool Wait for your coins.  It will take 10 minutes, give or take, for the send to first show up with zero confirmations.  This is after the website delay, which can be minutes or hours depending on how suspicious tradehill is of fraud lately.  You will then have to wait for 6 confirmations to spend the coins, which takes about an hour.  If your coins aren't showing up with the right number of confirmations, it is probably because your peer connections are lagging or your client isn't fully updated.  You can check against the block # at the bottom of the client window to make sure you have the most up to date block.  You can also file-->exit the client and restart it to get new peer connections that may not lag.

Alternatively, you could skip steps 7 and 8 and just leave the bitcoins in your account, then when you spend them do a "withdraw" to the recipient of the spend.

OK that's my help the newbies post for the week!   Cheesy

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September 01, 2011, 06:44:00 AM

or sell something for Bitcoins!

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September 01, 2011, 07:39:08 AM

You can also find someone who will trade for cash locally:

These guys will let you fund with cash by visiting a Wells Fargo or Chase branch, or with a check:

This is a little different from PayPal, which is a way to send dollars.  It's another currency, so you have to trade something to get it - kind of like using gold as a currency.  You have to buy the gold first, and then use the gold to buy something else.

Since it's a currency, you can also sell things for bitcoins!

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September 01, 2011, 09:36:26 AM

i just downloaded it because i have to pay someone online for something, how do i add coins is it like paypal? thanks

The replies so far pretty much covered it all - good luck!  As someone who is obviously new to bitcoin, could you please share your opinion once you get the first transaction completed?  What was the most frustrating part, what was the easiest? How many days did it take to learn the ropes?  Would you recommend bitcoin to your friends?

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