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November 20, 2018, 12:57:16 PM *
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Author Topic: Cryptoeconomy in XXI century. Far-sighted view.  (Read 14 times)
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May 23, 2018, 04:34:46 PM

When it will be possible to have:

I. 1 WALLET to rule them all. 1 universal KEY, account to everything! 1 megabox. WHEN?

1 decentralized multiwallet - storing all my cryptos, gamecoins, items, IDs, gold and silver, stuff? The same as my email is my login everywhere.

1 key/app to use universally in all internet. In my games, my exchanges, my services, my payments with all stuff i gained in cyberworlds. Dynamicly interexchangable in wallet, without fees, from one form into another.

1 public address for everything - changeable anytime. Created with 1 private key but with few safe keys generated for recover later - like in sim cards - 1 Pin, 2nd Pin, 1 Puk, 2nd Puk code Cheesy 3 tries only? Are you crazy? My memory is perfect but short you know? Cheesy

I'm dumb like so many of us not so smart guys as YOU... i forget stuff, repreatably Cheesy Sorry i'm only human you know Wink And crypto isn't human-friendly... I once had 330k Synereo but... disc crashed and formatted it.. UPS...  Roll Eyes Grin Without us common ppl u're nothing sorry ;(

Being decentralized, autonomous, smart system with clear rules - working like a smart contract (but without bugs like Ethereum and not so hard to use for dummies, i'm stupid but i can code also you know? Wink ).

Being 2faced like roman god Janus. With 1 public face and 1 secret private face. 1 public address binded with all public accounts and 1 private, with all balances we store for future or retirement. Public layer and private layer. Tracable and untracable. How God want's it to be in a normal world. Cash balance in gov controlled bank account and cash for worst black hour buried under backyard LOL   

Disclaimer: Your coin, tech, system can be greatest, most universal, fastest but - if majority isn't using it, if it's not popular? IT SIMPLY SUCKS!!! And it will fail too! Soon!
But if it has bugs, if it's not finished? Even if it's popular it will still FAIL!!!... SOOOOOOO epicly FAIL! Diversify or become poor. Only God knows what will win...

What is your honest opinion guys? It's inevitable right? It will happen. Just when?

II. Cryptogames

Do you know any cryptogame? Any at all? One that pays for playing? One which gives you property rights over items gained in this game? Unique stuff, real digital tranferable thing that you can trade anywhere else? The same as game tokens? So that if you stop liking game you can buy stuff from other game you decide to give a try or you think is worth investing your time into?

I still didn't hear about any like that. What sucks balls. A lot! Because it's inevitable future. They are to greedy. They have no idea what future is. That's why most of these games will fail. You can't make one game and think you can profit from it forever!

If you make such generic game. You are the cancer! You should improve it forever and not break own game to rip off your players you dumbass! You need to make something better and better for your clients to be still amazed and happy! And if you make something great enough your items in game will be more and more expensive and your world will be more and more recognizable. You will be the damn Anorak Bro! i want those keys bro! Where are they? Wink

III. New Better World. NBW

When we will see the better world. World where i can invest a bit of my bitcoin gains into something real. Into real gold stored in a real vault? That could be my retirement fund not affected by dying dollar and other fiats? Or gain a real real estate. Somewhere where it's value will grow because so many people are born there close to robust community in robust country far from this all buble economy which will fail dramaticly in days after global credit crash Sad
When i will be a developer and founder of 3rd world economical revolution? A founder of new bussinesses in places that are dying because of no capital to grow but with so many smart people waiting to create their own bussinesses, profitable activities. Are they cursed just because of being from shitholes? Even if they are more hardworking and smart than me? Where is justice here?

When i will be able to use app in such countries to empower so great people with much more energy, not so lazy as us, but with real ideas and opportunities to change this world and pull their families and friends from poverty? When i will be able to fund someone's education 8 thousands miles away on different continent to give him opportunity i myself wasted so easily having it for free? When he will be able to show me his skills so i could help him become great and make another killer app like faceshit? When?

When i will be able to be in 3rd world and print any of my crazy invention in 3d printing factory and than flood whole world with it before some chinese will copy me? Wink 

I wait for it but i know i should be one to make it happen. But what only 1 man can do? Sad Nothing. But i know it's possible. It's trully is.

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