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Author Topic: [Official] — Build your own automated cryptocurrency trading bot  (Read 5806 times)
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June 11, 2014, 08:37:08 PM

Tradewave Rocks! Please forward to interested parties!


Lets come together and make Tradewave a hub for cloud bot trading!

Super fast backtests
Compiler that gives you meaningful feedback when your code has errors
Dual Y axis plots
Powerful Python mathematics packages
Minimally resource intensive, no RAM leaks
Multiple servers with 99.99% uptime
Works with any browser
Well organized forum
Low trading latency
Keep multiple orders on the books with one script
Trade multiple trading pairs from within one script with access to data from multiple exchanges
Easily access any candle size from within one script
Backtest plots provide accurate time/price data with 'mouse over'

Did I mention FREE backtesting and $20/mo live trading with NO EQUITY LIMIT?

Tradewave is new on the live trading cloud bot scene with a powerful engine and talented development.

I look forward to building some super high quality Python bot scripts in the coming months
both open source and commercial. See you there!

Please forward to interested parties.

Crypto Long, More Coinz Short!

Simple to use web UI? What if I don't know how to script but only know how to trade?
If you could have some already made so copy and paste is the best with simple modification!

call it done homie

Iceberg Limit Orders
2-5-15-30 Turbo Tune
Fire and Brimstone Channel

Aroon MFI VWAP script
Stoch RSI / SAR
Vortex Indicator

Ichimoku Cloud

Candlestick Price Transformation

Zero Lag EMA (LazyBear)

Raschke, Ian, and Guppy Oscillators (3 in 1)
Std. Dev Zig Zag Channel with Regression Slope
EMA Differential Correction Code
Breakout Indicator
Linear Regression
Bollinger Banded StochRSI
Example of email logging
MA Slope, Concavity, Acceleration, Jounce
Hilbert Transform
Directional Movement DMI and ADX
Schaff Indicator
Talib.SAREXT Parabolic SAR Extended Version
Zig Zag Indicator
Candlestick Pattern Recognition Indicators; ie "dragonfly doji"
Create list of length=n from left to right and right to left
TAlib Moving Averages by MA_Type
1m Long Wave EMA Cross w/ Bid Size
Thanasis All Indicators Code
Know Sure Thing (KST) Oscillator
Ehlers/Way Zero Lag EMA
Derivative Oscillator and Composite Index
Kaufman AMA Binary Wave
Hieken Ashi Candlesticks
Account Balances and ROI module

Wow, this site looks like what was eight months ago.
Good luck, but personally i think cloning the ideas of others is nothing else but the way to failure.
Well, Google has succeed because it has brought big innovations.
But all the features you announce are already provided by
I'm just curious what are your innovations that will lead you to success?

Try doing this at cryptotrader:

BUY ltcbtc
SELL ltcusd
BUY btcusd
BUY ltcbtc
SELL ltcbtc
SELL btcusd
BUY ltcusd


...all from one script
 following all three markets
 with a myriad of different indicators for each trading pair.

Having built and sold many scripts at cryptotrader...

tradewave is the future.  

cryptotrader was first you say?  so were these people:

All of the tradewave scripts posted above were built on an old laptop with 1 gig of ram while running multiple bitcoinwisdom charts.  

Cryptotrader support recommends a minimum of 4 gigs, one instance of their web page, and no other open web pages.  My 4 gig RAM desktop commonly grey screened while backtesting; I had to upgrade to 8 for reliability.

Just run backtests back to back 10 or 15 times in firefox and you'll see the memory use grow and grow.

Want to build a "pumper bot" to place multiple bids on the books at one time...

coffeescript @ cryptotrader is single threaded... you can't.

python @ tradewave is multithreaded... you can!

Need some room to look over your code?  

cryptotrader coding window occupies 1/5th of your desktop space, one odd unseen "space" will throw the coffeescript into failure; you'll get no indication as to where.

tradewave's easy on the eyes black coding window occupies 2/3rds of your desktop, highlights your scipts, and informs you of what and where your errors are.

Have a complaint about service at cryptotrader?

Your thread will be deleted from the forum and you'll get a snarky response from support.
At tradewave you're encouraged to discuss bugs, suggestions, and complaints...

...AND talk about cryptotrader in the forum.
Mention tradewave or metatrader in cryptotrader's forum... you get banned.

Alex, admin at cryptotrader, spends more time deleting and covering up people's complaints than working on his site's issues.

James at tradewave makes site improvements regularly.  

What about latency?  How long does it take to cancel and reorder?

Crytotrader promises 5000 to 10000ms  (I've seen my scripts take 25,000ms (25 seconds) or more many times)

Tradewave, using python, is forex grade:  89ms ; less than 1/10th of a second.

I could go on and on... but tradewave is boss.  Its new... there are bugs to be worked out... but so is cryptotrader and I've seen no indication over the past 6 months that the urgency at cryptotrader is on improving anything so much as it is on making sure nobody finds out what what's wrong.  

Just to get a "feel" for cryptotrader culture:

Please read the following rules before posting. These rules are clear and easy to follow.

If you plan to report a problem, then use the contact form located in the sidebar instead.
Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post.
Any promotion of Cryptotrader's competitors is forbidden within this community, including posting links to the pages that promote websites of our competitors.
Please do not post threads text in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.
The forum is not a part of paid services.
We reserve the right to limit access to the forum at any time for any or no reason.
Discussion of moderation decisions is not permitted on the forum.


We're afraid of our up and coming competition because our site sucks (not just RAM) and we know it
Our moderation is draconian and we like it that way
Our users get FRUSTRATED regularly, we ban for that
Any bugs you notice should never be made public and we'll delete your posts if you do
We don't care if our users are in the dark and lose money
You can't promote your own scripts on our forums
Never ask if cryptotrader will offer something somebody else already has, there is nobody else
Never ask us to reconsider a poor decision

For any or no reason,

No soup for you!

Here are the forum rules at

This category is for general discussion about automated trading, strategies, coding

and anything else.

We'll add more categories if this one gets too crowded.

What's up and coming at tradewave?

The Roadmap
james Founder
2  5d
Hey everyone,

In the interest of transparency I'm going to start publishing a short-term roadmap. This covers the next few weeks of development time.

There are a lot of competing priorities at play here. If your pet request is missing, please let me know by email or PM (it's probably noted, but further down the road).


Support for a few more scientific computing libraries (sklearn, Scipy, etc)

Improved partial fills reporting by the Order object

Kraken and Bitstamp support

More historical data for current exchanges and currency pairs (especially BTC-e)

Support for new exchanges and currency pairs (TBD)

Improved UI for live trading (ability to scroll back through previous sessions, etc)

Automatic smoothing for non-default aggregations (see:

What's up and coming at cryptotrader?

I would be more than happy not to have to rant, should Alex actually respond with a proposal of fixes and a roadmap.

@Alex Do you have a public roadmap that PRO and VIP members...

share roadmap for features in the future.

I think one thing that would help is if the admin were to post a roadmap for the ...

This is planned feature, but i can't tell when it will be released. - Alex

I think many of the users here would very much like to ask some questions to you regarding your [] feature roadmap

It would be good PR alex to come to the chat room and discuss some of their concerns

feature request and bug fixes and you would be able to add the things to a roadmap for all to see and then you might not be pestered so much about these things by all of us.

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October 05, 2014, 12:53:05 AM

Tradewave is awesome, hurry up with that HoneyBadger bot :-p
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March 29, 2016, 10:29:11 AM

Tradewave is awesome, hurry up with that HoneyBadger bot :-p

litepresence has done that and more over there.  A bunch of open source examples of how to write a bot for noobs.
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November 04, 2017, 08:34:11 PM

What happened with I did not check it since ages and now the site is gone? So much work has been put into. Still registered though it seems.

Please ALWAYS contact me through bitcointalk pm before sending someone coins.
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