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Author Topic: Press Release: #OpSubverse  (Read 778 times)
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September 08, 2011, 12:09:07 AM


                                __        OPERATION                             
                    _______  __/ /_ _   _____  _____________                   
                   / ___/ / / / __ \ | / / _ \/ ___/ ___/ _ \                   
                  (__  ) /_/ / /_/ / |/ /  __/ /  (__  )  __/                   
                 /____/\____/_____/|___/\___/_/  /____/\___/                   
  subvert, subversive, subversion                                               
    per Google: "Subvert - Verb; Undermine the power and authority of (an       
    established system or institution)."                                       
  Fearing the wrath of Anonymous, some thugs employed by Bay Area Rapid Transit
    shut down four transit stations last Monday during rush hour, stranding     
    thousands of commuters. Everyday citizen Ignatius Taint wondered aloud why 
    "stopping some teenage hackers is more important than getting me to this   
    fucking interview."                                                         
    To the Powers that Be:                                                     
Many of us are scared and angry. We see that your money systems are imploding, 
and that your governments are growing more corrupt and oppressive every day.   
Your political systems offer us nothing but false dichotomies. Every month, we 
see new half-cocked legislation targeting our lulz. When our brothers simply   
vandalize a website, you try to put them in cages for decades, crying           
"cybercrime" and "domestic terrorism."                                         
This is confusing, because we are in the right. You're punishing us for simply 
voicing our displeasure, for saying that we aren't satisfied with the status   
We see your control slipping. In 2009 Uncle Sam spent a third of 'our tax       
dollars' paying down the INTEREST on his credit card bill [1]. Most of those   
dollars go to the banks who own the Fed. And for the cost of a couple wars, you
could have converted all our cars to sustainable alcohol fuel and built another
space station to boot.                                                         
But you don't want that. You can't exist without the archaic institutions that 
you have built, like the oil and war industries, the prison-industrial complex,
America's state education system, and centrally controlled money systems. If you
allowed free markets to exist, you would be bankrupted by competition. You are 
parasites on the backs of the human race.                                       
Tools like Bitcoin, gpg and darknets allow us to escape your control systems.   
We're going to trade, work, and live without playing your silly games and you   
can't do a thing about it.                                                     
Know that you can't silence us and you can't scare us. We're not going to fight
you, because you have guns with psychopaths behind them. Instead, we are       
subverting you. We're building our own systems to replace yours. They're better
systems, with blackjack and hookers. And every time someone chooses our systems
over yours, your power wanes another tick. We won't stop until you've become the
Powers that Were.                                                               
  [1] 383 billion out of 1175 billion. Sources:                                        ,,id=102886,00.html                 
    To everyone else:                                                           
If just a few hundred Anons can shut down city transit centers, imagine the     
problems we can solve when millions of earthlings start working together to     
replace those broken systems with better ones. We can build marketplaces where 
we use digital cash to trade without heeding the taxes and regulations of the   
Powers that Be. Once we stop using their money, their institutions will crumble
quickly, and we can move on to solving world hunger, exploring the cosmos, and 
living in peace.                                                               
But this task is far too big for any one group to complete, even Anonymous.     
Anonymous, /r/conspiracy, TPUC,, Infowars - these are all   
large subversive communities with varying philosophies and goals, but all share
the goal of subverting the status quo in favor of something better. Many members
only act within their local networks, because they simply haven't heard of the 
myriad other communities, filled with millions of fellow subversives, or they   
don't have time to look them up.                                               
These groups have never had a common thread, a common context, that allowed them
to find each other and build global networks.                                   
    Until now.                                                                 
We present the open source brand: SUBVERSE. This is a brand to mark subversives
and subversive communities worldwide. We need this precisely because we are so 
disparate - it's a symbol representing our common cause.                       
By 'open source', we mean that no one owns this brand. You are free to use it as
you see fit, for yourself or your communities, in perpetuity.                   
Tag your sites:                                                             - a Subverse site                                     is part of the Subverse                                       
    xkcd supports Subverse, and is powered by Python                           
Tag content:                                                                   
    @JoeRogan and @DuncanTrussell should be the #subverse mascots               
    Can anyone recommend me an anonymous bitcoin domain name store? #subverse   
    Excellent analysis of #subverse topics:
Use the brand in your projects:                                                 
    SUBVERSE.FM - All Subversive Podcasts, live + torrent archives             
    The Daily Subversive - news                                                 
    Presenting: TEDxSubverse                                                   
    The Subversives Manual                                                     
Print up Subverse stickers.                                                     
Tag Subverse everywhere (with chalk of course ;)                               
Come up with logos.                                                             
Drop it in lyrics.                                                             
Talk about it in blog posts.                                                   
Build a search engine that scrapes the web for the word 'Subverse' and indexes 
  the results. Use a web of trust to rank and sort sources by trustworthiness. 
Forward this press release to your favorite subversive websites.               
[2] Known subversives: (add to this list, or tweet #subversive)                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (pdx only for now)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
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