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Author Topic: Aromatherapy Oils & White-label Essential Oils from India  (Read 2718 times)
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September 15, 2011, 04:38:27 PM

Contact me for wholesale supply of Aromatherapy oils & other white label Essential Oils from India.
Carrier Oils / Massage Oils / Medicinal Oils:


Medicinal / Massage Oils - 60ML & 100ML - Plastic:

Eucalyptus Oil
Heena Oil 
Lemon Grass Oil
Almond Oil
Clove Oil
Citronella Oil
Olive Oil
Camphor Oil
Citriodora Oil
Gaultheria (Wintergreen) Oil

60ML & 100ML Bottles - Plastic

60ML Set: All listed above, 60ML bottles - $40
100ML Set: All listed above, 100ML bottles - $60

One set including all 9 oils listed above - the set is available in 2 sizes. These are best-quality Medicinal oils from India - suitable for use as Massage oils in Ayurvedic practice or as carrier oils to mix with other Aromatherapy oils.

Eucalyptus Oil also available in 200ML & 500ML Bottles - Plastic - (Glass Packaging also available)

5 x 200ML Bottles Eucalyptus Oil: $40
2 x 500ML Bottles Eucalyptus Oil: $40

Carrier Oils - 30ML / Glass-Bottle:

Almond Oil - $8.50
Apricot Oil - $5.25
Avacado Oil - $6.90
Evening Primrose Oil - $7.75
JoJoba Oil - $10
Sesame Seed Oil - $3.85
Walnut Oil - $5.25
WheatGerm Oil - $6.75
Grapeseed Oil - $5

30ML Bottles - Blue Glass (French-made)


Aromatherapy Oils - 10ML - Glass Bottle:

Basil Oil, Holy (Tulasi Oil) - $5.20
Bay Leaf Oil - $6.40
Bergamot Oil - $6.40
Black Pepper Oil - $5.40
Carrot Seed Oil - $7.50
Cedarwood Oil- $3
Cinnamon Oil - $4.50
Citriodora Oil - $3
Citronella Oil - $3
Clove Bud Oil - $5.80
Clove Leaf Oil - $3.50
Curry Leaf Oil - $6.50
Cypress Oil - $5.75
Celery Seed Oil - $5.75
Dill Seed Oil - $5.25
Eucalyptus Oil - $2.75
Fennel Oil - $5.25
Corriander Oil - $9
Fenugreek Oil - $5.50
Frankincense Oil- $7.75
Geranium Oil - $9.25
Ginger Oil - $8.80
Grapefruit Oil - $6.50
Juniper Berry Oil - $6.25
Lavender Oil - $8.60
Lemongrass Oil - $3
Nutmeg Oil - $6
Orange Oil - $3
Palmrosa Oil - $3.50
Patchouli Oil - $10.50
Peppermint Oil - $3.10
Petitgrain Oil - $6.40
Neroli Oil - $9.75
Pine Oil - $3.25
Rosemary Oil - $5.50
Spearmint Oil - $4.75
Tea Tree Oil - $7.40
Thyme Oil - $8.75
Tumeric Leaf Oil - $3
Vetivert Oil - $9.25
Wintergreen Oil - $6.50

Aromatherapy Oils - 5ML - Glass Bottle:

Cardamom Oil - $10.50
Chamomile Oil - $12.25
Clary Sage Oil - $7.75
Davana Oil - $11.75
Garlic Oil - $10.50
Jasmine Oil - $10
Jatamansi Oil - $10
Rose Oil - $19.25
Valerian Oil - $24
Ylang Ylang Oil - $7.75
10ML or 5ML Bottles - Blue Glass (French-made)

Aromatherapy - Introduction:

Carrier oils are a preferred choice for Aromatherapy treatments & cures, as well as making your own fragrances and perfumes. One needs three to five drops of the carrier oil to mix around 3 drops of different perfume oils. The perfume oils are too concentrated and pure to be applied directly - they need the carrier oils as a base to enter into the body's largest organ, the skin, for healing and mood setting in massage and Ayurvedic treatment.

The Aromatherapy oils themselves should not be applied directly to the skin in any form without the carrier oil base - this is a fundamental of Aromatherapy. From there, there is unlimited potential to create moods and fragrances, and also to introduce plant essences into the body on a daily basis, in a subtle manner, through the skin. The Aromatherapy oils may contain thousands of plants reduced to a concentrate, the price is determined by the rarity of the plants involved. These are some of the best quality healing oils & fragrances I have ever encountered, and I highly recommend them for many different uses.

Aromatherapy - Basics:
The Essential Oils are used as a base to mix the Aromatherapy Oils in are used to create unique fragrances, natural perfumes, and by Ayurvedic practitioners as a healing method using the body's largest organ (the skin) as a means to transfer vitamins, minerals, subtle chemicals from the plants as concentrated in the essential oils into the body/mind stream. Aromatherapy Oils can be used in a similar way that Ayurvedic practitioners create healing through Massage Oils and infuse the healing herbs & plants into the oil that is used to massage a patient, so I also recommend these (Essential Oil base + Aromatherapy Oils) for those doing healing massage. Another good thing about the Aromatherapy Oils - they can be evaporated in water w/ a vaporizer - and the steam releases the fragrance into the air as a smoke-free incense. I can also provide some nice models of vaporizers, mostly ceramic designed to work with a candle, for releasing Aromatherapy into a room to create a mood or healing environment, at around $15 each.

Use the Carrier Oils as a base to mix in the Aromatherapy oils - otherwise, the Aromatherapy Oils are too strong and do not have the same absorptive effect into the body - 3 dashes carrier oil/1 dash aromatherapy oil (+/-) as required or w/ massage. The Aromatherapy oils are much more highly concentrated plant and flower essences than the Massage oils.

Entrepreneurs - White Label Opportunities:

If anyone is interested in designing their own labels and making their own line of Aromatherapy products - we can do it easily, from the source here in India, and at a way that makes it cost effective for your supply & shipping needs. Contact for details.


Currently I am going to list auctions for:

$50 - $100 - $200 - $250 - $400 - $500

The customer can calculate the exact order they want - and submit a list of which oils at which sizes, and we will fill all orders on a custom basis.

Please contact via email for any help building a custom or wholesale order - all orders ship from India via registered post with tracking number.

All oils are for external use only. It is considered advisable to treat Aromatherapy oils with care, keep out of the hands of small children & pets, and store in a cool, dark place for longevity.

Shipping is calculated by weight at around $15 per KG (2.2 lbs.). Minimum shipment cost is .5 kg or $10.

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September 15, 2011, 05:35:47 PM

"The practice of chu len [Skt.: rasayana] is of special interest. The term chu len literally means 'extracting the essence,' and refers to esoteric methods for absorbing universal nutrition and thus being able to live without having to rely upon ordinary food. In all of the chu len traditions the yogi or yogini practices mantra and meditation as a means of drawing forth and absorbing universal energy, and then using this energy as a substitute for normal food. Four main traditions of chu len are mentioned in the Dalai Lama literature: extracting essential nutrient from flowers, extracting the essence of stone, taking the sky as food, and living on purified mercury (i.e., quicksilver)... Although these four practices are maintained as living traditions, the first--extracting the essence of flowers is by far the most popular today."


Even though this practice is different from Aromatherapy, it goes to the importance of the essence of flowers as they are preserved in the essential oils and used in massage, treatment, & daily practice in the Rasayana branches of Ayurveda.

Trading Precious Metals, Museum Quality Art, Medicinal Herbs, Outdoor Gear, & Technology for BTC.
+ Silver Bullion Coins & Bars:
+ Chocolate for BitCoin:
+ Aromatherapy Oils- Wholesale:
+ Yoshitomo Nara- Ltd. Prints:
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February 23, 2017, 05:50:04 PM

Its really great information about White-label Essential Oils from India. I am looking for same ingredients in one oil.
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