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Author Topic: Just Received 3 - Bitmine Coincraft Desk V2 - Will Pay XMR for HELP@  (Read 98 times)
JeezusChrist (OP)
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May 20, 2021, 05:39:10 AM

Hello all!

I realize this is a super newb post Huh but I am running out of ideas and options. If someone could help me I could throw you some XMR as a thank you.

I picked up 3 of these units from a lady who gave them to me because her boyfriend died and was mining BTC in 2015. I was able to see the address and he did well, They mined for about a year in 2015 and they mined a total of 6.4 bitcoins. She said that the electric bill went from $2000/yr to $4000/yr and so they turned them off (BTC was $200ish she said) so anyway they figured they were losing money. Long story short, they turned them off and never turned them on again. So, she gave them to me in exchange for helping her get to her 6+ coins and getting her set-up to cash them out. Lucky lady... minus the boyfriend part.  Sad

So, I think I realized today that I got hosed in the deal. I came home, cleaned them up, plugged them in and they seem to be okay. I get power to all 3 units. They way they are set-up is strange. There are 5 modules in one box. And two each in the others. Have no idea how many of these modules work as I have no idea how to tell if they are running. But the fans and PSU are running well. Here comes the major issues...

On the LED readout for each is an IP address. I plugged all 3 into ethernet. Let run for about an hour and none of the displays have changed. They each read the following
24 deg c
0.000 ghs
25 deg c
0.000 ghs
23 deg c
0.000 ghs

Each one has an SD card in them. Was thinking of taking them out but have zero clue if this would help in any way.

Was going to try resetting them but I don't think there is any reset I can see.

From what I have been able to gather, I am supposed to go to those IP addresses but it just times out and can't reach. This could be because my IP's are all 10 based etc but not sure. So, they are just humming away but I am lost now. Is the 192.168.... addresses still attached to the former network? I then read something that made me come here. It looks like these were originally sold by who went out of business causing quite an uproar. So, now my thought is that these units will never work for anything now?

My questions are
1. Are these as good as trash?
2. Can I mine anything with them? Any coin at all?
3. If you were given these three units what would you do?
4. Do these have any use and if so, where can I look for info on getting these used for something.

If someone can help me with these units, either getting them working or telling me how to do so privately... I can tip you in Monero. I know you are all so much more advanced in the mining category than me so please, blow me away! Teach me masters!  Roll Eyes
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May 20, 2021, 10:48:08 AM

You are going to loose money every day you run them unless you have free electricity.
They are 1TH @ 1000W even at $0.01 a KWh they mine at a loss.
Take a look at:

For setup & configuration take a look at:

Yes you will have to put your network on the same 192.168.x.x. as the miners.




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May 20, 2021, 12:06:26 PM

So you rescued 240,000 usd and got a pile of junk.

I do not know anything about the lady and I simply think she did not understand her offer to you was worthless gear for you to save her 240,000 usd.

You can print this page out and tell her you would prefer to get some money and not worthless gear.

Maybe she gives you a fee of say 3 to 5%.

I never understand why people post with these questions.

the coins were worth over 200,000 usd you saved her a ton of money why wouldn't you want to know what was fair upfront. Rather than find out like you did.

If she is a decent person she would give you a finders fee of 3-5% as I think she may not have understood that the gear was worthless.

I wish you luck.

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May 21, 2021, 02:27:46 AM

The ability to cash out a wallet is simple and anyone can do it.
Saying that effort is worth a lot of money is just plain ignorance or more likely, sounds like a scam.

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May 22, 2021, 10:04:54 PM

Sorry those miners are outdated junk. Your only chance to make any money with them is to wait for Bitcoin to get above $50K then put the miners up for sale on Ebay. As a side note, anyone here that helps you should willingly do so on the open forum without private messaging or expectation of a tip as those two together are typical of a bait/scam attempt. Information shared on the open forum benefits everyone, private messages often benefit scammers or at least attempt to.
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