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October 20, 2018, 03:34:54 AM *
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Author Topic: AIO-cryptocurrency trading, news and educational platform  (Read 18 times)
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June 19, 2018, 09:45:52 PM

The Intro:


Hello there!

This thread and platform will generally evolve into whatever we and or our clients can come up with to make investing and trading and learning about cryptocurrencies just that bit easier and more automated than the constant ‘cringing’ it can become from time to time.

The overall idea is that we merge multiple functionalities and features into one ‘AIO’-crypto platform. While developing this project, our main goals will revolve around:

  • Educating our users and providing material about IT and blockchain in general, with a focus on cryptocurrencies, what do they, how to handle them, how to trade them, …
  • Provide more liquidity for trading cryptocurrencies for everyone, with a special focus on decentralized exchanges
  • Provide an ‘AIO’-environment where our users can choose what other services they want integrate into our platform. Firstly other exchanges, but there are a lot of other interesting services with which we can connect our platform.

We can touch a bit of every corner where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are expanding their borders. Automated trading, a news and advertisement section, an educational section with guides, how-to’s, …
All of this and more is to come in the order we see fit or as is in most public demand.

The News:


19-06-2018: Presenting our ‘CrynVest-Bot’:

Presenting the idea and MVP for ‘An automated way to trade cryptocurrencies without the need to interact with it but initially setting it up and pressing the start button’.

“The number of cryptocurrency exchanges are growing every day and it’s getting harder and harder to keep it to just one exchange.”
While you will still need the other exchanges, our goal is to design a platform that connects to all the other exchanges, and trade automatically with well-tested scripts that are almost guaranteed to be profitable (patience may be needed).

The general idea behind this ‘bot’ is to always push orders per ‘pair’ in every loop: every loop, the bot buys a chosen amount of token XYZ at price ‘x’, and sells the same (or another) amount at a price that’s just a bit higher (chosen difference). While these 2 separate trades seem negligible, if you do enough of these, even with the smallest difference, they can add up nicely at the end of the day (/week/month,…).

The progress:

For now the script (/’botpage’) needs to remain open while botting but running it on a VPS or just in the background will do just fine (no hidden XMR miner scripts are included).

Though it may be too soon to call it a ‘beta-version’, it can be called our first MVP of ‘an automated trading script’ for Poloniex. More features and exchanges will be rolled out in due time. Please note that every decentralized exchange added will be free to use. After the first decentralized exchange is included (most likely BitSharesDex), than the Poloniex script will no longer be free for BTS-referrals from that point, people who bought the script before this happens will of course get to keep their script and can also use the 'new' decentralized exchange integration(s).

v0.3: MVP:
   - Single page automated trading script for Poloniex

   - Added api-connection for Poloniex

   - Basic structure

The platform/scripts:


Because we want to ‘emphasize’ the existence AND advantages of decentralized exchanges, we will require from our users to (atleast) have a Bitshares account. Setting up a new account there is recommended since we will be integrating automated BitSharesDex trading in the future anyway, and having a separate account for this is really strongly recommend.
You can even receive a free ‘Support-pack 1’ for joining as our referral on the BitSharesDex*!

We also recommend using a new (anonymous) email address such as from Tutanota.

At the moment we are looking into the market to see if there’s a demand for this type of platform and to raise a some funding to increase our monthly progress.
That’s why we’re selling 3 types of ‘support-packages’ with only 1-time payments for the moment. The price of these packages may vary for every new version according to new features or community input:

*Please bear in mind that we require an email with the txid from the payment and your BitShares username after your payment. This will provide you with the password (and files) needed for the bot.*
**If ever you want to upgrade your package level, you only pay the difference between what you already paid, and what the price is of the newly wished package**

(19-06-2018): Support-pack 1:
  • Price:
       - 0.0025 / 0.001 (1) / FREE (2)
       - 0.03 / 0.01 (1) / FREE (2)
       - 100 / 40 (1) / FREE (2)
       - (1) Upon approved BTS-referral
       - (2) Upon approved BTS-lifetime-referral

  • Features:
       - Number of exchanges: 1
       - Bot method: automated arbitrage trade ‘spammer’
       - Updates: Only security-wise
  • How to buy:

       a. Pay in one of the following ways:

          1. : to '18YiyoWoweLNe3ZbeaFc49KcSjGcjAnK1W'
          with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as message
          2. : to '0xc944c0d732a1B153aD55B6B577a28F6b55746a4d'
          with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as message
          3. : to 'crynvestor42' with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as memo
          4. : SatoshiDisk: link
          5.CoinPayments for Alts

       b. Send an email to '' containing the txid from your payment and your Bitshares username

       c. You'll receive the files to your email.

(19-06-2018): Support-pack 2:
  • Price:
       - 0.01 / 0.009 (1) / 0.008 (2)
       - 0.12 / 0.11 (1) / 0.10 (2)
       - 400 / 370 (1) / 330 (2)
       - 1. upon approved BTS-referral
       - 2. upon approved BTS-lifetime-referral

  • Features:
       - Number of exchanges: 5
       - Manual trading on all (5) exchanges
       - Bot method: automated arbitrage trade ‘spammer’
       - Updates/link: Until 5 exchanges are added to the platform:
       Access to private BitBucket repository

  • How to buy:

       a. Pay in one of the following ways:

          1. : to '18YiyoWoweLNe3ZbeaFc49KcSjGcjAnK1W'
          with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as message
          2. : to '0xc944c0d732a1B153aD55B6B577a28F6b55746a4d'
          with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as message
          3. : to 'crynvestor42' with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as memo
          4.CoinPayments for Alts

       b. Send an email to '' containing the txid from your payment and your Bitshares username.

       c. You'll receive a link to the BitBucket repo in your email.

(19-06-2018): Lifetime-support-pack:
  • Price:
       - 0.05 / 0.0475 (1) / 0.045 (2)
       - 0.6 / 0.57 (1) / 0.54 (2)
       - 2000 / 1900 (1) / 1800 (2)
       - 1. upon approved BTS-referral
       - 2. upon approved BTS-lifetime-referral

  • Features:
       - Number of exchanges: All to come
       - Manual trading on all exchanges
       - Bot method: All to come
       - Updates/link: Access to private BitBucket repository

  • How to buy:

       a. Pay in one of the following ways:

          1. : to '18YiyoWoweLNe3ZbeaFc49KcSjGcjAnK1W'
          with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as message
          2. : to '0xc944c0d732a1B153aD55B6B577a28F6b55746a4d'
          with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as message
          3. : to 'crynvestor42' with 'Crynvest-sp-1' as memo
          4.CoinPayments for Alts

       b. Send an email to '' containing the txid from your payment and your Bitshares username

       c. You'll receive a link to the BitBucket repo in your email.


You can find an initial ‘promotional’ video here:

The Future:

1.   For horizontal growth, we can extend our platform with:

  • a.   More exchanges/platforms/services to connect with
  • b.   More botting methods/ways to trade with
  • c.   More feature to be added: news/advertisements/educational/signals/…
  • d.   Public trading bots: some kind of ‘fund’ that are controlled by our own bots. They can perfectly transparently show their trades to proof the possible profit they have made. For now there are no records of gained profit yet but from the moment a decent logging feature is added, they will become public knowledge.
  • e.   ...

2.   For vertical growth, we can:

  • a.   Deploy a new token, both or either on the Ethereum and/or BitShares blockchain for initial funding for starting our public bots, further work-out and design the platform and eventually roll-out an own exchange, connected to ‘all’ the rest, on which the user doesn’t even need to know (but of course he will) on which exchange the trades have gone through. The user adds coins to his balance and trades at the exchange with the best current rate (determined by our back-end). This means, no more need for API’s!…
  • b.   Derive certain statistics from user’s balances, actions and trades in general
  • c.   Provide our features and methods for non-cryptocurrency trading
  • d.   ...

3.   Have any nice Api’s to connect to? Be sure to pass them to us!

While the prices of this platform will probably raise in the future, we will first evaluate whether the current initial price is too steep for what it does (it is of course based on a one-time-payment for updates in the future).
For that we will be working out an ‘auction’ system for which the details will be shared on July 1st. The auction will cover all current (and future) packages, starting from only 1k satoshi (0.00001 BTC). For now:

  • 1 Support-Pack-1 will be auctioned every 8 hours.
  • 1 Support-Pack-2 will be auctioned every day or 24 hours.
  • 1 Lifetime-support-Pack will be auctioned every week or 168 hours.
  • ...

After 4 weeks, so at the end of July 2018, we will evaluate the average price of the auctions and set a new (lower) price IF that average price is lower than 75% of our current price. If a price does lower, we will grant a refund for the difference between the upfront paid amount, and the actual initial price AFTER running the auctions for 4 weeks. We will explain more in detail the future of this system by that time.

Fair warning:

Please bear in mind that using this ‘bot’ in NO WAY guarantees a positive profit. The bot only automates the action of buying and selling your own chosen cryptocurrency at an own chosen rate, amount and interval. This bot works best over a longer period of time while trading even the lowest possible amounts, but results may of course vary depending on whatever happens in the cryptocurrency-underground.

We will provide new updates in timely manner, if you have any questions, remarks, feedback or possible feature requests, don’t hesitate to ask them!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can be prosperous together in the short future!

PS: You can test the last current 'free' bot here but we cannot guarantee the up-time of that website nor the security of actually using it with your api credentials over the Internet. The easiest way is to gather some coins together to reach 0.001 BTC and join as our referral on the BitSharesDex before ordering your first package.
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