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Author Topic: [ANN]CMIT-Designed to bring JPN Anime,Cosplay,manga culture to the world!  (Read 430 times)
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June 26, 2018, 04:19:50 PM
Last edit: August 12, 2018, 04:39:24 PM by COMIKETCOIN


CMIT (The Commerce of the Inner Markets) is an Ethereum token designed to bring
Japanese comics, anime, music (Vocaloid), cosplay, and other fandoms to the world.

We published the English white paper on 24th June. You can check the white paper from this link below.

Please check it out.

The vision of CMIT

CMIT offers functionality that allows content creators to simultaneously secure new fans
while also disseminating their content. Furthermore, fans and users of content can support only the
content creators they feel are truly worth it. Through the use of purchase logs and feedback, they can
engage with content creators and foment a global community of fans.

In addition to creating economic value in a capitalist sense, CMIT would also utilize
blockchain technology to take the “internal value” that the Internet has made so widespread and
transform it into a new form of social value. This might be described as a platform that brings
together all of these values in one place. In the Internet society prior to the advent of blockchain
technology, information devices, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media met people’s need for
approval from others, and this “internal value” of the Internet was enhanced. By using smart
contracts on Ethereum, CMIT provides a way of taking that internal value and
distributing across individuals to convert it into economic and social value.

Our road map
This is our future roadmap. The areas that are already finalized will be further refined in a
granular fashion. We intend to maintain a clear, accurate schedule. In addition, we plan to launch
unique surprises that are in the spirit of CMIT; we have some very large-scale plans in
store. We are greatly looking forward to making them public.
*Note that the below is only a tentative roadmap. Some elements may take place sooner than listed.

1.June 2018
CMIT is issued -- airdrop begins
Refinement of specifications for the wallet application (Deneb *Payments version) and
commencement of creation of detailed specifications document

2.July-August 2018
Initial allocation of tokens through distributed exchange
Public contest to select mascot character and announcement of results

3.August 2018
Incorporation as a company (announcement of business plan)

4.August-September 2018
Listed on overseas exchanges

5.October 2018
Completion of specifications for the wallet application (Deneb *Payments version) and partial
public release
Announcement of surprise project

6.September 2018-March 2019 *ongoing negotiations with potential partners continue after
Negotiations with companies and organizations discussed in the CMIT partners
section above begin, and we begin consolidating a basis for market expansion. Per deliberation
with partners, we will make public notice from time to time and aim to expand market
capitalization and work towards listing on major exchanges.

7.December 2018
Partnership with major Japanese exhibitor event company
Announcement of outcome of surprise project
Wallet application (Altair *Social media integrated version) specifications document finalized
and partially released

8.March 2019
Wallet application (Vega *Complete version) specifications document finalized and partially
Investment in content creators

9.September 2019
Prototype release of wallet application (Deneb *Payment functionality version)
- The beta version is released and testers are sought.

10.November 2019
Official release of wallet application (Deneb *Payment functionality version)

11.December 2019
Pilot test of CMIT Deneb at major domestic exhibition of new products
Listing on major exchange and major liquidity achieved

12.June 2020
Prototype release of wallet application (Altair *Social media integrated version)
- The beta version is released and testers are sought.

13.November 2020
Official release of wallet application (Altair *Social media integrated version)

14.December 2020
Wholesale launch of CMIT Altair at major domestic exhibition of new products

15.June 2021
Prototype release of wallet application (Vega *final version)
- The beta version is released and testers are sought.

16.November 2021
Official release of wallet application (Vega *Complete version)

17.December 2021
Wholesale launch of CMIT Vega at major domestic exhibition of new products

18.January 2022
Launch of events at overseas exhibits

19.June 2022
Official release of wallet application (Triangle *Final version)
- The beta version is released and testers are sought.

20.November 2022
Official release of wallet application (Triangle *Complete version)
Announcement of trading on major Japanese exchange

21.December 2022
Wholesale launch of CMIT Triangle at major domestic exhibition of new products

The currency information

Name of coin:CMIT
Ticker code of coin:CMIT
Total Supply: 50 Billion

The related URLs

Japanese whitepaper:
English whitepaper:

Role of the CMIT cryptocurrency and wallet application

CMIT is a cryptocurrency that is used on the wallet application simultaneously being
developed (Windows, iOS, Android) and that offers a wide range of functionality like the below:

- Donations to content creators and cosplayers
- Payment of compensation for content
- Crowdfunding
- Integration with social media (follows and information dissemination)
- Payment to manufacturers for content creation *CMIT payment partners
- Sales management
- Content ranking functionality (revenue, units sold, exporting data through social media
- Photo/video functionality through integration with camera app and integration with social media
- Issuing of QR codes (payment data, social media data) *output as image files and to printers
- Event booking, QR code-based authorization
- Event notification functionality
- News functionality (event notifications, crowdfunding, and other news alerts)

The payment application, undergoing parallel development coterminously with the token,
integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms and allows
for logging into accounts. This allows for linking the application to the user’s device. A range of
other functionality will also be included, allowing us to support creators in producing high-quality
content, and the discovery of that content. Blockchain technology and the Internet make this process
possible. In addition to payments and tipping performed through the app, it also includes
functionality for following others and making comments, all implemented in a simple format. This
allows people everywhere to post high-quality content. Let’s work together to create a brand new
otaku/fandom community out of Japan and leverage that power to build a new global economy.

Wallet application functionality

The wallet application contains a wealth of features, but it will employ a user interface that is
intuitive and easy for anyone to operate. It will seamlessly link the entire economic bloc that
CMIT is creating, allowing for things like securing production budgets, paying for
content creation costs, purchasing products, and disseminating information on social media to be
done all at low transactional costs.
In recent years, the quality of the UI/UX of an app is greatly implicated in the success of the
business providing that app. Services like LINE, Mercari, and Coincheck succeeded through the
advantage of offering a refined user interface, which allowed them to secure a large userbase and
grow. In order for the CMIT wallet application to enable the CMIT
cryptocurrency to grow in global scale, the application must be extremely intuitive and easy to use.
We are developing it towards an initial release of the Deneb version, which includes account
management, depositing, and camera functionality, in June of 2019. Following that, Altair, which
incorporates functionality to integrate with various social media outlets, will be released in June of
2020. Lastly, Vega, which will incorporate all functionality, including crowdfunding, will be released
in November 2020. After that time, its functionality and systems will be refined towards Triangle,
the final version release in June 2021.

Listing information

Scheduled to list on DEX in July(ForkDelta)
Scheduled to list on several virtual currency exchanges exchanges by August

Purpose of development member

We on the operations team want to bring the unique Japanese culture of fandom to the world and allow a
diverse group of entertainment and content that was otherwise inaccessible due to regional, ethnic, national,
or financial barriers to enter the world stage and be experienced by many. Our ultimate goal is to generate
value such that people worldwide can actualize their own value, in turn creating a completely new culture
around the world. As new cultures that had previously not known of each other’s existence interact,
a brand-new form of entertainment will emerge. We earnestly look ahead to this future as we develop the product.

About Airdrops

We plan to carry out several airdrops to raise the liquidity of the currency.Announcement concerning
airdrops will be announced by forum and SNS as the Twitter, the Telegram, and the Forum. Please join us.
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June 28, 2018, 09:37:11 PM

Great project, come on board guys and lets get this moving
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July 07, 2018, 06:35:10 AM

i joined airdrop
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July 29, 2018, 05:02:57 AM

where i can see bounty thread about comiketcoin sir ?
i want to join ?
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July 29, 2018, 05:18:55 AM

HINDI translation RESERVED....
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September 05, 2018, 07:57:05 AM

CMIT is a form entirely new entertainment, the interaction between cultures, not known before. This project will be implemented on a national or interaction between the new culture with ancient cultures between countries with similar cultures together.
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September 27, 2018, 12:40:25 PM

This coin has been listed on @Coinmarketdaddy (CMD). For all the trading information, total Supply, current price,  1 hour change, 24 hour change, 7 days change,  historical data , graph, calculator, convertor, reviews, statistics, and comments check out CMD twitter page @Coinmarketdaddy (CMD) and visit

CMIT Market & Trading Data

Volume (24h)    $ 4.57K   
Total Supply   50,000,000,000
Price %(1h)    1.40%
Price %(24h)        -3.81%
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September 27, 2018, 12:54:03 PM

Will the airdrops be also announced here ?
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October 10, 2018, 06:45:41 AM

The project has setup a company, it is RHIOT. Hope that have roadmap and schedule focus to value coins decrease.
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October 24, 2018, 09:01:33 AM

Mineable ?
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December 01, 2018, 09:22:54 AM

any update about this project?
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