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Author Topic: [WTS] DIY Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator ~ Permanent & Legit Method  (Read 26 times)
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July 28, 2018, 03:31:32 AM

The Fall School Semester Starts Soon and I could use some extra cash for Textbooks and I have a Guaranteed method for accelerating Bitcoin transactions.     Hmmm, I have an Idea!  Shocked

The only 2 requirements are that you are the receiver of the funds that are stuck and that you have a supported wallet.
(I have listed all of the wallets I have found that Support this DIY method at the end of the post.)

I am offering this service Cheap for the following Reasons:

  • School Starts Soon and College Textbooks are NOT cheap[/i]
    • I see several posts offering Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator Services.
    • The larger mining pools offer a limited number of these 'Transaction Accelerations' per block for Free or you can pay them to get your transaction confirmed.
    • People seem to be more than willing to pay for this type of service, even though there are several, well-known Free ways to handle it.

    So, why not charge a small, nominal fee? I figure it accomplishes two things:

    • First: It helps me make some money for school and it is money that people are going to spend anyways on a service of this type.
    • Second and Most Important: it will help to educate those who buy this DIY method on how to handle this using a legitimate method.

    Let's have a little fun too, shall we?

    I am willing to prove this method works. Anyone who wishes to publicly challenge me on my DIY method, can do so by simply sending me payment for the guide with a ridiculously low (or no) transaction fee.
    I guarantee I can get a stuck a Bitcoin transaction to confirm within 2 blocks from performing my method.

    Want to take the challenge? Simply send BTC0.0003672 to me at this wallet: 16yD3nNgtaa3vZBjvySn54FqeEAhCbTwuS

    I will give two vouch copies to hero members or higher with Positive trust Only. (Don't ask if you are not Hero or higher!).

    If you have a positive trust rating (and not only from 3 noobs), I will even send first, then you can pay.

    I am adding this Disclaimer to be totally transparent:

    This is NOT a secret method.
    It will not cost you any additional money, fees or out of pocket expenses outside of the amount that is stuck.
    It is NOT Illegal, unethical, immoral or otherwise shady or underhanded.
    It is Just information, which is readily available to the public already.

    However, as I said above, there are several free ways to do this and people know about them, yet they still pay others to get their transactions accelerated and I need money for textbooks.

    So, with that being said, anyone who would feel the need to stomp on this thread and tell everyone how I am selling info that they can find themselves for free.... I know this and have made it clear to everyone, so they know it too! If people want to pay, instead of doing the leg-work themselves, then i can live with it and do the leg-work for them.

    What you get:

    A step-by-step guide on how to take a stuck transaction and get it confirmed within 2 blocks Guaranteed.

    What you will need for this method to work:
    An internet connection.
    A computer or mobile device to connect to the above said intent connection.
    A supported Bitcoin Wallet (Listed below)
    At least one eye that can see, so you can read the guide and navigate the internet.
    At least one finger that is capable of typing and clicking a mouse/tapping a screen.
    A Bitcoin Transaction that is stuck and that you are the receiver.

    Question: Is this for real?
    Answer:100% Yes. I have vouches available for Hero members to try it and report back here.

    Question:I have a stuck transaction I am waiting to receive but my wallet is not supported, can your method still help?
    Answer: Possibly. If you have access to the private key of the wallet address that is waiting to receive the stuck transaction, The answer is Yes. if you have this, it can be used to load the wallet into any of the supported wallets below.

    If you do not have access to the private keys (Coinbase, Paxful, LocalBitcoins, exchange sites, etc...) then NO, this method will not help you for a currently stuck transaction.

    Question:Is this method 100% guaranteed to work?
    Answer:Absolutely. Without fail. As long as you have all of the items in the Requirements section above.

    [bQuestion:[/b]What, if for some reason, I met all of the requirements listed and the method still does not work for me?
    Answer:if, by some chance this is the case, besides getting yourself checked out for mental issues, you should contact me so i an walk you through it. however, it is really simple and legit, so there should be no issues.


    If you have positive trust, I will go first, if not, send the above payment to 1FAry1dobpiaGA7XTxvKQY9HeKkkNVyHkY and then you MUST Send me a PM or Post here in the thread, up to you, the transaction ID.

    WARNING: Send the transaction ID Immediately. If someone pastes my wallet address into a blockchain explorer website, they will be able to see all incoming transactions and if they see yours and it has not been posted here first, they can send it and claim it was they who sent the payment. I will not have any choice but to deliver the guide to them, so post the transaction ID here right away!!

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