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Author Topic: Understand before stepping (Forex Investment)  (Read 25 times)
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August 01, 2018, 10:58:00 AM

With a high interest in investing in FOREX one of them is influenced because the profits derived from FOREX per day and per month (examples of profit calculations) are obtained. Every month traders have different monthly income. Some produce several percent, some double. One of the causes is the difference in strategy. Merchants have their own strategies. Each strategy is influenced by how traders can read or understand in every situation, from the latest news to graph development. The exact moment at which the decision can take effect.

The profit in the FOREX business is unlimited, the average profit earned in a month is 20-40% of the issued capital. Some also generate up to 100% in a month or even a day. But only on a few occasions. Not all traders experience it. Naturally if you want to get up to 100%. But keep in mind that the more benefits you want to get, the higher the risks you may face. In addition, there are many rumors circulating in the FOREX trading. As the largest market in the world, do not be surprised if there are many rumors circulating related to FOREX business. That is why, if you want to succeed with FOREX investment then you should be able to distinguish which facts and myths.

Myths in the FOREX business
Rumors in circulation should not be easy for you to believe when you want to hear about FOREX, if you want to run it then immediately find out the truth. Rumors are often worrying and even failing for you to plan to invest, or even make you fall asleep and carelessly invest. Though it can be a mystical news. Do not easily believe the news. Provide yourself with a higher quality of knowledge. A successful opportunity in FOREX investment will be wide open for you.

One of the myths that circulate that FOREX is a quick way to get rich. Though there is no business that can be obtained by INSTAN. Similarly in the FOREX business, to be able to gain many benefits, then you must understand and have good analytical skills. In addition traders need to improve the trading techniques that run.

Profit and loss are inseparable
Before you actually run a FOREX business you may be wondering. What are the disadvantages of FOREX? Whereas profit and loss as well as two sides of the currency that can not be separated. The higher the opportunity earned in a business the higher the risk that can happen. You can have huge profits in a month or even a day, but you can also experience losses in just one night.

It should be understood first before stepping into the investment. Forex is also not a short-term investment. You can feel the profit and also the loss when it's been long run. Moreover, the longer the business is run usually the risks that may occur decreases. The decision to choose FOREX as a source of investment certainly depends on you. Are you ready to risk or not. If you are ready to risk and not hesitate to learn then FOREX can be a source of investment for you. You must also be willing to learn to manage the risks encountered.

Learn from experience
When you hear a bitter experience about trading FOREX do not immediately lift the foot, but learn what has been experienced. Find out why it can happen ?. If you need to make a list of what has been passed, what has been done on the trading process, then find a solution. Is not that already happening? Why to search? That's the most important thing. studying every failure means learning to prevent the same failure. If you need to open a senior trader's discussion on the issue, find feedback on how to solve it.

Always learn about FOREX stuff. Utilize investment books or information from the internet on how to trade consistent FOREX profits. It can also join a FOREX forum. The forum can use facebook or other groups. Always upgrade head content with meaningful information.

Pros and Cons of FOREX
When learning about FOREX trading there may have heard of trading robots. Not that this is a transaction of buying and selling robots. It is a term for a computer program that allows automatic transactions with certain algorithms. Another term of this trading robot is automated trading or expert advisors (AE). The automatic workings of the program occur when the algorithm was previously entered into a computer program.

The use of auto trading robot allows you to save time in trading FOREX. This means you can still trade without having to monitor directly your computer screen. You can still do other activities, you can still play FOREX according to the algorithm entered. You also do not need to apply deeper analysis. Because the analysis is based on the performance of traders or individuals or systems that run. In addition, using the robot trading will also make overtrading rare.

Nevertheless there are some trading weaknesses using robots that need to be known. You will incur more costs, meaning you will spend capital in addition to FOREX investment. The money is issued as a commission to the system or signal provider used.

In addition, because it is automatic then you must follow every process that happens. You can not open trade in the middle of the process. Although there are several systems from brokers that allow you to stop in the middle of the process. But you have to be really selective to choose. Weakness of using a robot trading makes you unable to improvise during trading, especially when there is high impac news. Have you decided to use this software?

About manual trading
Trading robots using software to run the system, while manual trading allows you to give full attention to the ongoing trading process. You also have to prepare all the information including strategy and others. Of course there are some advantages of manual trading that may be a consideration. You can take full control. You can follow the movement of the FOREX market that takes place, because the movement is very flexible.

When the position is taken incorrectly, you can prevent greater losses with risk managers. While you are in the right position then most likely you will gain greater profits. You can also improvise when in a position that is less profitable. Trading manuals require psychology or emotions that tend to be stable. In addition traders should also think quietly every time doing analysis and when reading the situation. This is to prevent mistakes in decision making. High flying hours will affect how traders perform.

In the end the decision to trade manually or automatically in your hands. The easiest possibility is to do both. Not that you can do it simultaneously, but you can do it in turn.

Trading manually trains your sensitivity to the situation. In addition it is a challenge for you how to react with the development of the exchange rate that occurred. While the automatic way allows you to make transactions while busy though.

How to avoid FOREX fraud
The high interest of FOREX is also proportional to the high intensity of fraud that occurs. Most of the victims of fraud are misuse of investment funds. The number of testimonials that have experienced FOREX fraud, not infrequently many people hesitate to invest in FOREX. Losses and frauds are a frightening moment for prospective traders, but not all brokers are scams. Only a few brokers are abusing the trust given. Losses are a natural occurrence especially for beginner traders. But do not be a reason not to try FOREX investment.

To prevent the occurrence of cheating it must choose the right broker. The brokers really provide the best service and do not disappoint. But to choose the right broker and trust is also difficult and easy, because it takes kecermatam to look for it. Several ways of doing things to minimize the chances of having a broker fraud. Select the old broker. Find out testimonials about brokers. Next you must make sure that the broker has a legal permit or condition.

Do not choose a broker because the lure is seductive. For example the amount of profits earned or the awarding of certain bonuses or prizes. You also need to share the FOREX group to get feedback that will help you.

Brokers for FOREX business are easily found on the internet. The numbers are numerous and offer a wide range of advantages. Find out which broker is most trusted by users. For example using the internet through forums online akusi. These ways are not the best and unsuccessful way to succeed. But prevention efforts need to be done in order to fraud efforts FOREX (brokers who cheat) is not much happening.
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