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Author Topic: Challenging Ethereum – DBX Public Chain Offers a New Business Application Model  (Read 9 times)
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August 03, 2018, 04:05:15 AM

DBX (Database X) is a value-based ecosystem of data built on blockchain: it is a decentralized community for exploring and exchanging valuable data; it makes a huge amount of “useless” data to achieve great value by making a perfect match with certain demand undiscovered before; it enables every participator in the community to acquire data with higher efficiency, lower cost and fairer trading.

DBX is a value-based ecosystem of global data asset. As an innovation, the DBX Data Game galvanizes data sharing with a whole new incentive mechanism; the atomized accurate data transactions promote the self-improvement of the data eco-system. Ultimately, the massive data accumulated would ignite an explosive growth of AI/IoT and other applications in the DBX eco-system.

As an internationally well-known public chain research team and developer, DBX has start their public chain project named DBXChain in Nov 2016. DBXChain is a value-based ecosystem of data based upon blockchain. This new value-based ecosystem is a decentralized data community that provides a platform for users to explore and exchange data. It provides a safe data exchange process and users are able to own their data rights. This new ownership with data is based upon blockchain technology.

DBXChain uses a consensus mechanism D-DPoS that they spent more than a year developing. D-DPoS is a new consensus mechanism that is created by DBXChain for the first time in the worldIt has two key features: first, transaction capacity is greatly improved by a representative system and sharding technique so that it meets the requirement to make an application feasible. Second, security issues, due to oligarchy and centralization by a representative system, are solved by using a real-time fluid “super role” to replace regularly elected “super nodes” and by balancing the importance of subjective choice and objective contribution in an election mechanism.

Technologically speaking, DBXChain can:

1. Enhance TPS and improves consensus efficiency

Blockchain is a distributed system, and a main factor that affects TPS is networks. Due to a large amount of nodes in a blockchain network are scattered around the world, the web state of each node is uncontrollable and it is hard to set a requirement to their bandwidth or to make sure everyone have access to stable network. This kind of situation is absolutely a disaster to TPS.

Compared with underlying systems of “classic blockchain” such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, DBXChain is able to support more nodes– more than ten thousand nodes, and allows users to sign up and quit at anytime. The algorithm uses a voting system among potential block producers and cryptography techniques to improve algorithm’s efficiency. Similar to PBFT Prepare/ Commit, the use of aggregated signatures reduces the size of voting signature from nodes and therefore reduces the use of bandwidth. It also requires to exchange data twice for a block among all confirmed nodes. In additional to provide a good security, it efficiently improves consensus performance of BFT.

2. Building a win-win ecosystem base on big data

DBXChain has massive data, also many users and clients as resources for support, which make this program special. Many projects invested by Top Venture Capitals had ecological cooperation with DBX. Thus, DBX Chain is able to merge a large amount of support and resources from these projects, which is absolutely a good starting point.

As it shows, the consensus mechanism by DDPoS has a promising future. These well-known resources in China chose DBXChain because they all needed internet that not only had high capacities, but was also highly secure and was able to prevent manipulations and bribery. All these requirements were met by DBXChain. In fact, DBXChain will support many developed businesses, which already has a large volume of data on classical internet. These data will test the capacity of DBXChain internet and its security. It is also why the new consensus mechanism of DDPoS and its public chain can outperform Ethereum and EOS in terms of democratization and security.

3. Benefiting its participants

DataGame is a DApp for crowd-sourcing data collection , where DBX demonstrates capacities and feasibility of its public chain. Every data collector can launch a data collecting game using a certain amount of DBX coins in areas such as AI, purchases and IOTs. Owners of data can get rewards by participating in games. They can also search data needed with high accuracy and pay for a specific amount based upon data size.

DataGame has largely lowered prerequisites to participate for data owners, making more valuable and long-tail data available for sharing. Additionally, DataGame has also reduced costs to obtain data so that more users are able to achieve goals and get a brand new experience in data exchange in the blockchain world. As we can see, for DBX to build a new data infrastructure, the first step is to use DataGame.

The project, since its setting out, has made stable and fast progress. So far, it has attracted many investors' financing including TFUND, Manzi Fund, JINGTUM Tech, etc. By this year, it has already published its Github open source code, launched its first Dapp, test net and V1.0 official wallet. With DBXChain, the founder of DBX, Tomi, aims at exceeding Ethereum and becoming the first large-scale feasible public chain by introducing the first public blockchain with real business use cases and projects integrated already before listing its token DBX on any exchange. At the moment, DBX team would sincerely love to hear from the crypto public such as Bitcoin forum and be very welcome to have your feedback, comments or any concerns about our project. Your voice can do lots of help for our team on how to improve our public chain so as to contribute more to the blockchain world. You may stay focus on our annoucements on our official websites, follow our twitter and join our telegram community to get more information and speak out. Thank you for all the help and advice.




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