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Author Topic: "To: bitcoin forums" - Subverting the First Realm (Our World Today)  (Read 841 times)
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October 16, 2011, 03:33:44 AM

I cannot copy and paste this whole text, as it is a lot of reading, but highly interesting at the very least.    Written by the man Plato who traveled the US with Bitcoin

The full text can be found here, below is some of the intro to brief on that and then Bitcoin related parts.  I suggest checking out the full thing, I have drank no cool aid nor do I deny new ideas, just read it and found it interesting with Bitcoin as a part of it.

This is a manual for subversives. It explains how we can build a context to work
and play in as we subvert the First Realm and replace it with the Second Realm.

The First Realm is our world today. It is a world of borders and boundaries, of
rules and regulations - a world ruled by authority. The Second Realm is the
world that will replace it. This is our chance to turn the Powers That Be into
the Powers That Were - it's up to us to make sure that we build a utopia instead
of a dystopia.

Subverse is the context for subversion. It is a place for teaching and learning,
a place for trading, and a place to take action.

svs.00     Plato's Introduction
svs.00.1     Thoughts on authority
svs.00.2     Why we need Subverse
svs.00.3     What needs to happen now
svs.01     Prereqs
svs.01.1     Crypto and PGP/gpg
svs.01.2     Bitcoin
svs.01.3     Blockchains
svs.01.4     Trust Networks
svs.02     The Subverse
svs.02.1     Architecture
svs.02.2     Global Web of Trust
svs.02.3     Semantic web markup language
svs.03.1     Agorist marketplace
svs.03.2     Subversive wiki
svs.03.3     Local community blockchains
svs.03.4     Trust based social media
svs.03.5     Games Room
svs.04     How You Can Help
svs.04.1     Be a part of the Bitcoin Cabal!
svs.04.2     Donate Bitcoins
svs.04.3     Spread the word
svs.04.4     Join us on IRC
svs.04.5     Let's make TEDxSubverse
svs.04.6     Help get Plato an apartment
svs.05     Coding Projects

svs.01.2     Bitcoin
Bitcoin is internet cash. Anyone can send and receive bitcoins without
registering or giving up any personal information. Transactions clear within
minutes, and are permanent. There is a fee structure to reward users who
maintain the network but (as of 7/2011) these fees are negligible. The network
is totally decentralized; many users cooperatively maintain the Bitcoin
blockchain to keep everyone honest. It's difficult or impossible to cheat the
network without possessing 51% of the processing power of the network. This is
already quite a task; Bitcoin is the largest distributed computing project to

svs.01.3     Blockchains
Bitcoin uses a "blockchain" model to store transaction records. Everyone has a
copy of this blockchain - it's basically a distributed database, containing a
single chain of plaintext "blocks". These blocks contain transaction data for
the time period when the block was generated. Each block includes a hash of the
previous block inside itself, to prove that the block is part of the same chain
and was generated at a later time. The blocks include a solution to a
proof-of-work problem, so users can't submit fake blocks at their whim.

svs.01.4     Trust Networks
Using GPG, it's possible to build a network of pseudonymous users who trust each
other without ever meeting face to face. #bitcoin-otc on Freenode
( has an implementation by nanotube. Users rate each other
after transactions, and the data is publically available for other users to see.
As more trades happen and more users participate, the trust information becomes
more reliable.

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