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Author Topic: ⚡️ ICO PR Tutorial – PART 1: Automation of the press  (Read 71 times)
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August 16, 2018, 10:55:02 PM

Good evening. Over the years of working in the field of international marketing, I have acquired a lot of experience, skills and tools.
I would like to share everything I obtained with the community, free of charge, as part of a series of publications on Bitcointalk.
I believe that information is useful to many people, since the times of the possibility of a successful ICO release "at random" are long gone.

The information is presented in a strict and concise manner. All areas of promotion are described on the example of ICO.
Less attention is paid to the obvious and generally available methods, more – to the exclusive and highly effective methods.

The main difference between my article and a huge range of cases from the Internet is integrity, specifics and a low-level approach.
What is meant by a low-level approach? For instance, the fact that I am not teaching you to purchase traffic (as, for example, FACEBOOK); instead I demonstrate the tools with the help of which you are able to generate it, at the level of arbitrage traffic.
The methods described below help to receive the MAXIMUM effect with MINIMUM expenses. Everything that can be automated will be described in terms of automation.

STRUCTURE OF POSTS (to be completed):

PART 1:  Facing the press

PART 2: Promotion in VK.
PART 3: Promotion in TWITTER.
PART 4: Promotion in FACEBOOK.
PART 5: Promotion in TELEGRAM.
PART 6: Entering the Leader of Opinions.
PART 7: Funds Recourse.
PART 8: Eduction Trackers.
PART 10: Promotion to BTC Talk.
Part 11: The marketing network.

PART 1: Facing the press.

In this chapter you will study how to manage and automate the process of communication with journalists, how to get actual publications from present press in short order and free.

The success of any ICO depends on a range of factors, including qualitative supporting materials, the market state, the product uniqueness and efficiency, the working team reputation.
However, even if you achieve everything described above, but the project does not receive publicity, does not form around itself a pool of interested investors, you will not earn any dollar.
One of the most effective ways to get publicity and receive interested community is to post publications about your project in the Internet press and publications posting the materials in the similar area.
It is not about burying bounty publications in free blogs, or in no-name YouTube channels with twisted publications, it is about real journalists and publications. Let us move from the theory to the practice.

We need:
The site of the product with a critical set of components: Whitepaper, a movie, a product prototype.
Anewstip account.
The Zennoposter program.
Email Verifier.

Step 1: Media Kit

Journalists are busy people: more you save their time, higher publication conversion will be. Create a Media-Kit section on a site. It will be the page where there is everything important to write in systematized and arranged order:
1. References to the videos about the project
2. References to the press release of the project
3. Links to HiRes graphics associated with your project (logos, product screenshots, photos, etc.)
4. Links to your social resources (blog, social networks or forums).
5. Link to the company profile if you are an officially registered company. The highest conversion is if the company is American.
6. Link to the updated file with publications about you, if any.

Step 2: Parsing journalists.

You can spend long months of hard work googling profile articles, writing out journalists, finding their contacts, or you can act more rationally.
Purchase a standard or PRO account on Anewstip. Expensive? Let us look at the following rule:

I think you understand me;)
With an account, we start searching by keywords. Search is for journalists who write on topics that match your keywords. We are looking for journalists by the following tags: Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, ICO, crypt, mining, TGE etc. two dozens of tags is enough. It is useless to describe the principle of collecting the data on the resource (it is intuitive): add to the lists and export them, continue until the bases run out. As a result, you will have about 50,000 emails, and about the same number of Twitter accounts. Do not be in a hurry to get rid of them; they will be useful for us in another chapter.
You can get the result for this task in several ways:
1. Manual method (described above).
2. Ask me to send finished database in Telegram. For free.
3. Study the basic skills of working with Zennoposter software, and write an automation template (easier than it seems).

Step 2: Filter the list.

You have a huge list, but it is too early to rejoice, a spoiler for you: trying to send letters to contacts in the list through mailing services will lead to nothing.
How, why? Any self-respecting mailing service would force you to explain and prove the origin of emails. Moreover, even if it did not, the letters would have safely gone into the spam boxes, because any self-respecting journalist has been marked the letters from the services as spam long ago. Even if the letter had not been marked, and has miraculously come into the inbox, it would have been lost against the backdrop of hundreds of other letters received daily by journalists. So how to be? Read further.
First, the resulting database should be filtered, because a large percentage of closed boxes will immediately add your domain to the black list of the mail system.
We use simple Email Verifier software from – local working, minimum functional, nearly worthless.

The result of the program operating will be the removal of about one third of contacts from the database, non-working or lost boxes.
You can get the result for this task in several ways:
1. Way described above.
2. Ask me for already filtered database in Telegram. For free.

Step 3: Writing a pitch.

We have about 30 000 filtered emails. What will we send?
A short, literate pitch masked as an individually written letter. We will discuss the automation itself and its details later, but we have to write the basis of the pitch by hand.
A few tips:
1. The subject of the letter is vitally important. Do not begin writing it with the title of the project (at the stage it is irrelevant); the primary goal is to get journalist's interest. Write the short title of the project at the end of the letter.
2. Begin the subject of the message with the addressee, instead of the name using the * name * tag. At the automation stage, the script will replace the tag with the name of the journalist from the database. Directly greet the journalist in the subject, for instance: Hello * name *! The letter with the subject (the headline that the journalist sees before opening the letter), in which the recipient was addressed by his name, has greater chance of being read by the addressee.
3. After the greeting, describe a brief summary. Put it in a few words. It is better if the topic looks like the finished title for the sensational publication. Do not deceive the journalist. Example: Hello * name *! The world's first portable console for PC games - PGS Hardcore – was announced.
4. The letter should be short. The first paragraph tells about the product in 3-4 sentences. Be sure to refer to the journalist by name one more time. Since we know from the collected database exactly where the journalist is working, use this parameter by putting it in the auto-replace tag. For example: Hello * Name *. Are you still writing about crypt projects for * company *? Perhaps you are interested in the following information.
5. After the first several-sentenced paragraph, insert a small image on a white background, with a logo or basic graphic element describing your product.
6. Describe the product in details in the second and third paragraphs. Twelve sentences are enough. Do not run mad under and praise the product. The journalist himself will estimate its value. Describe the characteristics of the product only.
7. Insert the second image, with the same parameters as the previous one. The image may have something that is the element of your product working capacity.
8. Next, insert the signature.
9. Using the method "Spintax" (google it), we write synonyms to the majority of the words from your letter, including its subject. It is necessary to randomize the contents of your letters for the automation script; each of them should be unique. If you do not complete the step, your domain will be immediately sent to the black list of the mail system.
10. Link only to the site and media-kit. If a journalist needs anything else, he will find it without your help.
11. No HTML forms! A journalist should think that the letter was typed and sent by hand, individually to him.
You can see the result for the task in several ways:
1. Think up the text and the overall structure by yourself, according to the tips described above.
2. Ask me for a full example of a letter in Telegram. For free.

Step 4: Automation of distribution.

To do the distribution automation we need to use an error-free automation system. Firstly a few facts:

1. An attempt to send letters through the mailing services will lead them directly to the spam folder. Do not even check it.
2. A journalist is not a fool, any hint that the letter was not sent personally will reduce the possibility of receiving a response.
3. There is only one way to bring letters to the "incoming" box to the number of journalists, bypassing the blocking and getting into spam box - web form, Google fits best for this.
4. If Google “suspects” automation from your side, it will lock you. Automation should fully simulate human performance, including keyboard and mouse emulation. Each letter is to be individualized – it should be typed by the script "manually" through the web form.
5. The system should send no more than one letter per minute. The total limit of letters from one addresser is two thousands per a day. It is better not to come to this number.
6. As you may have guessed, all mailboxes must come from your domain. Since we will send them through Gmail, we will register in Gsuite and connect domain of your site to the mail service.
7. It is obvious that 30,000 letters from the same box will be sent slowly. We register ~ five electronic boxes. will have a smaller conversion than, for – I remind you - we write individual letters.
Set up redirects of incoming messages from the boxes to your key box.
The only ready-made set-up for such a mailing that you can face on the Internet is our template for Zennoposter in the Legacy version. The programmer who wrote this set-up sells it to his store. However, especially for Bitcointalk users, I am ready to provide an updated version of this software FOR FREE.
The automation template operates with the help of so-called Zennoposter, the base for creating WEB-automation scripts. I recommend studying basic lessons on this system. Even if you are not going to write templates by yourself, it will help to understand its working principle "from within". The program is constructed the following way:

Our template input window looks like this way (also available on EN):

Obviously, it is necessary to prepare a table with recipients, test, references and other data for the automation system. In our case, the line from the table looks like this:

Continuation of the article in the first comment:

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August 16, 2018, 10:56:13 PM

Using the system, we send emails to the recipients. In case if the number of sender's boxes is not more than five, it is not necessary to use a proxy server, the program uses individual identification data for each thread.

You can get the result for this task in following ways:
1. Follow the information described above, study Zennoposter and write software by yourself.
2. Spend a few months sending and customizing emails manually. Most likely, you will go mad in the process.
3. Ask me for a copy of the software in Telegram. For free.

Step 5: Filter the result.

The mailing is complete. If your project is more or less interesting to the audience, publications will start “to ripen”. It can be both small news resources, and giants of the news space. If all of the described above is done correctly, the outcome at this stage depends directly on the quality of your project.
After the end of the mailing, you should filter out the reply letters. The categories of letters are as follows:
1. Automatic response that the box does not exist. We delete them from the table.
2. Automatic response that the recipient has transferred to another company or is on vacation. We write out the new postal address of the recipient in the table.
3. Answers from journalists. As a rule, there are questions to you. We should thank for the reply and respond. We write out the responding journalists in a separate list.

Step 6: Repeat.

Repeat mailings as your project progresses and receives fresh information messages. We try to be honest with journalists. In parallel, the number of publications about you will increase, and at the same time, a community (a base of interested investors) will grow. How effective the method is? On the example of a technological project and a dozen mailings, I can say that the method is extremely effective. The project has about 2000 publications in the global mass media, from small to giant. Such a number is unreachable for any Russian PR company, for any money. However, this is just an example of one of the methods.

We will review and collect the information about the automation of all stages of promotion and development of the project public community in the next part (PART 2: Promotion in VK).

P.s. I apologize for the poor design of the topic, spelling and general stylistics (i was born in Russia). I will correct and concretize it. I will also be grateful for criticism and comments.

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August 20, 2018, 03:06:34 PM


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