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Author Topic: Trump: Obama people spied on rival presidential campaign. Scary stuff  (Read 20 times)
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August 29, 2018, 04:08:19 PM

“The Obama people did something that’s never been done...They spied on a rival presidential campaign. Would it be OK if Trump did it next? I am losing faith that our system is on the level. I’m beginning to think it is rotten & corrupt. Scary stuff Obama did.”

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August 29, 2018, 10:17:50 PM

“The Obama people did something that’s never been done...They spied on a rival presidential campaign. Would it be OK if Trump did it next? I am losing faith that our system is on the level. I’m beginning to think it is rotten & corrupt. Scary stuff Obama did.”

that's their goal... to make everyone lose of hope of being able to restore the republic, to induce weakness, despair... don't fall.

but for that trump will have to swimm in blood... the blood of the domestic and foreign enemies of the usa...

for their sins they must pay with their lives. it's the only cost they understand, the rest they will bail themselves out...

I know, I know... from maralago to what ever penthouse it's hard to see what is really going on... I guess it must be hard to be personally the executioner, as the potus sign and approve, but on the other what else is aviaible? let them destroy and erase the republic? when trump will understand what they seek to replace it with, he will understand that taking their lives is already a gift made to them, as it stop them to sin even more...

if only the soul catchers were ready....

there is no reason to panic or despair... one kill at time. one after the other, and one day the domestic kill list is empty. done... if trump wanted to be a man, he would do the first few himself... like hillary and bill... he goes, he points, he clicks, it's done.

yes... it's a war... now it's high time to start to assume to be potus... and means fucking wiping of the earth the foreign and domestic enemies of the usa... and who is attacking the usa but the domestic ones nowadays? who has taken over so much? the djihadis? please, be serious for once... it's a war, it's not fun, it's not nice, ben carlson doesn't approve who the fuck care of what he thinks, we can't heal those people, there is nothing to do with them but to use them, and now their only value is in death.

I know I would too prefer that all of this is only conspiracy theories, sadly, it's not, it's just reality. it's very common on a global scale... their almost certainly a cycle in those things... hard to break... best success has been to delay... but right now there is an opportunity to test something and it's called systemic killing of the domestic enemies.

exactly. they are right now the most dangerous and the weakest enemies that the usa has ever faced... dangerous because if they succeed, but can they succeed? Some liked the idea that america at war is a shark... the thing is just to focus a few instant the attention and focus of the killing machine toward those domestic enemies... and then it's done. faster than you can clap your hands...

that's it. yes, it takes courage and more important to ASSUME THE OFFICE, against all those shitbags, covards in suits and dress with their fancy ideas and beautiful lies, but giving them a big middle finger, and starting to input SSN to the kill list is the way to move forward. what else is there to do? whine on twitter? please...

just think they were doing it at ivanka... it's just about accepting hate, embrassing it, without getting consumed, making peace with hate... killing with love Smiley. and now it this fresh, simple and focused state of mind, it only become a statistical game, how much hours did it take to get one down? how many dollars were spent? what was the value of the organ harvested? etc... basic stuff, to improve...

maybe trump must learn about web theory... or resaid it's like an iron building... put nanothermites at specific point, and soon you can get a pancake freefall... no need to vertical nuke the shit... it's this aspect to understand, they are soooo few, but well placed and glued by the pedo crimes... that's it. And they are such pussies they don't even wear suicide belt... ahhh i forget it's by deceit and cover... they always are stealthy... but again, look at their footprints... their deeds, their actions, not their words... who cares... acts not wavelength on speakers.

did hillary betrayed the usa? answer : yes. who helps her? list. ok... kill listed, signed, and watch !!! hop it's gone, cleared. eat a cheeseburger or go play bowling... idk.

and denying the role of monsanto in hillary downfall would be stupid... remember it's an AGENDA... with a simple goal : TO END THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... and from the walk in the park they are experiencing right now it's time to transform their operations in suicide mission... no hope, but to be killed by the defenders of the us constitution... so who among the domestic civilian law enforcement agency is failing... individuals again... look... no one... okay. who among the judges is going astray? excellent, the kill list grows... then it shrinks... it's not fun, it's not a choice, it's the enemies.. they are free too... and if they are not stopped thex expand... it's so basic... unless they know that any expansion, means death, that any treason means death... then they think... otherwise they execute.

it just prove at which point the disinformation by the propagandists operative works... remember germany... or you fall in their lies and deceit or you look at facts. is there a fucking cactus there or not? I mean it's binary. I don't ask if in a thousand years there will be one, or if there was one 2 million years ago, just now. is there a cacture there? yes or no. like for hitlary and her gang : did hitlary betrayed her oath to the constitution? yes or no. is it legal to have a private homemade email as secrtary of state? what would happen to 王毅  (Wang Yi) if he did the same? and why never in hell would he do it? it's not because of the reality that will fall on him if he does it... nope... it's what is lost in the usa... 1 started to be corrupted, and nothing happened, and 2 , and 3 and 4 an 10000 and one day they even build a pedo rape island, and still nothing happened (5 months in jail + 8 in house arrests) and it grew even bigger...

and then finally trump arrives, and his "surpirsed"... yeah... there is reason to be. and one point, this corruption and treason has grown so big, it's not so important to ask why, to understand each of the agendas wishing the end of the usa... just starting to farm... the vip of the agenda... one by one... 100's by 100's ... who cares as long as one they lose the initiative, and start to try to hide (the funniest part).

maybe trump should play a little FPS with barron... something clean, like cs... bf being a little bit overwhelming graphically and in term of game play for a beginners... maybe a solo crysis to start to get used to the world... something... it's the mental... hunting game...

but please, I write, because I don't see another path foward, and this path has been proven countless time to be efficient cheap, I agree there is a risk of going to far... but what is the alternative? brushing it all of under the carpet until this carpet move by itself and asphyxiate the usa? then what happen with the WMD stockpiles of the republic? you see... it's very serious. - - - - support assange : 36EEHh9ME3kU7AZ3rUxBCyKR5FhR3RbqVo (nicehash, even cpus) - Mike adams the health ranger - - low iqs take time to understand uncensorable systems... be it to exercise a God given rights like free speech or trade.
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August 30, 2018, 05:58:27 AM

What is happening in the US is really horrible. And the media is happily enhancing the calamitous situation. They readily report allegations now; granting weight to rumors with little or no investigation. And I think this is really really wrong. The US is setting itself up for suicide. The situation that is on ground now is that any smart person knows that it is foolish to believe any party at this point. Everyone throws allegations around these days. Today, it's about the Russian collusion. Tomorrow, it's about campaign espionage. Which are we really to believe? Is there nothing like investigative journalism anymore or it's just anything that feeds the belly now? They just want to keep us all distracted from the real issues!
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