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Author Topic: CEU Servers - crypto currencies are now accepted  (Read 490 times)
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March 03, 2014, 08:15:24 AM

CEU Servers – hosting services provider, offering dedicated servers and collocation with un-metered connectivity up to 10Gbps. Now accepting crypto currencies as a form of payment.
Please visit You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to see our services and pricing.  Wink Wink

Following crypto currencies are now accepted:
42Coin,  AlphaCoin,  AmericanCoin,  AnonCoin,  Argentum,  AsicCoin,  BattleCoin,  BBQCoin,  Betacoin,  BitBar,  BitCoin,  BitGem,  BottleCaps,  ByteCoin,  CashCoin,  CasinoCoin,  CatCoin,  CHNCoin,  CopperBars,  CopperLark,  Cosmoscoin,  CraftCoin,  CryptoBuck,  CryptogenicBullion,  DevCoin,  Diamond,  DigitalCoin,  Dogecoin,  Doubloons,  EarthCoin,  ElaCoin,  ElephantCoin,  eMark,  Emerald,  EZCoin,  FastCoin,  FeatherCoin,  FedoraCoin,  FireflyCoin,  FlorinCoin,  Franko,  FreiCoin,  Galaxycoin,  GameCoin,  Globalcoin,  GoldCoin,  GrandCoin,  HoboNickels,  HyperCoin,  InfiniteCoin,  IXCoin,  JouleCoin,  JunkCoin,  KittehCoin,  KrugerCoin,  LeafCoin,  LiteCoin,  LottoCoin,  Lucky7Coin,  LuckyCoin,  MasterCoin,  MegaCoin,  MemeCoin,  MinCoin,  MoonCoin,  NameCoin,  NanoToken,  NeoCoin,  Netcoin,  NoirBits,  NovaCoin,  OpenSourceCoin,  Orbitcoin,  PayCoin,  Peercoin,  Pennies,  PhilosopherStone,  PhoenixCoin,  PrimeCoin,  ProtoShares,  Quark,  RedCoin,  RonPaulCoin,  RoyalCoin,  SecureCoin,  SexCoin,  Spots,  StableCoin,  StarCoin,  TagCoin,  TekCoin,  TerraCoin,  Tickets,  TigerCoin,  Unobtanium,  VertCoin,  WorldCoin,  XenCoin,  YBCoin,  ZetaCoin
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