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Author Topic: 1000 year bonds  (Read 470 times)
usagi (OP)
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March 03, 2014, 01:27:43 PM

Hai guys. I want to make you a special offer which is totally serious.

For a while I have been scheeming on how to leverage my landlocked assets into crypto and I have finally come up with something.

Here is how it works. I will take ANY loan for ANY amount of bitcoins you care to offer me.

1. Collateral
Collateral will be in the form of real estate or direct ownership of investments in real estate leveraged 1 to 10 on a 3rd party evaluation, meaning if I have a $500,000 property I will use it to back $50,000 of loan debt. "Direct ownership" means that there's no bs going on like I take out a mortgage and then double-obligate the property to backing a loan -- the collateral will all be wholly owned and paid for by myself. I do not mind signing a legal obligation to turn over assets to you should I fail to live up to the terms of this loan. Please have your lawyer draft a document. I will post any such agreement here for all to see.

2. Repayment
The trouble is that no one wants to make a long-term fiat denominated loan in bitcoins because of the exchange rate. But no one wants to take a loan denominated in bitcoins because of the exchange rate. So to make things simple, you will be repaid in bitcoins unless the value of bitcoins should increase by greater than 100% of the price the loan was made at. At that point, any further increase in price will be ignored. I think that's reasonable and I am open to other ideas. Other than that, you will receive a guaranteed perpetual rate of 6% interest per year paid as 0.5% per month. Any ADDITIONAL payment over and above that is a) completely optional and at my discretion, b)  will be a payment towards the principal amount owed (and would therefore lower future interest payments).

It's really simple, if you have a lot of bitcoins and you want to invest into real estate, this is your call to arms. Remember, I have no problem signing an agreement for the collateral (we could agree to arbitration for example or use "real lawyers").

p.s. if you haven't figured out the "long and short" of this deal, i'll make it simple: you are paying for part of my house and I am paying you RENT in return, or to be more specific, lease-to-own.
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