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September 24, 2018, 02:43:35 AM *
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Author Topic: ixxo  (Read 26 times)
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September 06, 2018, 06:59:32 AM
 #1 : Making Decentralization to users.
A Practical Business Blockchain
Ixxo solves the issues of speed, storage cost, KYC and private data addressing on Ethereum.
We provide a proof of authority blockchain based on some legally constrained nodes, operated by bailiffs.

Understanding IXXO:
As technology evolves, business ecosystems matures in a discontinuous way, with some phases of acceleration innovation and economical rupture. Initially, business ecosystems were vertically integrated, focused on optimizing profit, while defending their accesses to scare resources. The latest of a five phases cycle is a general purpose technology platform, empowering decentralized autonomous organizations, with strong “purpose orientation”. This means the companies offering are about new life experiences, crafted through continual innovation. This last phase of economical shifts of ecosystems structures is what is referred as “ business decentralization”.

IXXO is covering all business decentralization needs in a single blockchain infrastructure.

For the past 3 years IXXO team has been trying to answer the business needs for decentralizing existing processes. Decentralization comes with the ability to adapt to market changes in a faster and more trustworthy way.

The current market offering towards business decentralization exhibits height unsolved issues IXXO considers blocking user’ acceptance. There are societal costs with huge energy waste for the planet, huge data storage costs with accessibility and privacy issues, overall blockchain security and usability issues, and some difficulty for new applications to see their tokens listed on markets.

Today, most of the blockchain efforts are focused on reducing blockchain transaction costs and duration, a technological race overseeing the full scope of usability requirements.

Where does the ixxo name come from ?
It means Input Output (IO) double exchange (two-side marketplace). The X is the symbol of crossing. In the IXXO logo we find the orange diamond, which represents private data (valuable, hot data) preserved and protected by the exchange mechanisms.

What languages and tools are you using ?
[size=10t]We are using GOLANG and AngularJS for the front end. Our cloud stack is based on Kubernetes.
We are heavy users of docker and are working on fixing security issues (removing ourselves as "central guru admin") on our public network.[/size]

Is IXXO a Blockchain ?
IXXO is a public Blockchain operated by trusted nodes (with some strong state-level legal enforcement). The nodes risk severe penalties (economical, penal, reputation) for wrong doing. The IXXO blockchain is a fored Ethereum with an altered and simplified consensus (for businesses, we apply the KISS: Keep It Simple ... principle).
IXXO is integrated with the dAppBox to prevent features such as smart contract functions on private data and data unlocking based on smart contract conditions.

Where is at the moment?
Headquarters are located in the France

Follow us on :

website: Link
Twitter: Link
GitHub: Link
Facebook: Link
Blog: Link
Reddit: Link
LinkedIn: Link

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September 06, 2018, 01:01:35 PM

Who are the trusted parties and what penalty mechanisms are already in place to keep them from messing up?
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September 06, 2018, 01:44:27 PM

Great project and see good explanation you have given for the project title. Hope you may do you better in creating the proper announcement thread on the Altcoin announcement section. It will be give more answers about your project and some may give the idea for updation as well.

If you expect anyone to work on your bounty promotion please pm me I would be able to help you on that buddy.
Thanks for considering my message.

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