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Author Topic: Setting up a mining facility, need some help and suggestions  (Read 127 times)
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October 23, 2018, 02:48:10 PM


I would be thankful for any ideas or suggestios to the following:

We're setting up a mining facility for approximately 200 Antminer S9 miners.

We would like to ask people with experience in minging - how much space would be needed for such a setup as well as the needed coolling systems and accomodations. So the questions are:

- Approximate security maintenance costs.
- Electricity cost approximation (in the country we are operatiing it's $0.03-0.04 kW).
- Formula to determine electricity consumption.
- Gadgets needed like electricity measurements, cables, hardware.
- What’s the best material to use and how to implement it.
- Electricity voltage optimal for the rigs.
- Organising the airflow.
- How many people would be needed to maintain it as well as how much m/2 per machine.
- How many AC or fan systems and which capacity. Do you have recommended ones?
- Ideal size of storage.
- Do you keep a specific amount of spare parts and replacements?
- Any recommendations of pools to be used or to create our own.

Any other details regarding additional hardware or softare needed for the facility as well as any other recommendations would be highly appreatiated.

Thank you in advance!
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October 24, 2018, 03:34:46 PM
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So you're building out a 250k plus operation and you want people just to toss info at you. All of these questions are simple and easy to find by a normal person let alone a 250k operation. I can understand asking a question here or there but you're asking for a darn business plan.
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October 24, 2018, 04:21:12 PM
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It would cost approx. $6k-$8k in electric/month for mining equipment alone as 200 S9 units is approx. 280k watts.
E(kWh) = P(W) × t(hr) / 1000

(280,000 * 720 (24hrs * 30 days)) / 1000 = 201,600 kWH

201,600 * .03 = $6,048
201,600 * .04 = $8,064
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October 24, 2018, 04:45:30 PM
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I can't speak to everything on your list; as I'm a small scale miner.

One detail people may need to know is are you planning on building a new facility or modifying an existing building?

Here is a thread to give you a decent jumping in point regarding mining.  First time/Small miner reference for getting started.

That topic will go over the basics and give you insight into how you can estimate your power consumption. Also consider following the link to competitive hardware.

Security - This will depend on the country you are operating in as well as the location urban or rural. Personally a secure facility with the minimum amount of doors and no main level windows would be best. You can then get a monitoring system for security that notifies the local police in case of alarm. These are handy, but false alarms do become burdensome. The thing is your facility is more at risk of being mistaken for something else with an easier to  move stolen goods.

Tools - Again I'm not to sure but generally you will be responsible for your own transformer(s) and electrical infrastructure. You will need/want racks obviously to position the miners and PSU's. I would assume you will also be investing in PDU's; at the level your talking you may want smart PDU'S they cost a substantial amount more but offer features you may find useful for switching and power consumption monitoring.

Airflow -Look up Hot/Cold aisle. This will have your miners with a wall essentially running down the middle. Ambient intake air on the miner intake side and the hot exhaust coming out the other. This is also how you will handle the cooling using intake fans for the cold aisle, and exhaust fans to discharge the hot aisle. Do not use AC it will kill your profits.

Not sure what you mean about storage. In regards to spare parts, you will want to have spare PSU's and PDU's on hand. that way you are set for a quick swap if one craps out. If you use Avalons then I sould suggest a spare Pi or 2 (controllers for up to 20 machines). I would also hold onto any machines that do go down as there may be some interchangeable parts you can salvage - Fans, Hash boards, Control boards, Cables.

Good luck, maybe someone with more experience in the larger centers can give you some specific ideas for sizing fans.

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