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November 16, 2018, 10:30:02 AM
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Our Official Cryptocurrency is called The Elevation Token (EVT).

Our online portal is called THE ELEVATION PLATFORM.

To build a business that serves the public and creates an ecosystem that meets the needs of the masses, through several integrated services.


To improve the pattern and procedures of shopping, advertising, training and currency exchange in a modern digital world. We are committed to creating a standard for business transactions online and offline.

The big problem right now is that very many projects have no value because there is no use case to back them up. Many project developers only code/build their coins/tokens, not the actual project. When ICO is done, investors keep waiting and waiting and they also keep getting empty promises with no real work to add value to the project.

Also, most crypto developers have made cryptocurrency look like a pseudo-online-joke, run by various puppeteers. Everything starts and ends online; developers are either anonymous or hidden or they are locked up in their closet – no shows, no seminars, no real public events to create awareness at all; the project starts and ends on their website alone.

This unfair drama reveals that there are some greedy scammers behind the scene, with the intention of accumulating thousands of Dollars, Bitcoins and Ethereum into their pockets, but their project has no real world evidence; it doesn’t present real products and cannot interest or attract the masses.

The Elevation Platform is aimed at correcting these anomalies.
We are here to put things right and run the game the way it ought to be.


The Elevation Platform, as well as SUPER ELEVATION INTEGRATED VENTURES is committed to Four (4) basic services, which include:

(1) Online and Local Shopping
(2) Cryptocurrency Training
(3) Business Advertising
(4) Currency Exchange

1. Online and Local Shopping:

You can shop in our online store and all our local stores worldwide. This is so exciting. You can now buy real goods directly in an online or local store with cryptocurrency. There are lots of online stores, but very few accept cryptocurrency, and the ones that do often give some hard conditions before you can purchase anything. That has changed now, The Elevation Platform is about to launch one of the biggest online stores ever, this store will also extend to several local stores in major towns and cities of the world, even if you don’t want to shop online, you can walk into any of our stores and buy real goods with cryptocurrency. Wow!! This is good news indeed.

Wait! That’s not all.

2. Cryptocurrency Academy

The Elevation Platform is about to setup a world standard Cryptocurrency Academy. There is no doubt that many people are still ignorant about cryptocurrency, the Academy will teach people a lot of things about cryptocurrency investments, ICO, Airdrop, coin analyzing, crypto and forex trading. People can now learn how to invest in real profitable projects and how to trade currencies and make money every day. Is this not wonderful? Sure! It is.

Wait! Two more to go..

3. Currency Exchange:

The Elevation Platform team is also planning to setup a mini exchange. This exchange will be the main channel for exchanging various cryptocurrencies and fiat (raw cash). Sadly, there are many cryptocurrencies that are only stuck and dead in their wallets, they can’t be converted to other currencies or withdrawn directly as raw cash, The Elevation Platform is doing something very different and great. You can exchange Elevation Tokens to Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can even withdraw as raw cash and it will be sent straight to your bank account. This is very good, it’s a special platform. It’s amazing that this is happening in such a time like this, when most people have lost hope in cryptocurrency, they will be reassured again.

Don’t go yet, that’s not all..

4. Business Advertising

Another interesting aspect of the Elevation Platform is that it shall integrate business advertisement online. Yes! The Elevation team will setup several business advertising slots.
Do you know why?
Imagine a platform where people can shop, learn and exchange currencies, such a website will be very busy. Traffic will be generated from several thousands and millions of people worldwide. The Elevation team will maximize such enormous traffic strength to advertise several other businesses and products from third party partners across the world.

Wow! This platform is such a super online empire with several interesting services, all in one!


Token Name: Elevation Token
Token Ticker: EVT
Token Type: ERC20
Circulating Supply: Unknown until after Airdrops and ICO distribution
Max Supply: 500,000,000
Wallet: All ERC20 compliant Wallets
Token Contract Verification:
Token Contract Address: 0x5aaa2182459377b6ca18b10712f9f602140764af
Token Decimal: 8


What will Elevation Tokens be used for?

In Cryptocurrency, the use-case of a coin is paramount to its exposure and acceptance. When a coin has a valuable use-case, it will be very easy to attain mass adoption and general acceptability.

We are delighted to inform you that our Elevation Token has a lot of use-cases, they include:

1. Payment for Goods/Services: When our project launches fully, Elevation Tokens (EVTs) will become very valuable. The EVTs will be used to shop in our online and local stores worldwide, buyers will be required to place orders using the EVTs, while sellers will accept EVTs as payment for goods and/or services rendered.

2. Subscription for Advertisements: Businesses and organizations will be required to purchase some EVTs for placing adverts on our platform. We shall structure out each advert slots with certain required number EVTs.

3. Payment For Training: The Elevation Token (EVT) will be the only payment processor for our cryptocurrency training. All new students will be required to pay tutorial fees with EVTs. We will also integrate the EVT payment platform on the Cryptocurrency Academy portal

This info won’t be complete without telling you how to get your own Elevation Tokens and become part of this amazing platform.

Right now, the Elevation ICO is on and EVT is just $0.1 per token.
Now, here’s the good news, because of our numerous products and services, The Elevation Platform already has an official price for EVT, the price is $0.5. This is very good to hear. That means everyone who buys EVT now is making a 5X profit return on investment without stress. Wow!
Buy at $0.1, sell at $0.5, very amazing opportunity.

Here’s another nice thing..

When you register now and create an Elevation account, you will get free 50EVT (~$25) by completing a few tasks. You can also buy more EVT to boost your account. Right now, 1EVT is $0.1 only, it’s still very cheap.

Also, you can join our bounty campaign and be doing simple tasks daily to accumulate free EVT for yourself.

Register an Elevation Account now:

Join Official Telegram Group:

Join Elevation Bounty Group:

Don’t Miss This!

*Please spread the good news about The Elevation Platform..*
*Something Big is coming*
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