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November 27, 2018, 08:08:39 AM


Nosturis Technology & Business Platform is the cutting edge blockchain development which makes it easy for various businesses to trade their different products and services by issuing tokens against such assets. This provides a one stop shop service for all new comers who want to key into the huge opportunities provided by blockchain technology.  This platform will enable projects with business ideas to easily sell their products and services by issuing fractional tokens against such and trading this against myriads of other crypto assets. Consider this platform as the versatile avenue for tokenizing businesses of all sorts, across all industries, goods and services: supermarkets issuing loyalty points, gym time share points, spas reward points, office space sharing time points, fashion brands membership points, telecoms companies gift vouchers , gas stations friendship points etc. Considering the foregoing, the platform will similarly serve as a crowdfunding place, to enable small and large enterprises to raise funding for their business ventures. It is intended that these individuals and businesses will be able to raise the funds they need from reliable investors in the global marketplace using a due diligence process that will be built into platform. Hence, customers and all users are prequalified for security through a KYC process, and all are provided with a platform to tokenize various products and services. People can easily trade loyalty points or any other tokenized assets which traditionally are too large for people with small capital to subscribe. Individuals can trade issued token by any business for products and services on the Nosturis Technology& Business Platform. Tokens are intended to be liquid and easily exchangeable with hundreds of merchants and service providers alike. As a modern business platform, this Nosturis Technology& Business Platform App will be supported by round the clock customer assistance for all aspect of the utilization of this service. This covers all services required to facilitate your business in generating your own tokens, from handling all technical aspects, maintaining security, providing free publication and marketing, to assisting you on the listing of your tokens on our exchange, and on other exchanges which will help publicize your tokens on their trading platforms and get you exposed to the investors you need. For people interested in trading, major cryptocurrencies and new promising tokens will be tradable on the on the Nosturis Platform App.

The NOSTURIS TOKEN, NSTR Token is the native token of the Nosturis Platform providing utility as a digital asset or token that is built as the fuel powering the NOSTURIS PLATFORM. It serves as the gas energizing all transactions and this has been created to support a better, fairer and more reliant crowdfunding platform that can be used by anyone around the world. With the NTSR Token, small businesses can compete on a global scale and fundraise to support their businesses through the issuance of their own tokens. Anyone can become investors to support the projects in which they are interested. Additionally, it is also intended that large companies, merchants, and startups can trade their loyalty points alike on the NOSTURIS Platform in the form of their own tokens. It is intended that NTSR Tokens are tradable assets and also as a means of payments which will make payments easier, faster, and frictionless in an emerging new economy. NOSTURIS PLATFORM will offer small merchants, entrepreneurs, and young people with big ideas, an opportunity to translate their ideas into worthwhile business ventures.  NOSTURIS will carefully select participants, analyze their proposition and the future prospects of such businesses. As people with limited knowledge have had difficulty distinguishing between companies that are truly valuable, NOSTURIS will build a platform that is truly secure. The NOSTURIS PLATFORM was born from the desire to combat fraud, and prevent scams and unreliable organizations from trading with and taking advantage of legitimate companies. Nosturis goal is not just to become a global token platform for crowd funding purposes, but to become the biggest platform for tokenization. With the NOSTURIS PLATFORM, participants will be able to make investments and trade, business will be able to get funding, and a variety of products and services can be tokenized and become interchangeable across borders. NOSTURIS Platform was built to create a crypto-ecosystem that solely relies on blockchain technology, the secure and highly effective peer-to-peer distributed ledger system.


According to contemporary research, a large proportion of the world is underbank, which makes it such a big market for the Nosturis Platform to support various businesses. More than 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution via a mobile phone, or other device. This is beginning to change. In the last 5 years, 700 million adults became first time account holders, and the unbanked population fell by 20%, down from  3.5  billion according to  the  World  Bank's Global Financial Inclusion database and based on information from more than 140 countries. Even with such improvement, 2 billion adults across the globe remain unbanked. From the above, there is an immense opportunity for tokenization. As a utility token, the NSTR Token offers several features that can be applied in various sectors, such as:

 Proposal for Tokenization from Anyone in the world can be submited to explain more about their projects. With the NSTR Token and the Nosturis platform, this can be done within minutes. Individuals, groups, merchants and companies that wish to fundraise can create their own tokens very easily with the help of Nosturis. In future, it is intended that these tokens may be traded with other cryptocurrencies, and be applied as a payment method—if there are merchants that are willing to accept them. Alternatively, these tokens may be exchanged with products and services from the issuer. To proceed, a proposal should include the details of the tokens that is intended to be generated before they can be listed on the Nosturis Platform (following issuance). Submitting a proposal requires a specific amount of NSTR Tokens to be paid. Proposals that are paid and sent to the NOSTURIS Platform will be carefully audited by our business team before being published for public sale — provided that the proposal is proven to be legitimate. The NOSTURIS team will provide full support and facilities needed by the applicants during the process of issuing their tokens. With NOSTURIS, applicants will not have to worry about technical aspects on implementing tokens. Every process will be guided by our team. Within a week of proposal approval, it is possible that your tokens could be generated and traded in on the NOSTURIS Platform. Creating your own tokens and going through a token sale can be a long, exhausting process. Here at NOSTURIS, the process of generating tokens is intended to be fast, easy, and error free. We handle all the technical aspects from the beginning until the end. You will not have to generate your own wallet or worry about cold storage, and the smart contract codes created for you are to the best of our knowledge safe and secure. By using the NOSTURIS Platform, you can automatically generate your own tokens using the Ethereum blockchain. Nosturis will undertake a detailed process of evaluation of the projevt before accepting to take it on. For instance, What makes your token better than others? Why should people support your project? Most importantly, why should investors spend their money to buy your tokens? You will have to let us have the answers to these questions in detail if you expect people to invest. With us, you will not have to create your own website. The website creation process is easy for big companies, but for startups and small businesses, money is needed for hiring web developers, paying site domain, hosting, security, auditing and regular maintenance; the amount of funding need can easily drain your available resources. With NOSTURIS, we have will have pre-set profile page catered to you to run token sales. This page can be filled and edited by users to promote their tokens, and also shows the NOSTURIS rating of the proposal you submitted. You will receive your own profile page that is accessible with a subdomain from NOSTURIS. For example, your site could be named and located at “” and your token sale could be up and running in minutes. You can even attach your white paper for public consumption — as you would be able to on your own, personal website. Every token sale project will be announced through email and mobile notifications to all users on a daily or weekly basis depends on the individual subscriber preference. All projects will be listed on our website and social media to ensure maximum audience exposure. Primary Market (Tokens sale): Fundraisers will not have have to worry about searching for potential investors to invest in your tokens. You will not even have to educate people on how to buy your tokens! You might have heard how hard it is to buy a token; when processes are overly complicated; new users can easily get confused. A more straightforward, streamlined process allows investors to install an Ethereum Wallet and properly make a transfer to smart contracts. Simply installing a wallet and making transfers can allow most users to participate, but can also increase risk, particularly for those who are not crypto savvy or who are inexperienced. With the help of NOSTURIS,

MOSTURIS Platform will combat the challenges of undertaking a token sale so that more people, even those with minimal technical skills, will be able to participate in a token sale. Some of the most common issues people deal with when they are trying to generate their own tokens and undertaking a token sale include:
• Legality: Regulations, in most countries, are not yet clear regarding the sale of digital coins and/or cryptographic tokens. Though the fact is still debatable, undertaking a token sale can contain huge risks in the future. Legal support in this regard, especially from the relevant government(s), is costly, tiring, and time-consuming. Large and financially endowed entrepreneurs may be unable to pursue a variety of legal options, but small companies are not likely to stand a chance.
• Technology: Generating your own tokens for a token sale is a complex process and learning the technology involved could be a barrier to entry. The process is simply but not intuitive, and is not as easy as learning simple programmes. It is highly technical, very new, and there are not many programmers out there that have the expertise to take up such work; hence hiring skilled workers could be a challenge.
• Security: Because of the potential vulnerabilities, hackers have been known to exploit and attack token sale projects, especially those that are not securely guarded. Less experienced programmers are the easiest targets, their risk is even higher if they do not implement cold storage protocols.
• Marketing: Most new entrepreneurs do not have strong business connections or well established networks. Advertising and marketing may be a substantial drain of their financial resources.

• Exchange Listing: If you are getting positive reviews from news websites, being covered by the press and financial or crypto-media, and/or have a large fan base, the path to listing on an exchange is clear. For those who are just starting out, getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges is a challenge. If you’re just getting started, it may take your best efforts just to remain in the competition and set up the minimum business networks you’ll need to eventually be listed. The road to getting listed in an exchange, particularly one with only a few customers, will be long and painful for a startup or new group without solid connections.
• Sustainability: In our opinion, if a token sale project has many investors, its tokens will likely be in demand. If a token sale project has few investors but the support of a substantial community, its tokens will likely survive for a few months. However, token sale projects that have only 1-2 investors, and the support of a small community, its tokens are not likely to be in demand or even known.

Designed for token issuers but flexible and accessible for all, the Nosturis Platform provides the best solution for investors looking for new tokens to invest. You might think it is easy to participate in a token sale, but risky challenges lie ahead for naive investors.
• Lack of Standardized Information: To invest, we need to know what kind of project we’re going to deal with and accurate, concise, clear information is vital for price discovery as well to understand the investment risk involved. The Nosturis Platform will provide a new, easy-to understand platform for a potential investor to learn everything he needs to know about a particular token sale in which he is interested. Such information directly is intended to be directly provided by token issuers.
• Perception of Risk: In some cases, white papers can be misleading and may not contain details of the risk involved. Investors are reliant on white papers to fully understand a token or token sale project. Such papers however often reveal only the positive parts of the project, and gloss over the negative aspects or risks involved. When a paper is misleading, investors can easily be convinced to invest in things they do not truly understand. As with any new technological development, there is a significant risk of asset bubbles as investors overlook crucial details of a project in the search for yield. Balancing this with appropriate data and transparency will be crucial going forward, Nosturis uses built-in proprietary methods to ensure all information provided is accurate and no significant information is omitted. We provide transparency for investors and are clear about the positive and negative aspects of a token, making it easier for them to make fair decisions when deciding to invest.
• Potential Market Manipulation: Investors are often reliant on alternative sources of information – such as discussion forums – which are open to potential market manipulation. Nosturis is intended to address this by only publishing accurate, factual, and clear information.

• Access to Secondary Markets: Secondary markets are another vital tool for price discovery. Some tokens are issued with limited ‘lock-up’ periods where they cannot be exchanged on a secondary market and others are not. This is confusing for investors and the transferability of tokens needs to be addressed. In NOSTURIS, we provide direct platforms where tokens can be traded directly to major cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, and WAVES) that are familiar and easy enough for investors to deal with.
Secondary Market (Trading Platform)  As you move through the Nosturis process and your primary market stage is completed, your project will be upgraded automatically to the secondary market stage. Tokens are intended to be available for sale on the Nosturis Platform. This exchange is live and open for business 24/7, all year long. Users wish to collect specific tokens will be able to purchase them with NTSR Tokens. This will continue until the volume trading for such tokens reaches a certain threshold; if the threshold is exceeded, new trading platforms will be launched with new trading pairs consist of major cryptocurrencies, for example: TOKEN - BTC and TOKEN - ETH. Friendly, Easy-to-Use Mobile Application NTSR is also intending to come up with a mobile application for both Android and iOS users which will be available for on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The mobile application will make it easier for a user to keep track of new tokens that are being listed on NTSR, and allow you to trade tokens online. You will be required to login after you install the application on your device, using the same login combination you use in NTSR. The process is simple but highly secure. Users have to option of setting up 6-digit pin number (or TouchID for iPhone users) afterwards to speed up your login process. With a user-friendly interface, you can trade anytime and anywhere you want only with a few quick taps and swipes.

BOUNTY PROGRAM Additionally, NOSTURIS also has a bounty program that is open publicly in order to promote our community and token sale. Users who apply for this program will receive NTSR tokens for free in exchange of their effort in running our campaigns, such as: Twitter Campaign, Written Contest, and Bitcoin Talk Signature Campaign.

QUARTER 4 2018 and QUARTER 1 OF 2019 • Nosturis will launch ERC20 Tokens named “NTRS” using the  Ethereum blockchain.
                                                                              *Implementation of bounty and referral programs.   
                                                                              *Appointment of project ambassadors across globally.
QUARTER 2 OF 2019 • NTRS will be listed on major exchanges, to be traded against various other cryptos.
                                      • Nosturis  will launch creating token services for public. People will be able to issue their own ERC20 tokens using the help of Nosturis, all the way from the technical aspects to marketing.
                                     • Primary market for these ERC20 tokens will be available during this quarter.
QUARTER 3 OF 2019 • Nosturis will begin to accept clients that want to do token sales using Noturis’ platform.
QUARTER 4 OF 2019 • Continuos marketing of the Nosturis platform

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments are growing at an incredible rate, and we believe this will be the way we pay for goods and services in the future. There are many ways to grow your business in the cryptocurrency world, and one of the most popular examples is by participating in a token sale. To make it as easy as possible for all consumers, we at Nosturis, aim to offer our users a one-stop token sale solution that facilitates the generation of customized tokens, and to provide new opportunities to investors and traders to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Blockchain and the token sale system have grown to become a new standalone ecosystem that is completely separated from the traditional economic system that depends on fiat currency. With this innovative new platform, we plan to build a new economic system that is more equitable. With token sales, a wide range of individuals will have the opportunity to nurture their businesses, get requisite funding from trusted investors, and receive payments in cryptocurrency. We aim to help small entrepreneurs obtain funding through token sales without interference from other parties so as to promote small business growth and create a level playing field.
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