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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICO] Ambr - World's first DAG-based smart contract platform  (Read 86 times)
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December 06, 2018, 08:55:36 AM
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Ambr – Provides efficient and reliable solutions for DApp operations



Ambr is an architecture based on the DAG technology and the Casper protocol, and dedicated to providing a reliable operating environment for decentralized applications. Like an operating system on a computer, multiple programs can interact with each other or run on their own.

Technologically, Ambr has five highlights: multiple simultaneous account chains, as well as countless verification chains to complete Casper consensus and fee distribution; AVM virtual machines are designed to address DAG and smart contract consensus problem; the hierarchical consensus algorithm solves the problem by separating the transaction writing and confirmation using an algorithm, to ensure the high performance and scalability of the system; the Ambr chain protocol is designed to have unlimited transaction processing capability, with the introduction of the observer role to punish the malicious and ensure the interests of both parties in high-frequency transactions; Ambr also uses relay chain technology, which combines the scalability and Cosmos-compatibility of future blocks.

1.Ambr Team and Mission

1.1 Team

1.1.1 On the starting line, capital is critical for the young founder

In the field of blockchain, those born in the 1990s occupied half of the industry, and Jia Chao (Charles), born in 1995, is one of them. Charles had started to set up a campus forum while in high school, and at the age of 18, he was already in contact with Bitcoin. He devoted himself to the blockchain industry, delved into various computer technologies and trained himself to become a blockchain guru through hard work.

Over the past 5 years, the now 23-year-old Charles has participated in several projects, including the Dubai Future Blockchain Accelerator Project where he brought many benefits to the Dubai government. Throughout the 5 years in the industry, he also made a lot of friends in the circle, and is considered to be an elder in the blockchain circle. After accumulating a lot of experience, Charles determined that he wants to be a part of the future blockchain technology. So, in mid-August 2017, he refused the offer of the blockchain chief architect from 51 credit cards and started the Ambr project.

1.1.2 Gathering resources, the project requires lots of technical support

Ambr is a public chain and requires a lot of developers in the team to implement countless code. Until now, after multiple recruiting sessions, the team consists of talented members with more than ten years of development experience as Huawei and Dickson engineers. Plus, the winners of the fifth China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award will help develop the startup. In addition, there are senior developers from famous universities such as the University of Waterloo, Penn State University, and Zhejiang University.

1.2 Mission

"We hope to achieve fast transmission of data while ensuring the security of these transmissions in the context of decentralization" - Ambr has been moving in the direction of high speed, security, and privacy.
Ambr expects to have an important place in the future of the public chain. Information flow has become a non-negligible part of individuals, businesses, and institutions. Allowing information to spread out in a safer form at a faster rate requires more in-depth exploration.

2. Main Innovations

2.1 Problem Overview

The internet, since its inception, has brought many benefits to every aspect of life, solving communication problems. The main problem blockchain aims to solve is the issue of trust using decentralization. Through the development of blockchain technology in recent years, it is easy to see that important centralization problems have not been solved well, and security is lacking. It is still difficult for people to trade without trusted intermediaries.

In the current public chain market, most of the platforms have insufficient performance, resulting in the slow development of DAPP. Moreover, developers are not motivated enough and the technical community is underdeveloped. This situation needs to be changed.

2.2 DAG+Casper+Cross-Chain

Compared with traditional blockchain projects, the use of DAG technology can bring greater throughput, because each address has its own account chain. Adding accounts in parallel does not affect performance, and after reviewing, using the Casper consensus, the fees will be distributed. This approach allows Ambr to combine powerful data processing capabilities with an absolute system security. The Ambr virtual machine is compatible with some of the features of EVM and is based on the ETH smart contract but made more efficient and practical. The issue of consistency between DAG and smart contracts has also been addressed. The Ambr account chain and the relay chain model are in perfect harmony, enabling Ambr to perform secure and fast transactions with other currencies. This cross-chain technology enables cross-chain transfers as well as multi-currency transfers in the chain.

2.3 Intra-chain Trading + Off-chain Trading

Ambr adds observers to the off-chain protocol. When establishing a channel, parties can choose an observer, at a small cost, to represent them when they are not online. Observer can guarantee the proof on the chain to ensure the interests of the party they represent. At the same time, to ensure the honesty of the channel users, if someone is determined to be malicious, said person will lose margins in all channels.

3. Applications

3.1 Instant Messaging

Ambr can create instant chat rooms based using its high data transmission throughput and high security performance. Ambr aims to build instant messaging applications based on smart contracts and will run on the Ambr public chain.

3.2 Instant Payment

In-game purchases sometimes have a series of problems caused by "time difference", that Ambr is designed to solve. The advantages of paying through Ambr are: (1) transparent transaction process: a permanent public record that cannot be tampered with and will not disappear; (2) high concurrency: able to ensure the entry and purchase of goods in a timely fashion. The program will eliminate a series of issues caused by time differences.

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