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Author Topic: Check out my experience with trusted sellers from "kboomracks" Robert and James  (Read 161 times)
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August 03, 2019, 12:06:40 PM

Hi all.
wanted to share my experience dealing with «kaboomrack» Robert and James.

Keboomrack Telegram channel was offered to me by a friend from USA.
Several offers were posted there that interested me, from a location that was suitable for me, also these offers were posted by kaboomracks account here on bitcointalk:
so I contacted Robert about them - 3000 S9 and 727 L3+ miners from Romania. After he passed my contact to his companion and we continued clearing the deal options with another person called James.
I was offered to pay via upfront wire payment without checking the gears functionality and some super warranty policy that was suppose to take care of all risks of buying gear without check. But from my experience all used gear need to be double-checked and often much more bigger time loss to deal with warranty polices and returns then to do it preventive. Also there was no trust credit or anyone to share positive or negative experience dealing with kaboomrack so I asked for possibility to check the miners locally and pay cash on pick up or via bitcointalk escrow Ognasty. So to see the presence of equipment I was offered to pass a specific procedure something like KYC procedure with a VERY long questionary and also it was needed to pass an ID of the person who will do the check because of the strict security policy on the site. As for payment options there was decline on cash payment locally but I was offered to make a prepayment/deposit via as to prove my serious intends.

We got stuck at some specific point that I never thought could be a week chain part. My friend from Romania that was suppose to check gear locally sent from his mobile phone number to James his personal email so he can send him questionary for NDA procedure he needed to pass to see the miners. Its good that my friend delayed sending his passport copy because several hours after he sent him his email there was login password attack on about 20+ different accounts of my friend staring from that specified email address, well known exchanges bonded with it, up to twitter, Facebook etc.

Most of the account were locked due to unsuccessful multiple login attempts but it took quite a lot of time to recover access to all of them again.

This situation happened in June but I didn’t want to post any info because my friend was still recovering his access to different accounts.

At this point no losses or harm was made by this situation except the time needed to recover the access to accounts, but there is no willingness to continue experimenting dealing with kabomracks or Robert.

After I contacted Robert about this situation his answer was that is is odd and they are using malware soft with James so the leek is not on their side. I asked him to make investigation of this situation, but he never returned to me with anything else. Only James contacted me again if I want to continue making this deal Undecided

To tell the truth - I didn’t believe a word of their, bcs my friend didn’t gave his email to nobody else for a very long time, and this «coincidence» simulation looked really week.

My only advice would be - Be always double careful no matter how respectful any seller may look like (Facebook and Linked accounts etc.)and take care of yourself keeping your mobile phone number, passport, the email that is bounded with your accounts and wallets safe, and out of reach of some «trusted sellers» because you’ll never know what’s on their mind.
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August 14, 2019, 03:13:41 PM

Hi there,

This Robert from Kaboomracks.

Backstory: I was making a deal to sell miners in Romania to this Customer.

The customer sent us his email address by text. Later the customer said he experienced a number of unsucessful login attempts on multiple accounts associated with that email address including Facebook and Twitter, and said that he suspected that we were the hackers.

I don't think there is any way I could prove to the community that I was not the person who attempted to hack you (aside from trying to trace down the actual person who tried to hack you, and I don't have the information that would be needed to do that).

What I can say though is that I am in the business of selling miners and that I have the miners in Romania that I was going to sell to this customer and can demonstrate that.

This customer is suggesting that my attempted trade to sell him these miners was not actually for the purpose of selling these miners but was for the purpose of tricking him into giving me his email address, so I could then conduct a low probablity attempt to guess his password across multiple sites like Facebook and Twitter and Crypto Exchanges.

I don't think that makes any sense at all to be honest. Lots of people out there could have your email and could have tried to hack you.

Anyway, please let me know if there is some way I can help you or investigate this further.


Robert Van Kirk
Kaboomracks Founder

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August 14, 2019, 04:13:02 PM
Last edit: August 14, 2019, 04:23:53 PM by GreenCrush

Hi There,

This is James and I was helping Kaboom Racks facilitate the deal between the Romanian seller and buyer.   Robert told me about the message on BitcoinTalk and I wanted to respond as well to clarify things.  

First off, I apologize that your email account was compromised shortly after sending your email address via telegram / whatsapp.    An email is part of the KYC verification that we go through to ensure that the buyer is legitimate and an email address is required so that we can send you contracts to sign off on the purchase of the equipment.    As a member of the crypto community since 2014, I have had my personal accounts compromised in the past and it is not a fun experience to resolve.   In the past, my sim card has been switched on me and I have had phishing scams sent to my email and mobile number.   In response, I run malware security on my devices to help prevent these types of things from happening.  I think that being part of the crypto community and building a professional service in the crypto space is part of the risk that we all take when we are working on an emerging asset class.   Immediately after you announce to the world that you are helping build the crypto space, a target is put on your back for these types of malicious attacks.   There are definitely bad actors in the space and I assure that you that I am one of the good guys.  I am happy to share testimonials from a lot of my customers that share this same perspective.  

Secondly, I was interested in helping facilitate the transaction so that all the parties were comfortable with the transaction.   During the process of facilitating a transaction, the seller requested that all people showing up to their facility had proper identification.    The reason for identification is that there is a high crime rate in Romania and the location of mining farm is private to prevent theft of valuable hardware.   We have security guards present for every pickup and delivery, as well as checking bags for all people who visit the mining farm.   This is standard practice for mining farms because of the value of the hardware in the warehouse.   I know you would want the same level of due diligence before someone visited your mining farm.   And to be clear, the transaction was never completed after the KYC process started.   No hardware was sold to the buyer because they were not comfortable moving forward with the purchase.  

Lastly, Kaboom Racks is a trusted reseller of equipment and I have seen Robert go above and beyond to ensure that the equipment arrives as promised.  If the equipment does not work properly or if there is missing hardware, then I have seen Robert dip into his cash reserves to make the situation right.   Reputation is everything in this space and I have seen Robert work tirelessly to ensure a smooth transaction and deliver as promised.    Regarding my reputation, I have an investment banking background at Goldman Sachs where I worked for 7 years.   After I discovered Bitcoin, I left the traditional banking world to help create a non traditional banking world with Bitcoin.    Through my journey, I have worked on various mining projects which gives me a unique skillset to help farmers with their hardware transactions.  Like Robert, we share the mantra that the customer is always right.   We have shared the risk on transactions in the past and always do our best to ensure that the customer is happy.

I am sorry that we couldn't complete a transaction and you could not buy the hardware you requested.   I am open to starting over with you and completing the transaction so that you are comfortable obtaining the hardware you require.   I am happy to share more information with you about myself so that you are comfortable with dealing with me in the future.  


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August 23, 2019, 12:08:27 PM

Kaboomracks and Robert are legit. I’ve only had good buying/selling experiences with them.

I specialize in business development for ASIC mining hardware manufacturing companies:
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