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Author Topic: Analysis - Is there a relationship between our Custom Trust List and Merit?  (Read 108 times)
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February 24, 2019, 06:05:36 PM
Merited by suchmoon (10), LoyceV (2), theyoungmillionaire (2), bones261 (1), Pmalek (1)

1.   Introduction

Regardless of the fact that on the DT1 voting process does not consider the Merit one sends to the Custom Trust List, they are likely not dissociable. My idea here was to see just how much a relationship there was between the composition of our Custom Trust Lists, and the merits we receive or send from out Custom Trust List forum members.

Conceptually, it would not strike me as odd that some of the people we place on our Custom Trust Lists were also people who had sent or received merit from us merits. After all, trusting someone, in the broad sense of the term, may have a correlation to how we interact with them on the forum, and Merit is one of those possible measures of interaction.


-Trust data as of 23/02/2019, Merit data as of 22/02/2019.

- I've only taken into account positive trust relationships, discarding for this exercise the distrust relationships. Therefore, there are 3.861 considered Custom Trust Networks with 25.845 positive trust relationships.

2.   All Custom Trust Networks - Percentage of Merit received from our Custom Trust Network

What I have done here is, for each Custom Trust Network, determine what percentage of our earned merit is originated from members pertaining to our Custom Trust Network.
I’ve done this in first instance considering all existing Personal Trust Networks, in order to get a general idea, but since many Custom Network owners are inactive (old Custom Networks), I’ve subsequently filtered by 2018 and onwards active Custom Network owner, 2019 active Custom Network owner, and eventually … DT1 Custom Network Owners.

All Trust Networks                                          2018 Active onwards                     2019 Active onwards                     DT1
PMeritsTrustNetwork nTrustNetworks %                        nTrustNetworks %                        nTrustNetworks %                        nTrustNetworks %                       
0%                  3358           86,97%                   2248           81,72%                   610            58,15%                   1              01,85%                   
( 0% ..  20%)       145            03,76%                   145            05,27%                   133            12,68%                   16             29,63%                   
[20% ..  40%)       108            02,80%                   108            03,93%                   100            09,53%                   16             29,63%                   
[40% ..  60%)       85             02,20%                   85             03,09%                   78             07,44%                   14             25,93%                   
[60% ..  80%)       60             01,55%                   60             02,18%                   56             05,34%                   5              09,26%                   
[80% .. 100%)       33             00,85%                   33             01,20%                   27             02,57%                   2              03,70%                   
100%                72             01,86%                   72             02,62%                   45             04,29%                   0              00,00%                   

Total               3861           100,00%                  2751           100,00%                  1049           100,00%                  54             100,00%                 
PMeritsTrustNetwork:  Percentage of earned merit received by the Custom Trust Network owner, from people within his Custom Trust Network.
nTrustNetworks:          Number of Custom Trust Networks.
%:                                Percentage of Custom Trust Networks with a given range of PMeritsTrustNetwork.

What we can see above is that:

a)   The overall picture shows that 86,97%  of all Custom Trust Networks owners have not received any merits from their Custom Trust Network. This is true, but a kind of ‘fake news’ in a sense, since many of those networks were constituted prior to the Merit System, and more often than not involve people who are no longer active.

If we look at the same row for column 2018 onwards active Custom Trust Network owners, the figure is still pretty high (81,72%), but taking it to 2019 active Custom Trust Network owners reduces the figure to 58,15%. That is still a rather high figure of people who include others in their network who have never merited the Custom Network Owner.

DT1 is obviously not independent from Merits. The voting algorithm has them as a centre piece, so it is no real surprise that only one Custom Trust Network (1,85%) has not received any Merit from it’s components.

b)   If we aggregate the amount of Custom Networks where the Custom Trust Network owner has received 60% or above of his Merit from people belonging to his own Custom Trust List, then the overall figure is 4,27%. For those Custom Trust Network owners active from 2018 onwards, the percentage is of 6,00%, and moves on to 12,20% for those that are active during 2019. The figure is of 12,96% from DT1 Custom Trust List owners.

c)   The in between area, [20..60%) of Merit received from people belonging to our own Custom Trust Lists, is 5,00% overall, 7,02% for those Custom Trust Network owners active from 2018 onwards, 16,97% for those active during 2019 and 55,56% for those that belong to DT1.

3.   All Custom Trust Networks - Percentage of Merit sent to our Custom Trust Network

Likewise, the same exercise considering the amount of Merit we have sent to each of the same groups (columns):

All Trust Networks                                          2018 Active onwards                     2019 Active onwards                     DT1
PMeritsToTrustNetwork nTrustNetworks %                        nTrustNetworks %                        nTrustNetworks %                        nTrustNetworks %                       
0                   3365           87,15%                   2255           81,97%                   604            57,58%                   1              01,85%                   
( 0% ..  20%)       179            04,64%                   179            06,51%                   171            16,30%                   23             42,59%                   
[20% ..  40%)       129            03,34%                   129            04,69%                   122            11,63%                   18             33,33%                   
[40% ..  60%)       66             01,71%                   66             02,40%                   62             05,91%                   8              14,81%                   
[60% ..  80%)       36             00,93%                   36             01,31%                   32             03,05%                   3              05,56%                   
[80% .. 100%)       20             00,52%                   20             00,73%                   16             01,53%                   1              01,85%                   
1                   66             01,71%                   66             02,40%                   42             04,00%                   0              00,00%                   

Total               3861           100,00%                  2751           100,00%                  1049           100,00%                  54             100,00%                 

4.   Summary for each Custom Trust Network

All the data can be viewed here:

As an example, these are my ratios that can be found on the above spreadsheet:

isDT1: no   
nTrusts: 10   
nREceivedTotalMerits: 1796   
nReceivedMeritsFromTrustNetwork: 587   
PMeritsFromTrustNetwork: 32,68%   
nTotalSentMerits: 1247   
nSentMeritsToTrustNetwork: 180   
PMeritsToTrustNetwork: 14,43%

So it turns out I have received 32,68% of my merits from people that belong to my Custom Trust Network, and sent to them 14,43% of the total amount of Merits I have sent, being my positive trust list made by 10 forum members (see Personal Trust Network).

As I expected, there is some obvious correlation between Custom Trust Network composition and the merits we receive/send to them. The figure varies largely from person to person, and is higher if we focus on DT1 components.

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February 24, 2019, 06:36:53 PM

Thanks for another great analysis! It took me a while to let it all sink in.

My percentages are quite low: 21.07% and 10.49%, but my trust list is quite short: I've only added 18 users so far:
Trust list for: LoyceV (1951 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP) (created 2019-02-23_Sat_05.10h)
Back to index

LoyceV Trusts:
1. dooglus (125 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
2. gmaxwell (995 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
3. Vod (987 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
4. SaltySpitoon (487 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
5. mprep (294 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
6. philipma1957 (544 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
7. Cyrus (100 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
8. guitarplinker (0 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
9. NLNico (201 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
10. Blazed (93 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
11. hilariousandco (441 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
12. cryptodevil (95 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
13. suchmoon (1628 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
14. actmyname (413 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
15. The Pharmacist (1469 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
16. DarkStar_ (606 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
17. marlboroza (663 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
18. coinlocket$ (679 Merit earned) (Trust feedback) (Trust list) (BPIP)
If I'd have to guess by heart who on this list I've merited a lot, that's Vod, hilarious (at his alt), suchmoon, actmyname, The Pharmacist, DarkStar_ and marlborozo. BPIP shows that hilarious, actmyname and marlborozo don't make it to the Top 10. It's interesting to see how it doesn't fit my expectations.
I'd also be very interested to see the same data, but on users who trust me instead of on users I trust.

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February 24, 2019, 07:05:57 PM
Last edit: February 25, 2019, 08:43:04 AM by DdmrDdmr

<…> I'd also be very interested to see the same data, but on users who trust me instead of on users I trust.
I thought of doing that too, but didn’t want to overcomplicate it (It’s not trivial to grasp as it is). Nevertheless, I will probably do the reversal as you suggest at some point this week, and create a second tab on the google spreadsheet.

EDIT: @LoyceV, Done: Added Tab called "Who trusts me" with the ratios from the viewpoint of those that trust me rather than those who I trust. In your case, you have 95 people that trust you, so the ratios are rather high.

The detail of your specific data, for those you trust, is as follows:

Received from Custom Trust Network:
name                          name                          nMerits
actmyname                     LoyceV                        15
coinlocket$                   LoyceV                        7
DarkStar_                     LoyceV                        23
hilariousandco                LoyceV                        9
marlboroza                    LoyceV                        6
mprep                         LoyceV                        33
SaltySpitoon                  LoyceV                        2
suchmoon                      LoyceV                        234
The Pharmacist                LoyceV                        6
Vod                           LoyceV                        76
Total                                                       411

Sent to Custom Trust Network:
name                          name                          nMerits
LoyceV                        actmyname                     21
LoyceV                        Blazed                        1
LoyceV                        coinlocket$                   7
LoyceV                        cryptodevil                   1
LoyceV                        Cyrus                         2
LoyceV                        DarkStar_                     28
LoyceV                        gmaxwell                      14
LoyceV                        hilariousandco                7
LoyceV                        marlboroza                    22
LoyceV                        mprep                         5
LoyceV                        NLNico                        2
LoyceV                        philipma1957                  4
LoyceV                        SaltySpitoon                  17
LoyceV                        suchmoon                      77
LoyceV                        The Pharmacist                38
LoyceV                        Vod                           35
Total                                                       281

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