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Author Topic: [NEW PATCH]Bitcointalk forum Simulator  (Read 182 times)
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April 01, 2019, 12:52:23 PM
Last edit: April 03, 2019, 07:46:18 AM by Crypto-DesignService
Merited by Cyrus (5), Halab (3), xhomerx10 (1), franckuestein (1)

In continuation to this thread and from the post I made. I decided to create this for entertainment purposes. HAPPY 2019 APRIL FOOLS!

Bitcointalk forum Simulator

[World] has 5 maps Bitcoin, Economy, Alternate Cryptocurrencies, Other and Local. Each map has their own respective towns and small towns.

[Mythical Creatures]

[Legendary Creatures]

[Epic Creatures]
gmaxwell - Keeper of Development & Technical Discussion and Mining towns.
achow101 - Keeper of Development & Technical Discussion and Bitcoin Technical Support towns.
frodocooper - Keeper of Mining town.
-ck - Keeper of Mining town.
Flying Hellfish - Keeper of Politics & Society town.
MiningBuddy - Keeper of Beginners & Help town.
Welsh - Keeper of Announcements and Marketplace towns inside Alternate cryptocurrencies town.
OmegaStarScream - Keeper of العربية (Arabic) town.
dbshck - Keeper of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) town.
sapta - Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) town.
franckuestein - Keeper of Español (Spanish) town.
Barcode_ - Keeper of 中文 (Chinese) town.
mitzie - Keeper of Eλληνικά (Greek) town.
Meni Rosenfeld - Keeper of עברית (Hebrew) town.
HostFat - Keeper of Italiano (Italian) town.
Anon11073 - Keeper of 日本語 (Japanese) town.
Dabs - Keeper of Pilipinas town.
malevolent - Keeper of Polski town.
Adriano - Keeper of Português (Portuguese) town.
xandry - Keeper of Pyccкий (Russian) town.
Xal0lex - Keeper of Pyccкий (Russian) town.
EFS - Keeper of Türkçe (Turkish) town.

[Maps & Towns]
BITCOIN MAP - A land for Bitcoin enthusiast.
Bitcoin Discussion
First town created by satoshi, characters travel here if they need to know something general about history and nature of Bitcointalk world.
Development & Technical Discussion
Characters here are mostly professional about how the Bitcointalk world behave, they share ideas on how to improve one of the most valuable element satoshi ever created for the characters... Bitcoin.
Characters who loves Bitcoin and want to naturally collect it travels here. Characters who do this are usually called miners.
Bitcoin Technical Support
If in case there are anomalies about the element core of Bitcoin, this is the town they usually go.
Project Development
A town where programs, projects, events and advertisements about Bitcoin usually takes place.

ECONOMY MAP - A land that mainly focus on selling, trading and discussions about Bitcoin.
Town where some enthusiasts discuss about the possible value of Bitcoin in the future, long before it is great to visit the town since every discussion backups with statistics but today it is more of sharing opinions without factual foundation resulting to a nonsensical arguments.
Characters who wants to earn Bitcoin buy providing certain services goes to this town. There are small towns specifically for different services offered.
Trading Discussion
Characters who wants to share and hear some of successful traders about Bitcoin usually go to this town. There are two small towns here which is Scam accusation and Reputation.
Characters go to Scam accusation if they want to appeal that someone didn't paid them.
Reputation, a mess.. big messy place, it is more political than Politics & Society town. One of the most popular character in the town is Lauda.

OTHER MAP - A land that mainly focuses on selling, trading and discussions about Bitcoin.
Programs, plans and ideas that helps the world. This is the land of merits... a land for reputable and popular characters around the Bitcointalk world. One popular character around this town is LoyceV.
It also said that this is where theymos usually land and announce something that improves the Bitcointalk world.
Meta is also called as 'give me second chance' map where characters who are thrown outside Bitcointalk world appeal for a second chance to live again on the world.
Politics & Society
A town where characters discuss about opinions, perspective and ideas on different sides of the world.  One of the most popular in the town known for his ' Cool' signature, BADecker.
Beginners & Help
Town where newly-created characters should visit, it is a tutorial place for people who just started and wants to learning some basics. One of the most popular in the town is Jet Cash
Town where characters talk about their daily life that does not concern the world.
Serious discussion
Town for characters that seriously wants to engage with discussions that deeply argues with points. Only characters who achieve to obtain Jr. Member world title can enter.
There is also a small town called Ivory Tower where even more serious discussion takes place, only characters with Full Member world title can enter the place.
A wasteland place where characters dump their waste. It has different small towns mainly use to sort different waste.

ALTERNATE CRYPTOCURRENCY - Land rich of different elements, it is said that this elements is created with the core element that is found in Bitcoin. This is also the biggest map around the world.
LOCAL MAP - Local map is a home for specific type of characters.

[Bitcointalk Items]
Bitcoin BTC
a precious element on Bitcointalk world.
an item that chosen characters give to ordinary characters if they did well around. It is said that it gives you a +Honor in your stats and if you have more of these it will directly increase your world title.

[Legendary Items]
Bitcointalk pencil
[+100 Intelligence]
[+50 Wisdom]
Increases quality post.
30% chance to attract merit sources on topics you created.
Passive: 5 users automatically engages with your topics.
Bitcointalk badge
[+200 Power]
[+50 Resistance]
[+75 Luck]
Gives you access to restricted Forum boards.
Gives you the power to ban 3 users you hate for 24hours.(refreshes every week)
Increases success rate of Ban appeal by 80%.
Passive: Instantly gives you Hero Member rank.
Bitcointalk condom
[+300 Strength]
[+200 Endurance]
[+100 Attraction]
Gives you +20 new different sex positions.
Able to achieve 15 rounds.
0% chance of impregnating someone.
Attracts 1 person within 20 meters range.
Passive: Increases dick size by 5 inches.
Bitcointalk mug
[+500 Intelligence]
[+500 Creativity]
[+300 Imagination]
[+300 Perseverance]
[+100 Consciousness]
Every 5 sips give you an answer to every question you have.
Increases state of being awake by 48h when used as a container for Coffee.
Refreshes body and mind when used as a container for Orange Juice.
Passive: Immune to negative trust feedback.
Bitcointalk T-shirt
[+1000 Awesomeness]
[+1000 Strength]
[+750 Anonymity]
[+750 Durability]
[+500 Attraction]
[+500 Deception]
[+300 Sex Appeal]
[Epic Skill]Thanos Snap - Once used you can delete 2 specific boards around the forum.(Can only be used once)
Automatically receive 200 merits for every topics you created.
Able to deceive people that you are the real Satoshi for 24hours.
Lowered chance of getting your real identity identified by 90%.
Passive: Able to use Satoshi account as read-only and make it appear as active.(Cannot create topic/post nor change profile information)

Patch 1.0
1. Added graphics for Mythical and Legendary creatures.
2. New creature added [Mythical] sirius.
3. Fix some grammar errors.
Upcoming patch:
-New graphics for items and [Legendary] items.
-New graphics for [Epic] creatures.

I only managed to give general detail for Epic creatures. I am willing to add more info if you can provide a story line that you want to have for yourself.

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April 02, 2019, 10:59:39 AM

When you truly are addicted in an RPG game usually think that the world is like an RPG. This is the evidence that the OP has different world. For sure if given a chance to make OP as an admin just for one year then this forum will be loaded with RPG themes. I can think of it more on Fantasy the gods and goddesses probably or legend creatures like DOTA2. LOL. Just joking Peace!

Well, what OP has states where actually true and sometimes it make sense to respect admin after emphasizing on the capabilities that they can do to every user especially every complain they handle. But, they are more professional on handling things so well to thank for that.

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April 03, 2019, 07:19:36 AM
Last edit: April 03, 2019, 07:46:36 AM by Crypto-DesignService

Patch 1.0
1. Added graphics for Mythical and Legendary creatures.
2. New creature added [Mythical] sirius.
3. Fix some grammar errors.

Upcoming patch:
-New graphics for items and [Legendary] items.
-New graphics for [Epic] creatures.

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