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Author Topic: SynchroBit Hybrid Digital Assets Trading Platform  (Read 119 times)
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June 13, 2019, 10:39:31 PM

SynchroBit Hybrid Digital Assets Trading Platform

Digital assets trading is a fast-growing trend in the global financial market. A digital assets trading platform is an online platform which enables the users to trade various kinds of tradable assets and funds, including cryptocurrencies, futures, options, stocks, currencies, etc.

With an overview to the existing major trading platforms, someone can observe a wide range of problems from the user’s point of view including (but not limited to);

•   Lack of adequate security for keeping valuable digital assets & funds
•   Lack of integrated fund management features
•   Lack of transparency in policies and strategies
•   Lack of socialization tools and solutions
•   Lack of diversity in trading techniques and tools
•   Market manipulation
•   Front running by the exchanges
•   Slippage in data
•   Lack of adequate user support and services
•   Inadequate liquidity
•   Lack of innovative trading solutions

SynchroBit™ is designed by an international group of experts from various sectors including digital assets trading, blockchain, programming, cyber security, digital marketing, financial services, and investment advisors to provide the users with innovative solutions and tools to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs.

SynchroBit™ aims to minimize the conventional boundaries and provide its users with a comprehensive platform for trading various kinds of digital assets in various trading ways including binary options, futures, options, and smart contracts.

SynchroBit™ is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading platform on which users are dealing with each other anonymously.  Due to its P2P nature, users play the key role in the liquidity of the assets. However, SynchroBit™ will also provide the adequate liquidity for trading of assets and funds in partnership with global liquidity providers.

SynchroBit™ is a hybrid trading platform which benefits from the both technological features of centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX). Due to its innovative technology and features, users will experience leading-edge security, integrity, and functionality on SynchroBit™.

SynchroBit™ aims to minimize the trading fees by introducing its own native monetary system via its token, SynchroBit Coin (SNB) token, by which the trading fees will be zero.

SynchroBit™ is more than a digital assets trading platform and provides a wide range of innovative solutions and value added services to its valuable users including advanced analytics, virtual trading, social trading, and many more.

SynchroBit™ is incredibly fast and its speed will be enhanced and improved through the next upcoming versions as well. Basically, SynchroBit™ can handle 1,000,000 TXP which means every TX will take place only in 40 Nano Seconds (40 billionth of a second) on SynchroBit™.

SynchroBit™ APIs enable 3rd party developers to develop new applications and solutions to create new platforms and services. The core technology of SynchroBit™ synchronizes the integration of various trading solutions via hyper secure connections.

On this whitepaper, you’ll discover the diversified aspects and features of SynchroBit™ which make it a different and innovative digital assets trading platform for meeting the future requirements of both new comers and professional traders.

Diversity and Simplicity
SynchroBit™ aims to provide its valuable users with diversified range of features, options, tools, and solutions while keeping its simplicity of use and functionality. This is and always will be the essence of SynchroBit™ as a trading platform.

SynchroBit™ initial version comes with innovative features for trading cryptocurrency assets with fiat and cryptocurrencies. While the keeping the core technology more advanced and secure, SynchroBit™ will continue add new trading features and markets to provide its users with diversified assets and markets.

Working with SynchroBit™ will be quite simple for both new comers and professional traders and our support team will be always available to our customers in 24 hours, 7 days a week via phone, live chat, email, video conference, social media, and advanced CRM system.

Enhanced User Engagement
Since SYNCHRONIUM® manifesto indicates it’s a global enterprise of the people, by the people, and for the people, SynchroBit™ is also the same. We have open doors to our users via our platform and welcome their participation in making SynchroBit™ faster, smarter, and better than ever.

User engagement on SynchroBit™ is a principle strategy to enhance the functionality and the popularity of the trading platform to everyone. SynchroBit™ provides its valuable users with a wide range of communicational and socializing tools including public and private chatrooms, trading groups, forums, tournaments, loyalty programs, and public summits to make SynchroBit™ a platform for smart trading.

Integrated Customer Support and Services
In fact, integrated customer support and services (ICSS) is a neglected on most of existing trading platforms. SynchroBit™ team believes that ICSS is one of our key competitive advantages in the market due to our superior ICSS policy and procedures.

There will be various membership plans available to our valuable users ranging from basic to platinum which provides them with a wide range of services ranging from advanced analytics, market insights, account management, etc.

SynchroBit™ users will experience the customer intimacy like on one else. Our customers will be arranged so that they will have their own account managers who solves their problem and helps them to improve their performances on SynchroBit™.

We are committed to obey the international laws and regulation on Anti-Money Laundry (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) to prevent any potential abuse of our platform for outlaw behavior or activity. However, due to our responsibility to our valuable users, their information and data will be always considered as classified information with the Confidentiality Rank of C4 (the highest confidentiality rank at SYNCHRONIUM® which mean such information only can be provided to courts and law enforcement organization through the legal procedures).

Using SYNCHRONIUM® innovative AI technology, the SynchroBrain™ (a.k.a. Mira) will keep SynchroBit™ a safer place for digital assets trading. Mira is responsible to use monitor all platforms of SYNCHRONIUM® to ensure the seamless functionality, users security, and their pleasant customer experience. The smart diagnostics provided by SynchroBrain™ technology, will help the support and maintenance team of SynchroBit™ to solve the major problems on the platform quickly, without any delay in trading and users’ experience.

A well-trained team of customer support agents, working under supervision of well-experienced customer support managers will provide SynchroBit™ users with 24 hours, 7 days a week support to asking their questions, solving their problems, and providing them with useful information. SynchroBit™ Customer Service Center is a decentralized and globally distributed network with agents speaking English, Russia, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, and French languages.

Although SynchroBit™ user interface is in English language, however, we’ll provide our platform in the other languages for our users which are mostly used by them. At this phase, since we are analyzing the most used languages by our future costumers and adding new languages will be accomplished gradually in the next versions on SynchroBit™. It’s important to note that by releasing SynchroBit™ Version 1.0, all major languages used by SynchroBit™ users will be available.

Training is a vital part of successful and professional trading and, as a result, SynchroBit™ Academy will provide our valuable users with training contents in form of video, podcasts, articles, and other useful instruments to keep them up-to-date with digital assets trading and decision-making knowledge.

SynchroBit™ Academy will be supported by world-class trainers in technical analysis, price action, fundamental analysis, and digital assets trading.

SynchroBit™ users will enjoy their advanced dashboard while using the platform to analysis their performance, suggestions for training, fundamental news feed, and many more.

Smart trading features on SynchroBit™ enable the users to set their trading strategies and monitor their performances whenever and wherever!

SynchroBit Features

SynchroBit™ is a P2P digital assets trading platform by using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. It provides the users with diversified features that are simple to use and deliver the seamless customer experience and performance.

Based on the Versionology of SynchroBit™, these features will be added to SynchroBit™ step-by-step to:
•   Analysis the customer experience and adjusting the features based on the customers’ feedbacks
•   Enhance the integrity of the features with the customer service and support
•   Improve the security of every feature
•   Customizing the modules based on users’ experiences and implement them in best fitting manner with users’ requirements and
•   Provide the required infrastructures and funds for developing the various versions of SynchroBit™.

Most of the funds raised during the ICO will be invested in;
•   Customer experience and service management
•   Liquidity and
•   Developing and implementing of new features in the upcoming versions.

SynchroBit™ covers a wide range of features, however, in this whitepaper, we are focused on the main features that will be developed, implemented, and delivered to our valuable users from Version 0x to Version 1.0.

There will be additional features that will be added and implemented on the next versions after Version 1.0 which will be described in their own whitepapers that will be released on the due time.

SynchroBit™ Security Features
Security is one of the major concerns for both new comers and professional traders while trading on any digital assets trading platform. Hacker attacks, system malfunctioning, long maintenance time, and decreasing performance of the trading platforms, are among the major headaches that everyone may experience.

Recent hacker attacks on some of digital assets and cryptocurrency trading platforms in 2017 and 2018, have risen the security concerns more than ever. Recent reports by websites like indicates that 2018 was the most profitable year for hackers of cryptocurrency assets. Blockchain security firm CipherTrace recently reported that $731 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen from crypto exchanges during the first half of 2018. (source: CNN link Another report by CipherTrace also goes further and estimates the about $1 billion worth cryptocurrency has been stolen in 2018 which makes 2018 a tragic year for cryptocurrency holders and traders (

At SynchroBit™ we believe that no platform can claim 100% safety and security against cyber-attacks. Hackers will find new ways to penetrate and provoke the security measures. This is their art!

We believe that “security is not a project, but is a process.” The main reason of vulnerability of trading platforms is not their codes or their infrastructures! There is no doubt that they use the best systems, develop more secure codes, and employ top cyber security advisors and staff for ensuring the security of their platforms. However, as mentioned before, hackers will find their own ways to provoke the security measures.

But what is the solution?
As mentioned earlier, we at SynchroBit™ consider the security as a process which means that we should be well-equipped with advanced cyber-security infrastructures and technologies, and, more important, we should involve the users in improving and maximizing the security of our platform which means the security of their assets and funds! We’ll train our users to improve the security of their accounts and provide them with the available tools and solutions to maximize their security. From our point of view, it can solve 50% of the problem if our valuable users keep the security measures for their accounts and information.

Another 50% of the solution comes from our innovations, procedures, infrastructures, security policies, and technologies we use to enhance the security of the platform progressively.

To make our platform more secure and reliable, we have tried to decentralize everything we can! From users’ funds and information to the order processing and transactions, SynchroBit™ uses the most possible decentralized and distributed methodologies to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks.

All cryptocurrency assets on SynchroBit™ can be stored by the users on the recommended Cold-Wallets, including Trezor. SynchroBit™ is fully integrated with Trezor Cold-Wallet and there is no need for keeping the cryptocurrency assets on SynchroBit™ by the users.

However, for the users that have no access to Cold-Wallets like Trezor, we have adopted another innovation to develop our Asymmetrically Synchronized Wallets (ASW) on SynchroBit™ which use multilayered technology to keep them temper-proof. This security measure is enabled by SYNCHRONIUM™ blockchain based consensus, Proof of Synchronization (PoSync™) which is an asymmetry consensus and enables the keeping of assets and conducting the transactions on various public blockchain networks. Due to its asymmetry, it’s hard to trace the transactions, and somehow, it’s hard to hack the wallets since they are not hosted on SynchroBit™ but on the asymmetry network.

SynchroBit™ doesn’t keep the private keys of the wallets and the credentials are kept on various blockchain networks. Therefore, if at any condition SynchroBit™ face with Cyber-Security attacks, users’ funds are safe and out of hacker access. In addition, it means that while users are trading on SynchroBit™, their crypto assets are safe in a cold-wallet layer which is fully controlled by the users, and not SynchroBit™.

This technology is available from the first version of SynchroBit™ for BTC, ETH, ERC-20 Tokens, XLM, and XRP.

We have developed a unique mixture of both CEX and DEX security features to enhance SynchroBit™ security.

To enhance the user account security, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) feature is available on SynchroBit™. Users can activate 2FA feature with both SMS and authenticator apps, including Google Authenticator. 2FA measure will be used for login, password change, any kind of withdrawals, and account closing on SynchroBit™.

For account and password recovery, we have adopted an intensive procedure which may include the direct call from SynchroBit™ support center to ensure the security issues.

Upon registration of a given user on SynchroBit™, user should complete her profile by providing SynchroBit™ with necessary information about:
•   Contact number for emergency calls
•   Security measure for withdrawals (including the approval call from SynchroBit™ support team)
•   Account recovery measures (including the approval call from SynchroBit™ support team)

While providing the live support, user authentication measures will be conducted by the support team and there will be intensive security measures for any suspicious changes on users’ accounts. Our support team will contact the user immediately if they observe any unauthorized use of account.

Our support team will be 24/7 available to consult with our valuable users for the security measure of their accounts and the related issues.

SynchroBit™ Wallets

SynchroBit™ users can enjoy the most diversified wallet features provided on any trading platform ever! As a P2P digital assets trading platform, SynchroBit™ has implemented all required wallets for the users.

Cold Wallet
Every SynchroBit™ user can easily integrate her cold-wallet with our platform. currently, we have cooperated with Trezor, which is one of the most popular and secure cold-wallet providers in the market. While trading, user just need to connect her Trezor cold-wallet and enable its integration with SynchroBit™, safely transfer their funds for trading and/or withdraw their crypto funds safely and directly to her old wallet!

In next version, we’ll integrate other cold-wallets including Ledger and Meta Mask for more convenience of our valuable users.

Crypto Wallets
Unlike the other trading platforms, every user on SynchroBit™ will benefit advanced and highly secure crypto wallets. In addition to the features stated before, these wallets have additional features, including

•   It’s hack-proof since they are hosted in an asymmetry of nodes hosted on various blockchain networks
•   Decentralized
•   Multiple crypto addresses
•   QR-code integration

The crypto wallets are available for various coins including BTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, ZEC, LTC, and XRP.

Meanwhile, all ETH based tokens are supported by SynchroBit™ Crypto Wallets.

The maximum withdrawal limit from SynchroBit™ wallets for the users who have not passed their KYC is 5 BTC (or its equivalent value to other cryptocurrencies) in every 24 hours.

Crypto Addresses
In addition to crypto wallets, users can generate unlimited number of crypto addresses for their crypto wallets which are fully integrated. Every 24 hours, a user can generate a new crypto address for her BTC, BCH, ZEC, and LTC wallets while keeping and using the older crypto addresses.

This feature increase the security of the wallets and the assets of the users, as well.

Fiat Wallet
Fiat wallets are one of the great features of SynchroBit™. This feature is only available for the users who successfully passed their KYC/AML process by the support team. There is no limit for depositing fiat funds on the fiat wallets, however, withdrawals require the banking procedures and clearance for large amounts depending on EU and USA banking regulations for transferring of funds.

Users can deposit their fiat funds via following procedures:
•   Depositing with PayPal (follows the terms and conditions of the service provider)
•   Depositing with Web Money (follows the terms and conditions of the service provider)
•   Depositing from Banking Account (follows the terms and conditions of the user’s bank)
•   Depositing with TransferWise (follows the terms and conditions of TransferWise)
Any deposit and withdrawals from the fiat wallets requires the conformation of SynchroBit™ for ensuring the security measures of user funds.

Depositing on fiat wallets has zero fees, however, withdrawals may include charges and fees, depending on the bank, currency, regulations, and limits.

SynchroBit™ fiat deposits and withdrawals are available in US$ and Euro, however, in the next versions, depositing more fiat currencies including Turkish Lira, GBP, AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, Rubble, JPY, and GEL.

Diversified Markets

Markets on SynchroBit™
SynchroBit™ is a progressive P2P digital assets trading platform with diversified markets that provide the users with a wide range of opportunities to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs with trading on various markets with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

SynchroBit™ markets benefit from high liquidity and diversity of listed assets which makes it unique. Every new version of SynchroBit™ will come with new trading markets and various assets will be listed in the markets to increase the diversity of trading and profitability.

This diversified architecture of trading markets has a wide range of advantages to SynchroBit™ users, including;
•   Increasing the liquidity of the assets
•   Diversified options for profitability and higher ROIs
•   Using cryptocurrency assets for trading other tradeable funds and assets
•   Increasing the flexibility of the users for shifting from one market to the other markets during the uncertainty in a given market

SynchroBit™ major trading markets are (but not limited to) as following;

Cryptocurrency Market Module
SynchroBit™ provides one of the most diversified cryptocurrency markets with a wide range of trading pairs. Users can easily trade all listed cryptocurrency assets on SynchroBit™ with both fiat and their cryptocurrency deposits.

SynchroBit™ cryptocurrency markets will be improved and extended in every new version of the platform.

In the first version of SynchroBit™, we’ll list only the most popular cryptocurrencies including XRP, LTC, BTC, BCH, ZEC, ETH, and USDT. However, periodically we’ll list new cryptocurrencies to increase the diversity of the listed crypto assets.

SynchroBit™ cryptocurrency pairs include (but not limited to)
•   BTC market: which covers all pairs with BTC for all listed crypto assets
•   BCH market:  which covers all pairs with BCH for all listed crypto assets
•   ETH market: which covers all pairs with ETH for all listed crypto assets
•   LTC market: which covers all pairs with LTC for all listed crypto assets
•   XRP market: which covers all pairs with XRP for all listed crypto assets
•   ZEC market: which covers all pairs with BTC for all listed crypto assets
•   USD market: which covers all pairs with USD for all listed crypto assets
•   Euro market: which covers all pairs with Euro for all listed crypto assets
•   Stables markets: which covers all pairs with stable coins (including USDT, USD Coin, PAX, etc.) for all listed crypto assets

These markets will be available from the early version of SynchroBit™. However, there will be additional markets which will be added to SynchroBit™ cryptocurrency trading module, including;

•   Alternative markets: which covers all pairs with other accepted fiat currencies for all listed crypto assets

•   Compound market: which allows users to set new pairs between the listed cryptocurrencies. For example, a user can set BAT with REP or other listed coins. Compound market solves the liquidity of most of tokens and coins and therefore, users don’t need to sell their coins to default pairs like LTC, XRP, or BTC to set new pairs.

•   SNB market:  by termination of SNB Token crowd-sales, SNB token will be fully integrated into SynchroBit™ trading platform and allows its holders and users to benefit from a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for trading a wide range of listed digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. SNB market will include the pairs with all listed coins and tokens.

Metals Market Module
From our point of view at SynchroBit™, digital assets trading and investment should not be limited to a certain diversity of coins and/or tokens! Cryptocurrency holders and traders can benefit from the profitable trends in the global markets of tradeable metals including gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, etc.

Metals market module of SynchroBit™ provides the users with P2P trading of various kinds of tradable metals with both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies in various ways including binary options, margin trading, and futures trading.

The metal market of SynchroBit™ includes three major categories of tradable metals, including;

•   Precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum
•   Industrial metals, including tin, alloys, etc.
•   Basic metals, including steel, iron, copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum, etc.

This market provides the users with more diversity and liquidity for their cryptocurrency assets since they can benefit from a multi-variance trading environment including the price changes in both cryptocurrency and metals.

Energy Market Module
Energy market is another special trading market on SynchroBit™ trading platform that provides the users with trading various range of trading options on energy sector including crude oil, gas, oil derivation, and petrochemicals with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Trading in energy market will provide SynchroBit™ valuable users with more trading opportunities and higher liquidity for their digital assets.

SynchroBit™ energy market will be a P2P market with various trading options including binary trading, margin trading, and futures.

Commodities Market Module
SynchroBit provides the users with another profitable trading market which is dedicated to trade various kinds of commodities, including edible oils, sugar, maize, wheat, barley, coffee, cacao, etc. 

SynchroBit commodities market will be also a P2P market where the users can trade the listed commodities with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

ICO Market
Investment in reliable and profitable ICOs is one of the key concerns of cryptocurrency traders and investors. To meet such a demand, we will provide our users with ICO market where they can invest in listed ICOs by SynchroBit™ by using both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Listed ICOs will be listed directly on SynchroBit™ cryptocurrency market after their successful crowd-sales and reaching the planned soft and hard caps by the projects.

Trading Features of SynchroBit™

SynchroBit aims to provide the users with trading features that enables them to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs. To accomplish this mission, SynchroBit users will be able to trade diversified range of digital assets portfolios in various ways including trading based on binary options, margin, features, etc.

Binary Options Trading
Binary trading of digital assets is one of the major trading options on most of platforms which enables the users to pair digital assets with fiat or cryptocurrencies. On SynchroBit, users will be able to use P2P binary options for all markets including cryptocurrency, metals, and energy.

Margin Trading
Normally margin trading refers to the practice of using borrowed funds from a broker to trade a financial asset, which forms the collateral for the loan from the broker. Despite of P2P binary trading where the users hold digital assets in their wallets, in margin trading, however, they don’t need to hold the portfolio in their wallets and they just keep the position based on their expectations from the market trends.

Leverage is a great option which is provided for margin traders to maximize their ROIs in the market. There will be various leverages for SynchroBit users up to 500x.

Further information on margin trading will be published in the next versions of this whitepaper and prior to the activation of margin trading on SynchroBit.

Futures Trading
Peer-to-peer (P2P) future trading is one of the great trading options on SynchroBit™ which provides the users with higher flexibility, liquidity, and profitability.

Future contract is an agreement to buy or sell a specified quantity of underlying equity share for a future date at a price agreed upon between the buyer and seller. The contracts have standardized specifications like market lot, expiry day, unit of price quotation, tick size and method of settlement.

Future contracts will be available for cryptocurrencies, metals, energy, and commodities on SynchroBit. There will be various derivatives of Futures trading on SynchroBit including perpetual contracts, upside/downside profit contracts, etc. Further information on Futures trading will be published in the next versions of this whitepaper and prior to the activation of Futures trading on SynchroBit.

Social Trading
Social trading is becoming popular among Forex platforms. Instead of spending a lot of time on analyzing the market trends, positions, and options, users can copy from the professional traders and replicate what they do to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs.

But how social trading works on SynchroBit™?
Users of social trading are categorized in two group; Lead makers and lead takers. Lead makers are the users that want to allow other users to colon their portfolio and replicate their trading activities. And, lead takers are those who want to copy and replicate the trading activities of lead makers.
When a user wants to copy a Lead Market, he needs to accept the terms and conditions for social trading, including the fees to be paid to the Lead Maker and SynchroBit™. These fees are a marginal percentage from the profit he would make from social trading which means the user will only pay by results (PBR).

Social trading is profitable for both Lead Maker and the Lead Taker; professional users can earn more income from sharing their trade strategies and portfolios with the other users and, in the meantime, other users can minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs by replicating the strategies and portfolios of professional users. 

Social trading will be available on crypto market, valuable goods market, and stock market on SynchroBit™ for both binary options and merging trading.

Over the Counter (OTC)

Large buyers, including businesses and institutions may prefer to deal directly with each other for digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. SynchroBit™ provides its users with OTC markets for greater deals. Here SynchroBit™ will facilitate the deal between the buyer and seller as the trustee. This function will be executed via smart contracts on SynchroBit™ between the both parties.

Funds Management
Portfolio and funds management is a major concern for most of new comer traders and investors in digital assets trading. Good funds management enables the users to minimize their risks and increase their ROIs.

For better fund management, SynchroBit will provide the users with exclusive features that enables them to manage their funds in a seamless manner.

Cryptofilio is a term referring to cryptocurrency portfolio management. Cryptofolio is an analytical tool by which observe the market trends and estimations. For example, for the user that hold ETH, SNB, BTC, and XRP, the cryptofolio shows the overall value trend for this cryptofolio over the time.

Percentage Allocated Portfolio Management (PAPM™) is one of the exclusive services provided by SynchroBit to users to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs by cooperation between the users.

On PAPM system, users are in two major categories, including portfolio manager (PM) and investors.

PAPM users are the users who upgraded their accounts to PAPM™ and are able to define investment portfolios. PAPM user can define her own portfolio and investors (other users) can invest in their funds. If the PAPM user makes a profit, she’ll take a percentage of the profit as her remuneration.

How PAPM works?
Suppose that John is a professional trader that generates good income and has high skills in analysis and anticipating the trends. However, he has a limited fund on his account and if he could have more funds, he could generate more profits. John can upgrade his account to an PAPM™ account which needs him to pay a small upgrade fee and 1% of his PAPM™ account profits to SynchroBit™ as the facilitator.
In this case, John has 5 BTC fund on his account, here he can create one 10 BTC PAPM™ fund or five 2 BTC PAPM™ funds or various funds as well.

In every PAPM™ fund, John needs to provide 50% of funds value and the rest will be funded by the other PAPM™ users. For example, if John has created a 10 BTC PAPM™ Fund, he needs to pay 5 BTC of the fund himself, and the rest 5 BTC he can ask the investors to fund.

His 5 BTC will be considered as the PAPM™ guarantee which will cover any loss of funds for the investors. It means that if John failed in his trade and the funds decreases to 8 BTC, SynchroBit™ will take 2 BTC of his own 5 BTC to cover the loss of funds for the investors and payback their total invested 5 BTC.

John can set time frame for his created PAPM™ Fund which indicates after how many days from the start of the PAPM™ Fund, the contact will be terminated and investors will receive their profits and original funds.

John can set his desired percentage allocation (PA) from the generated profits for the investors, which can be minimum 15% and maximum 30% of the net profit generated for the investors.

Necessary to note that, SynchroBit™ will lock all funds in the PAPM™ Fund and no withdrawals from this fund can be done up to the due date of the contract.

By termination of the PAPM™ Fund contract, SynchroBit™ will calculate the performance of the fund. Here can be two scenarios.

Scenario 1; John was successful and his 10 BTC PAPM™ Fund could generate 50% net profit (by considering all gains and losses). The funds balance is now 15 BTC which means; 5 BTC is the original funds of John, 5 BTC is original funds of investors, and 5 BTC is the net profit of the PAPM™ Funds. SynchroBit™ automatically will deposit the original funds to the wallets of John and investors, and the rest 5 BTC will be divided as 2.5 BTC for John and 2.5 BTC for the investors, however, 15% to 30% of the 2.5 BTC of the investors will be paid to John as his PA (depending on the PA allocation agreed). In addition, 1% of the total 5 BTC net profit of the funds will be paid by John and investors to SynchroBit™ as their PAPM™ fee.

Scenario 2: John was not successful and he has lost 2 BTC in the trades and his PAPM™ Fund value is now 8 BTC. SynchroBit™ will cut 5 BTC from the remained funds to be paid back to the investors and John will only receive 3 BTC. Here SynchroBit™ will not cut 1% PAPM™ fee.

Trade Simulation

This unique feature enables the users to trade virtually and examine different scenarios for their trading strategies on SynchroBit™. Trade simulation will be available on Virtual Trade tool on SynchroBit™ where users can set different scenarios for testing their forecasts and anticipate the upcoming market trends.

Risk Management
To enhance the risk management capabilities of our users, SynchroBit™ will provide its users with innovative risk management tool which can provide the users with higher confidence in trading and accuracy of market trends forecasting.

Risk Management tool uses a unique algorithm to help the users for better understanding of the market trend for their desired assets. Risk Management uses advanced AI of SynchroBit™ for interpreting the market trends by advance analysis of various issues in the market including various indicators and time frames to provide users with better insights from the technical analysis and the price actions in the market.

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       ██████    ██████████       ██████████    ██████
       ██████    ██████        █████████████    ██████
       ██████    ███       █████████████        ██████
       ██████           █████████████       ██████████
       ██████       █████████████        █████████████
                 █████████████       █████████████
              ████████████        █████████████
                  ████         ████████████
Ferrum Network • Interoperability Network for Financial Applications
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