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Author Topic: - SCAM Bitcoin Mixing Service  (Read 211 times)
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July 24, 2019, 08:20:38 PM
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I made this scam accusation because there were lots of complaints from members but the culprits were never red tagged and there isn't any trust flag either. With the emergence of a new mixing service with an almost similar name;, Some people could still fall victim of the old scam website which is also still active.

What happened: scammed off a number of users. There have been complaints but no action was take to tag their profile.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=1738960



Type one flag; Please support -;flag=498
I would also like DT Members to tag their profile as no one did put a red tag on it.

Reference Links:
Quotes of people who have been scammed is a scam - Evidence, Part 1

User received an email request for evidence supporting the claim that is a scam.

The user responded as follows:

Some peripheral supporting evidence can be found here:


Concrete evidence is shown in attached .pdf showing screenshots of two recent Txs with  
1) The first Tx did not end in the theft of the user's BTC, but is pertinent in that it shows an address owned by  
2) The 2nd Tx resulted in the user's BTC being stolen.  

Viewing the Tx via, one can clearly see that the user sent BTC to's address.  One can further see that the BTC was not mixed, nor was BTC sent back to the user's specified address. has failed to respond to any communication via their website support contact form at or emails sent to

Thus it can be confirmed that received BTC and failed to send BTC back to the user.

Here are direct links to the relevant Txs on the BTC blockchain:

1) Tx showing ownership of address, 3PVFJCMNti7kY4fxZ3nnwALX4qTS6xsoj4

2) Tx showing's address, 3PVFJCMNti7kY4fxZ3nnwALX4qTS6xsoj4, received BTC from user.

3) User's specified output address shows balance of zero - i.e. user did not receive BTC (mixed or not) from

Of course, feel free to try to contact and obtain his side of the story, if he has one.  

Simple question for him to answer:  Tx #2 (above) shows conclusively that you received 1.8620081 BTC, but you did not mix those BTC and send them to the user's specified address.  User claims that you have also failed to respond to any of her communication attempts.  Why?

If you have any further questions, I'll try to answer them.  Email me.

The .pdf mentioned can be found here.   It consists of annotated screen shots that step through the two transactions discussed above.

hello i have tried contact you 3 times on your support still no reply i sent 2.3 btc and still waiting on my btc, i have used your service before but never wanting so long time.

All i need is my 2.3 btc back asap!!!!!

when i entered my mixing key, first it said:

Since the amoun of BTC you have sent is high, your transaction has been send for approval by the admin.

now when i enter the mixing key it says:

This mixing key is either expired or does not exist.

its day 3 now and iam still missing my 2.3 btc, please understand its hard worked money, iam under stress and need my 2.3 btc

regards == TOTAL SCAM.... STAY AWAY.

Scammer allows user's first Tx to go through.... Then steals user's BTC on subsequent Tx.

User's first Tx will typically be a small amount to test the service to see if it's a scam.  The scammer processes the small test Txs to make the service appear legit, but then steals the BTC sent via any subsequent Tx, which is typically larger than the initial test Tx.  Scammer ignores all contact attempts.  Support form on website is meaningless. is a COMPLETE SCAM.  STAY AWAY.

We also have been scammed.  We sent coins to the wallet they posted and then when we went back to check the transaction some how the wallet totally changed.  

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