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September 19, 2019, 05:15:09 PM


DCS Token aim tracks most cryptocurrency coins that have listed on market and shows users current prices in dollars, Euros and much more.

As technology continues to advance, the increasing number of coins and tokens, today there are around 2391 tokens and coins in dcsmarketcap, and continue to increase every day. With the development of Cryptocurenccy in the world, we made a live cryptocurrency to see current prices, registered markets, gainers and losers. Cryptocurrency has emerged as the latest brave market in the world of commerce. This trade the market is relatively young and thus full exploitation has not yet been achieved. The fact that some coins like Bitcoin can go up by 10% in one day indicating the need live currency to monitoring price. Cryptocurrency tender age in the world of commerce has prevented setting up a trading house and leaving only young companies to invest. A few years ago market capitalization for cryptocurrency reached $308 billion and is still growing. This further signifies the availability of opportunities for young traders to explore the market and make a profit. First, when Cryptocurrency is increasing, we will find it difficult to see price comparisons from market to market. we. in the website dcs you can see price comparisons in various markets and benefit there.

On the flip side, DCS will provide other benefits with gainers and losers features. you can see the price of coins that go up and down directly. Not only looking at market prices, you can also add your ICO on the DCS website. by adding your project ICO, we will help marketing your project to the world. Event feature, you can add your event (which is still related to cryptocurrency and blockchain) on the DCS website. we will also announce on our social media if there is a recent event.DCS Tokens, which are based on established ERC-20 standards, work in conjunction with various Smart Contracts to regulate networks and incentives to use networks. Applications - software that runs on different devices - are the interface between (mostly self-regulating) networks and users. DCS Token aim tracks most cryptocurrency coins that have touched the market and shows users current prices in dollars, Euros and much more. It also shows the number of coins currently circulating, 24 hours traded volume, price changes for the last 24 hours in percentage and market capitalization which is the total value of specific coins in circulation. The crypto trading Industry, Advertising, Payment , Security DCS not exchange, it's just a resource that helps you find the price of coins and a market where certain crypto pairs trade like Bitcoin, Ethereum.


Pay ads, merchants, and refill mobile phones easily.

The aim of SecureCoin is to provide a secure, fast, and reliable network that is supported by active and involved developers. The coin was launched fairly with a staggered system. The DCS platform has been developed with security at its core. The system uses cryptographic processes within a decentralized network in order to keep the data and assets of the users safe.

Community support
DCS is for the community and our goal is to support technological growth , organic and organized, providing access to financial solutions that use blockchain technology as a guarantee of full transparency – as well as to provide the community with a way to earn a return on their cryptocurrency. The DCS token can be used for everything that any currency can be used for, but instead of having a government entity – like a central bank – that emits and supports it, the coin is based entirely on the digital system that was conceived by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. In this way, this digital assets platform will support purchase of the coin in all the integrated exchanges through the desire to encourage an adoption process in the broader population that will eliminate the problem of coin repurchases, which will in turn avoid a decrease in its value

In order to qualify for the programme – and to root out potential scams – each participating project will be reviewed by a number of professionals and given a rating of 1 to 5 stars, where the following parameters will be taken into account:
Definition of the project, Team of founders, Size of initial investment, Degree of technological innovation, Resource management of raised funds, Operational setup & Initial Rate of Return (IRR), Marketing strategy, Sales strategy, Business risk.

Token Detail
DCS Tokens, which are based on established ERC-20 standards, work in conjunction with various Smart Contracts to regulate networks and incentives to use networks. Applications - software that runs on different devices - are the interface between (mostly self-regulating) networks and users.

Name Token : DCS Token
Symbol : DCS
Supply : 27,000,000,000 DCS
ICO : 10,000,000,000 DCS (unsold tokens will be burned)
Team Locked For 2 Years : 5,000,000,000 DCS
ICO Start : September 9 2019


DCS is a revolutionary new marketcap futures model
to see market prices in live time. When cryptocurrency prices go up, percentages transaction costs based on other exchanges will also rise, increasing further appeal from the commission free futures exchange. The commission free market creates a demand for DCS tokens that are more than offset the cost of inflation to create that demand.

Through Decentralized Governance by Blockchain (DGBB), the issuance of new tokens for the purpose of generating revenue run democratically by DCS token owners. Highly liquid, commission-free futures market in stable, fast and unreliable conditions trading platform, during a period of exponential growth in cryptocurrency trading, will attract a large number of traders, creating a large demand for DCS tokens. As the price of a DCS token increases the exchange must make fewer tokens to cover costs, thereby reducing inflation costs to create new tokens.


1. The news section will show you the matched news feed. You can also set your monitoring settings
2. Filter stop words, personalization
3. Ability to discuss news right on the platform.
4. Filters for coin inclusion
5. The coin has a trade history of at least 3 months.
6. The coin is listed on at least one of the exchanges that we collect data from.
7. The coin is not any index, is not fiat-based (such as USDT), is not based on any commodity or other assets that.
8. The coin is not involved in any scam scandal, delisting, or lawsuit.
9. In the event a coin fails to meet any one of our criteria during a period, it is excluded from the index at the beginning of the next period.

This crypto tool helps investors/newcomers/traders to be at the top of the market, and they can easily distinguish real from the rumors. Such news aggregators collate news from all the major crypto publishers such as:
Social Media(Telegram channels, Reddit, Slack, Facebook, WeChat, etc.)
Web traffic analytic websites(Simularweb, Alexa)
Also, some aggregator tools pull up the news from Twitter/Telegram channels that are already segregated for the investors to analyze. This way, crypto investors can keep a quick and hassle-free tab on the news of different cryptocurrencies and formulate their strategies accordingly.

Crypto Tracker

CoinTracker is the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency wallet tracker and tax calculator.

Multiple Cost Basis Methods
Select your desired cost basis method, including FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, Adjusted Cost Base and Share Pool.

See every fee you've paid per transaction and per exchange.

Tax Loss Harvesting
Lower your taxes by harvesting losses on your crypto holdings.

Portfolio Insights
Track your mining, trading, withdrawal and deposit fees. See how your funds are split between exchanges and private wallets.

Investment Performance
Get an accurate view of your investment performance.
This is made possible with our powerful technology, including cost basis tracking, automatic transfer detection, and historical price history.

Privacy First
Crypto tracker that doesn't track you back. All your personal data stays stored on your phone.

5000+ Crypto Assets
You will never worry about tracking your small and micro caps again. If it is out there, we have it.

Website : htpps://
Dcsmarketcap :
Twitter :
Telegram :
Medium :
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October 13, 2019, 06:13:47 PM

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October 14, 2019, 04:35:12 AM

pool Huh

please read original posts before necroing shit with nonsensical things
this was a erc20 shittoken ICO that never even got off the ground
Let it die

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