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Author Topic: HDD full of files, any worth…? (ethereum mining)  (Read 56 times)
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February 23, 2021, 10:22:20 PM

Few years back, when the Ethereum started, I downloaded "geth" for Windows and started mining. I had it running 24/7 for several months with my (then) top of the line VGA.
After noticing that the Electricity bill was very high, and I realized that I cannot compete in a country with that expensive electricity, so I stopped it. However, I kept all the generated files locally.

Now I have a folder structure of:
  • /chaindata
  • /ethash
  • /geth
    • /chaindata
    • /ethash
    • /nodes
  • /nodes

First it looks like I have a copy of folders, so I had it running in /Ethereum and at some point I had another instance running in /Ethereum/geth
Under both "chaindata" folders there are ~60K files of "dddddd.ibd" files and some others like CURRENT, LOCK, LOG, LOG.old, MANIFEST-xxxxxxx.

I do not have an account, or wallet, neither I connected to some address. Just had it mining by running "geth.exe" (Windows).

Now I am on Linux, installed geth and tried to run it with "geth --datadir "/Ethereum"
When I did that, I am getting tons of logs like this:

INFO [02-22|11:02:52.835] Deep froze chain segment                 blocks=30001 elapsed=4.158s number=1650054 hash="c17d88…0914ff"
INFO [02-22|11:02:56.469] Deep froze chain segment                 blocks=30001 elapsed=3.634s number=1680055 hash="1df192…6de3b8"
INFO [02-22|11:03:00.164] Deep froze chain segment                 blocks=30001 elapsed=3.694s number=1710056 hash="ae6ee9…b31182"
INFO [02-22|11:03:04.061] Deep froze chain segment                 blocks=30001 elapsed=3.896s number=1740057 hash="436215…cce7f0"
INFO [02-22|11:03:07.951] Deep froze chain segment                 blocks=30001 elapsed=3.889s number=1770058 hash="22fcfc…a0c7ac"
INFO [02-22|11:03:11.908] Deep froze chain segment                 blocks=30001 elapsed=3.957s number=1800059 hash="dfa290…c3ed60"
WARN [02-22|11:03:12.476] Checkpoint challenge timed out, dropping id=e1b541d10cc201ab conn=dyndial addr= type=Geth/v1.9.19-stable-...

Is there any use of these files?
Did I have my work saved anywhere?
What can I do now?
Did I mine for someone else and now I have nothing...?

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