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Author Topic: [ANN] [GAUF] GAUGECASH | First Decentralized Monetary System #PoweredbyChainlink  (Read 68 times)
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May 18, 2021, 11:58:34 PM
Last edit: May 19, 2021, 12:38:22 AM by Gaugecash

Gaugecash( is the world’s first Decentralized Monetary System Available to anyone anywhere, It has two main components;

a) Gaugecash(GAU): a stable crypto currency that represents an index of weighted averages from 35 global fiat currencies.  

b) Gaugefield(GAUF): the protocol’s liquidity token that backs up each minted GAU. Each minted GAU is backed by a unique decentralized crypto asset. Users can stake GAUF using $ETH $LINK.

The Gaugecash protocol aims to empower users to make stable payments on-chain or store value while hedging against the volatility risks of any single fiat currency. The protocol’s backup(decentralized digital asset) and price Index(i.e not being 1:1 pegged to a fiat currency) mitigates CEFI risks and was designed for users looking for alternatives to current prominent fiat pegged stable crypto currencies.

The Gaugecash protocol uses various APIs from international financial institutions to calculate the basket’s weighted average index price. This weighted index represents a broad range of fiat currencies, resulting in a stable basket resistant to regional monetary policy movements. It also retains stability beyond prominent single-fiat pegs such as USD-based stablecoins. GAUGECASH uses this stable index as a benchmark currency to power it’s peer-to-peer DeFi monetary system.

GAUGECASH integrates into it’s protocol market-leading oracle network Chainlink to access a GAU/USD decentralized price feed. The *Chainlink-powered GAU/USD Price Feed* ensures that the Gauge Index is priced against USD at fair market value and without possible tampering.

The GaugeIndex’s mathematical formulation brings to the end user 3 exciting innovations:
1. If any major fiat collapses in the future(hyperinflation, massive devaluations) the index converges to a stable value.
2. Testing the behaviour of the index we can demonstrate that it outperforms any other fiat currency in the world, delivering the best available purchasing power at any given time.
3. Being backed by decentralized digital assets users can opt out of traditional CEFI monetary systems.

In the last century-plus, there have been around thirty "Non-Domestic Currency Debt Crisis (typically inflationary deleveragings) ", causing millions of people to lose their wealth and transactional value. Within the crypto-space the solution has been pegging tokens to the USD which doesn't solve the problem of Decentralization and long term stability of the Asset.

We have created an Index coming from the Final Market Making of the Forex Market to solve the problem of volatility and wealth preservation on the peer to peer cash system space. We have backed up the Value of the GAUGECASH(GAU) by the blockchain class in itself, taking advantage of its economic scarcity property.

Gaugecash Index Quick facts
a) It does not belong to any Central Bank
b) It inherits Monetary Policy
c) It is more stable than any other pair of currencies in the world including Gold and Silver.
d) We have partnered with Chainlink to release the data feed.


GAUGEFIELD or GAUF is an ERC-20 token native to the Gaugecash Protocol. The theoretical basis of the token is a Nash Equilibrium based on Bayesian games, the GAUF acts as the protocol's liquidity and backup token.

The token is aimed at all DeFi investors looking to leverage their assets to provide the Gaugecash service and profit greatly from it.

Total supply 500,000,000

Token sale metrics:
ICO(CURRENT): 100,000,000 GAUF = .000055556 ETH/ GAUF=.025 LINK
PRE-IEO(ETA EARLY Q3 2021)= 100,000,000 GAUF=0.1 LINK
IEO (TBD late Q4 2021)100,000,000 GAUF=1 LINK
Post IEO(date TBD) = 100,000,000 GAUF price TBD.

*ICO Etherscan contract address

Gaugecash was founded in 2019 by Manuel Blanco Appleby(Founder) and Federico Charles Muzza(Co-founder). Manuel is a Physicist and serial entrepreneur, he has a 20 year career background in the Over the Counter Finance Industry, as a professional trader for ACM Markets now Swissquote bank Manuel was distinguished as one of their top money managers. In 2009 the start-up he co-founded, Clasemovil(company sold in 2011 to McGraw Hill Education) was featured in TechCrunch 50 as the best innovative education company.

In 2016 Manuel ́s Consulting Firm, Dados a tu Favor SA de CV, won a 300K USD R&D government grant by Conacyt (Mexican council for Science and Technology) to develop mathematical models to unveil behavioral patterns of the most traded Asset in the World, EUR/USD. After this project in 2018 he realized that most fiat pegged stable cryptocurrencies were not up to the standard of innovation that developments like Bitcoin and Ethereum had set in previous years. In 2018 with his research he began the theoretical basis of a global stable crypto currency based on an index of world fiat currencies that reflected the monetary policy of the globe backed by decentralized crypto assets. In 2019 he founded Gaugecash, a crypto asset backed stable crypto currency based on an index of 35 fiat currencies.

Federico has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry, with expertise in fintech, startups, payments, supply chain finance, and blockchain technology.
He has been passionate about financial inclusion from the beginning of his career, having founded the first non-bank financial institution in Mexico issuing a credit card for the underbanked segment of the population, called Nemesis a payday loan app linked to a payments card.

After selling his company in 2017 he was Country Manager @ Payfare Inc. (TSX:PAY), a Toronto based company developing payment solutions for the gig economy. In 2019 he got involved with blockchain technology and started doing business development as VP for LATAM Growth @ Virtublock-Zoompass(OTCQB: ZPAS) a Canadian crypto-asset exchange and asset tokenization company. Having Co-founded Gaugecash with Manuel in 2019, in January 2020 Federico became Gaugecash's CFO managing all finance and business strategies for the team.

Milestones Achieved
1. January 2019: GaugeIndex theoretical basis and preliminary definition.

2. March 2019: GaugeIndex development and backtesting.

3. April 2019: Partnership with Advanced Markets

4. June 2019: Gaugefield theoretical basis and preliminary token economics definition.

5. July 2019: Whitepaper development, Gaugecash protocol design choice definition: Solution of an infinite issuance of a stable representation of value(Gaugecash) backed up by the economic properties already built in some models of issuance of the new blockchain asset class(Gaugefield i.e. wrapped ETH$/LINK$).

6. August 2019: Protocol presentation at Trufflecon.

7. September 2019: Roadmap definition.

8. June 2020: FORTEX integration.

9. September 2020: Development and testing of the GaugeIndex API coming from the final market marking of the forex market(Fortex) linked to Gaugecash’s smart contract.

10. October 2020: Partnership with Chainlink, preliminary oracle definitions.

11. December 2020:
a) Initial development of Chainlink adapter.
b) ICO presale deployed in Ethereum mainnet, GAUF staking live with two currencies ETH$ and LINK$.*

* Pre-ICO on etherscan:

12. January 2021: Decentralization standard for GaugeIndex API definition, with data coming from 3 forex data providers(,, via Chainlink.

13.March 2021:
a) GaugeIndex Oracle testing is successful with 3 data forex data providers.
b) Protocol is presented to AVA labs(AVALANCHE).

14. April 2021:
a) Beta version of GaugeIndex price feed ready.
b) Chainlink announces Gaugecash’s integration and future price feed availability.
c) Gaugecash is listed on Coinmarketcap.
d) Gaugecash< > Chainlink joint price feed business model definitions.
e) Gaugecash protocol migration to Avalanche initiated.
Roadmap going forward    

1. May 2021:
a) Gaugecash protocol Avalanche testing
b) GaugeIndex 4th forex data provider integration via Chainlink.
c) GAU/USD price feed AVALANCHE integration.

2. June 2021:
a) Gaugecash protocol live on AVALANCHE.
b) AVALANCHE announces Gaugecash integration
c) Final GaugeIndex oracle testing

3. July 2021
a) ICO Launch
b) Chainlink price feed release & announcement(will include Chainlink’s Asian social media)
c)Release of Gaugecash’s free service, users will be able to mint Gaugecash as a store and send value in a peer to peer DeFi fashion.
d) Avalanche release announcement
e) Chainlink’s GAU/USD Avalanche integration announcement.
f) August - September 2021: Pre- IEO sale
g) Q4 2021: IEO and listing of Gaugefield in top tier exchanges.

Join Gaugecash on social media:

Listing sites:

Founder's LinkedIn profiles:
Manuel Blanco(Founder):
Federico Charles(Co-Founder):

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