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Author Topic: CEX.IO trading bot - multi-mode, time-adaptive, microtrading etc.  (Read 1026 times)
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March 27, 2014, 11:37:10 AM


I'm offering an elaborated trading bot for CEX.IO. Some of its features:

  • multi-mode:trade any commodity pair offered by CEX.IO api
  • time-adaptive: you can go sub-second trades - as HFT as CEX.IO allows
  • autotrading: press "A" and lean back
  • bells & whistles: set alarms for low/high thresholds and finally get to do something else than watching chart  Wink
  • parameterizable: set order volumes (separate for manual buy/sell or autotrade), minimum profit etc.
  • and much more: in constant development - coding this bot is FUN for me

Current Help Screen

          CEXBOT v0.3 HELP (mode: LTC/BTC)

   h/?    this help
   -/+    dec/inc ticker timer (cur: 2 seconds)
   l/L    dec/inc low trigger sensitivity  (cur:  - will trigger @ )
   ö/Ö    dec/inc high trigger sensitivity (cur:  - will trigger @ )
   p/P    dec/inc minimum profit (cur:  10.00μ)
   8/(    dec/inc manual buy order volume (cur: 1 GH/s)
   9/)    dec/inc manual sell order volume (cur: 1 GH/s)
   0/=    dec/inc autotrade order volume (cur: 0.5 GH/s)
   A      toggle autotrade (currently: 1)
   B/S    toggle autobuy (currently: 1) and autosell (currently: 1)
   b/s    place buy/sell order with pre-set order volume
   c      cancel buyqueue
   C      cancel all open orders
   f      display funds
   i      inspect buyqueue
   o      list open orders
   R/r    reset high/low trigger
   t      print trade history

A small snapshot of the output when auto-trading LTC/BTC

11:46:04 A: 0.02798337 (  4.99μ) B: 0.02797839 ( 18.38μ) D:   4.98μ ( 13.39μ)  | BM: 0.02797566 (  2.73μ)  | iter: 170425
11:46:04 S  3 @ 0.02797838 (profit: 0.00005511)
:-)         [sell: 1395917188629 | 591197785 -> 3.00000000 @ 0.02797838 (total: 0.08393514) pending: 2.70239469]
11:46:06 A: 0.02797000 ( 13.37μ) B: 0.02796001 ( 18.38μ) D:   9.99μ (  5.01μ)  | BM: 0.02797430 ( 14.29μ)  | iter: 169628
11:46:06 B2 0.5 @ 0.02797001

Where you can see it placed an order to sell 3 LTC @ 0.02797838 resulting in 0.00005511 BTC profit (0.00001000 min profit per LTC set) and immediately - 2 seconds - thereafter it placed already a buy-order @ 0.02797001.

The bot has been in development and testing for more than 2 months now. Meanwhile I leave it alone autotrading and go to sleep. And sleep well I do, because I know when I awake, the bot has earned me something.

Manual Trading

Basically the bot serves three different tasks: Alarm, Autotrade and alternative trading frontend.

If you are using the CEX.IO web frontend for placing orders, you are basically doomed. The time it takes you to enter some buy/sell order amount and value is an eternity compared to what a bot can do. But even if you are into manual trading, this bot can help you. You simply preset order volume (buy/sell values are independent) and then you just press "s" to place a sell order or "b" to place a buy order. 5 times a second if you are good.  Cool

Now after all this ballyhoo the bad news: Most probably you cannot have the bot - as there are severe constraints.

  • It runs on Linux only and I am not even considering making a Windows version available. Asking for it means you land in spam folder land.
  • The bot is definitely not available for free. Not even at a "low price". Make your offer.
  • There will be only a restricted amount of copies made available and placing them into operation will be incremental to assess effects on the CEX.IO marketplace.
  • This is no GUI "Klickibunti" for gay sissies. As an adopter you are expected some level of insight and technical competence.

If you still believe these constraints are no problem for you, PM me with an offer and some information (intended trading volume, available infrastructure) and we may give it a shot.
Please be also aware that this is a spare-time/fun-project and I may not answer your PM instantly. However, rest assured that fun-project doesn't mean I wouldn't take it serious.


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