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Author Topic: Best OS for recovering stolen BTC - Kali Linux-Installation [Tutorial][Empyria]  (Read 111 times)
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June 30, 2022, 10:18:32 PM

Best OS for recovering stolen BTC - Kali Linux-Installation [Tutorial][Empyria]
+ Oracle VM Image, Screenshots, Cyberweapons, Custom OS upgrades

Former tutorials: Low Liquidity Elevation of Privilege (LLEP) - API Cracking on Binance ( ), Liquidity Pool Block Exploit ( ), Transfer Block Exploit ( ), and now, Empyria presents,

Taking back cryptocurrencies from scammers might be supported using an Operating System (OS) that was designed for such operations. Kali Linux OS comes with many hacking tools pre-installed, and much relevant software on the market was designed to run on Kali. This tutorial is supposed to kickstart your work with this OS. Further tutorials will provide additional tools that you might find practical in your hacking advances. For educational and self-defense purposes, Empyria offers various cyberweapons: backdoors, bankers, DDoS & instant messaging trojans, downloaders, exploits, fake AVs, game thieves, info stealers, ransomware, email finders, and more. A common attribute of these highly educational tools is the Kali platform. Once someone learns to use the free Metasploit exploits on Kali Linux, they know everything to handle the Empyrean cyberweapons.

For beginners, this tutorial is restricted to the Kali Linux image installation.
Concerning advanced education like bankers and trojans contact us in private message.
(Educational and self-defense purposes only.)

1) To all beginners, we recommend installing Oracle Virtual Box -
So, we can send a pre-installed, pre-configured Oracle Kali Linux virtual machine image.

2) Depending on your computer architecture (64, 32), download a 64-bit image:
Download 32-bit image:

3) Open Virtual Box.
We're also opening Virtual Box. So, we can send screenshots.

4) Click the Upper menu bar, Machine button, and New button.
Or press Ctrl + N.

5) 5.1) Type anything in the name field.
5.2) Select a folder on a drive that has much free space.
5.3) Type dropdown list value must be set to Linux.
5.4) Version dropdown list value must be set to Debian.
In your case: 64-bit OR 32-bit.
Click the Next button.

6) Memory size slide value must be set to a value in the green range.
Click the Next button.

7) Select the "Use an existing virtual hard disk file" radio button and select the downloaded file.
Click Create.

Now, you can start it.
Username: osboxes
If you learned the basics, we will show you our advanced image, too.
We have got many custom upgrades to the osboxes image.
The best is starting with a clean install from the basic osboxes image. Then we'll upgrade it.
Contact us in private for research tools and OS upgrades!


So, you can start listener nodes on your computers:
(A stable VPN domain will forward traffic to your localhost address and hide your IP & port.)

Trojan-infected computers (sessions) connect to your listeners:

You can write instructions on your listener nodes that trojans execute in the sessions:

Instructions involve stealing files (like passwords, wallets, and more) from sessions:

That's how you can take back your funds from scammers.
And everything else that you can sell for a profit.
If they have already spent the funds, we'll find something else on their computers that might be valuable.
(Trojans work on smartphones, too.)

Speaking of which, let us know if you need your funds back from scammers.
Perhaps, we can return your assets or something of equal value from scammers' devices.
Again, send a PM as there is no need to let them see us coming! Smiley
[We help this forum's members in our "free time." Thus no guarantee on response time.]

[TUTORIAL] How to steal $350 000?
Best OS for recovering stolen BTCs.
Visit our FREE Bitcointalk thread.
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