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Author Topic: Offering my services.  (Read 1727 times)
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April 05, 2011, 08:07:38 AM

I got a gentle nudge to create my own topic, no hard feelings, okay? As a new guy on a forum, it always is a hurdle for me to actually start creating topics, rather then posting in them.


I'm a guy willing to do whatever your offering for some bitcoins, that does not mean "anything", but feel free to apply with whatever we can work out prices and such.

Here are some of my qualities that you might want to utilize:

I have my very own ip Wink Meaning I count as a valid referral for whatever service offers it.

I have experience with both linux and windows. And can really work a command line(I'm bash equipped).

I have programming experience in these languages. (And will post valid experiance)


My first language, have been programming since I was 12 (I am 18 now).
I have made multiple full programs using javascript. I am experienced in ajax, and most websites I have made use it.
I understand what Object Oriented Programming is, I know what I POST and GET request are. And I understand JSON and XMLHTTPREQUEST.


I have taken a college webdesign class for it, and I know how to use divs and css, and use JQuery with that to make animations.
I have made a board game using the three together, although it has little function.
I know how to and do use site-wide css to make clean themes for sites.
I stick with divs and spans usually and use standards whenever I can.

PHP/Python(server side)/BASH(server side):

I have used and created simple python servers for basic custom and telnet servers. I DON'T have real working experience with django, or twisted. Although I wish I did, and plan to get it when I can. What I do have is basic CGI experience with both Python and BASH.

I am still at the learning stage with PHP. But have experience making file uploads, form input,overall dynamic content, and interaction with MYSQL databases.
I also have made a python program that interacts with a MYSQL database aswell.

That's it for web stuff, if you pm me, I can show you what I have created.


I have made quite a few open source projects, and have them on github. I have made an API for interaction via JSON with a certain site, that a few people actually use. Along with that I have bunches of small to medium programs. Some that you might find relevant:
  • A full text-based connect for game, it is modular and can be imported for use in another program such as a chat bot. It checks for victories and stops the game when there is one. Along with "highlighting" the relevant pieces that won the game.
  • A program to parse, clean and format a text file for Anki.
  • A program to automatically open up the next image in a gallery in a browser, so one doesn't have to click.
  • The rest of them can be seen on my github page. Also a good place to see my actual code.


Bash is damn useful for making quick scripts to automate tasks, I probably use it more then any other language. By making 1-liners on the fly.

I have make scripts to do things like find your external ip and keep it in a bash variable, automatically download posts from a thread of 4chan, download galleries from a few image sites, add stuff to every html page in a site. (Which I used to fix a site that Marjory needed css, but did not have a external style sheet link. But had too many pages to do by hand quickly).


My first "real" programming language, I have experience. I don't really use it, I am planning to start again when I get into making android applications.


Okay, I just started reading a book on this two days ago. (Land of lisp), but it is fun Smiley.

I have dabbled with C and C++. But not enough to say I know them. Although I understand basic programming concepts well enough to help debug programs written in them. I actually have pretty good eyes for bugs, and have often found bugs in programs quickly that others have been looking for for quite a while.

I love working with others on projects, I think I generally make my code pretty readable and understandable, but that is for you to judge.

Use me to create websites,
Scripts to automate tasks,
Find bugs,
something I haven't thought of.

Post of PM me with what you want me to do, If I can't, I will say I can't. I have learned that it is much easier on everyone if I am honest with what I can do.

Other then programming, I am a general science techy guy. I participate in a talk show on Youtube. -Usually the guy with the yellow screen, this time guy with long hair/no beard on the right.

I have passed 1A,  and although I know it will backfire saying this. I feel I have decent writing skills.

I currently run my own LAMP server, running Ubuntu Server 10.04. I have a few people who host their websites and programs on it.

Thats about it, hopefully I formatted this post in a way that didn't make you all tl;dr. Even if I didn't list it, feel free to PM me anyway asking if I can do something, as stated before, if I can't I will tell you, no hard done.

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April 05, 2011, 08:39:56 AM

check your messages

btc address:1MEyKbVbmMVzVxLdLmt4Zf1SZHFgj56aqg
gpg fingerprint:DD1AB28F8043D0837C86A4CA7D6367953C6FE9DC

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April 06, 2011, 10:36:10 PM

My ad is also posted on bitcoinclassifieds.

I encourage everyone else looking for work to also post there, as it has a superior system. The only thing it needs is more people.
Garrett Burgwardt
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April 06, 2011, 11:37:23 PM

Would you be able to create a web based settlers of catan game? (I'd like it in python if all else is equal, just so I might have a chance at reading it myself)

Bonus points if you can make it both real time and email based (ie, I play my turn and the next person has 24 hours or whatever to make their turn)
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May 18, 2011, 02:37:53 PM

I think that my topic warrants a bump. To let you all know that I am still out there to work for you.

I can help you create a website for your new idea, and I can help your existing one look better for a minimal price.

Contact me via a PM or Skype(HamezQ) to work out an idea. It doesn't cost you anything to ask, and I will be honest in my abilities, always.

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