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Author Topic: Huntercoin - Main Website and Setup Info  (Read 506 times)
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March 29, 2014, 04:41:09 PM

Original Guide written by me, Tuto (@BoardDavid)
If you find this guide useful consider donating:
HUC: HGmWtiZP3h5nMHg1TYscWJ4SRxthFH1jsf

Beginners Guide To Installing And Playing Huntercoin

Below is my very basic guide to how to download, install, and play Huntercoin.
This is a really basic guide for the layman (like myself) who may not know everything they need to know already about crypto-currency and wallet setup.
I hope it helps those who want to get started. If so, remember where you got the info.

It should be noted this is for Windows players, for other platforms, I have no idea, but I know others have made similar guides for those on other platforms.

It should also be noted that the first install and update is going to take a while, the Blockchain is huge and getting bigger every day (changes are coming so blockchain will not be needed, but that is something the Development team are working on).
With that in mind, I would advise you download the wallet, install it, open it, and then be patient and simply let it do its thing. Once you have it open and updating, go to bed, or watch a movie or 3 and just leave the wallet open until the message saying "out of sync" is no longer there, then you should be up to date.


Download the software, which is the wallet and the game itself all in one download.

The latest official version can be found here:


Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract all of the files into a folder and call it Huntercoin, put this folder somewhere you can keep it forever, I would advise not to put it on a Desktop. I keep mine in my downloads folder on my main drive, you may wish to have it in your c: or elsewhere, keep it where you will remember and access should you need to.
Note: If you have an SSD (Solid State Drive) stick it on that as apparently this helps with the speed for updating the blockchain etc.

Once you have unzipped the files into a folder, go into the folder and double click on the file

Let it open, then once it has opened you will see a message on the wallet Overview tab "out of sync". Close the wallet for now, after the next step or two we will reopen it.


Press Start button and type in the following: %appdata%
Press Enter

This opens the roaming (data) folder.
Go to the new folder called Huntercoin (this was created when you opened the QT.exe wallet for the first time).

When you are in the (%appdata%) folder called Huntercoin, right click on the white part of the folder (not on an existing file), click New, then click "new text document".
This will open a new Notepad

When you have entered notepad, you need to put in the following information (copy and paste this).


NOTE: yourusername and yourpassword should be changed to anything you like, its just for your computer.

Once you have the above pasted into your new notepad file go to file, and click save as.

Save the file as: huntercoin.conf

Close notepad.


To ensure your conf file is actually a conf file and not still a .txt file, right click on the huntercoin.conf file you just made, click properties (bottom option).
On the window that opens, loo for "type of file" you should see: CONF File (.conf)

If you DO see CONF File (.conf) skip the next part. If you still see Text file (.txt) follow instructions in the next part.

How to Change .txt file to .conf file.

In the huntercoin folder you have open (%appdata% (roaming folder/huntercoin) do the following;

Press F10 - this opens the menu at the top of the window, you should see file / edit / view / tools / help

Press Tools
Press Folder Options
In the window that opens, press the tab at the top that says view.
In the view tab, in the window in the middle, the 11th line down (ony my version of windows) you should see "Hide extensions for known file types". You want this box to be empty. Make sure there is no tick, then press OK.

Back in the Huntercoin folder (%appdata% (roaming folder/huntercoin) - Right click the huntercoin.txt file and click rename (at the bottom).

Delete the .txt extension at the end, and make it .conf

A window will appear saying if you change this name extension it might be unusable - Click yes.

Follow the previous step above to check this is now a .conf file:
To ensure your conf file is actually a conf file and not still a txt file, right click on the huntercoin.conf file you just made, go to properties. Next to "type of file" you should see: CONF File (.conf)

If you DO see CONF File (.conf) continue to the next part. If you still see Text file (.txt) re-read/repeat the above steps to ensure you did not miss anything. If you still have trouble, PM me and I'll try to directly help.

Now you should have the Wallet/Game installed.
You have a working configuration (.conf) file.


Open the actual wallet again by opening hutnercoin-qt.exe file again.

As above, this step takes a long time to actually update / catch up, so go away and do something else for a while.
Your computer resources will be under heavy use during this stage, hard drive especially.

Once you have the wallet up to date, please read the next step/tutorial for actually setting up your wallet and playing the game.

Notes for users with a firewall:
Ensure you allow huntercoin-qt.exe through your firewall...if you do not, this can cause problems.
Usually on windows, if you have a firewall program you will get a message when a new program tried to get through so if you see this, click "allow". If you do not see this, or you are not sure if your firewall if on/allowing huntercoin please check with the software provider, I think there's too many different programs/options for me to cover them here;

Setting up your wallet(s):

Personally, I play on the same wallet that I have set as my save wallet, the disadvantage of doing this is that for security reasons it is recommended that your actually "save" wallet should be encrypted, using 1 wallet means every time you are in the game and you wish to make a move or send a chat message, you have to enter your password. Therefore, below I have given instructions of how to make 2 wallets, one to act almost as an "offline" saving wallet, and the other to act as the main "playing" wallet;

Wallet one, your save/encrypted wallet;

How to: Sign/Verify the wallet:

Open Huntercoin-qt.exe and let the wallet Sync.
Go to file, click 'sign message'.
Open address book (icon on the right next to the blank space)
You should only have 1 address there, so click it and press 'sign message'.
Press OK.
Your wallet address should now be in the box.

At the bottom of the page, press 'Sign Message'.
You should now see at the bottom, in green, 'Message Signed'.

At the top, click the Verify Message tab.
Enter your wallet address into the top window again.

Click the 'Sign Message tab'.
Copy the signature at the bottom (click the copy button)

Click Verify Message tab again.
Paste your verification code in the box at the bottom.
Press Verify Message.
You should see 'Message Verified'.

You can now close this window and go back to the Huntercoin wallet.

Encrypting the wallet:

At the top, click 'Settings'.
Click 'Encrypt Wallet'.
Enter a password.

Make a password you will either remember, or write it down. It is case sensitive and if you lose or forget it, your wallet is inaccessible, meaning any coins you have/had there will also be inaccessible.
Make sure you keep this password safe.
Make sure this password is actually secure, for instance, don't use 123456789 or qwerty.
Personally, I have a 20 character long password that I use, this consists of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters ( full stops, slashes, exclamation marks etc)...

Press OK.

Back on the Main Wallet program, Press File.
Press Backup Wallet.
Choose a safe location (Huntercoin folder/desktop/DropBox etc).
Name your wallet something you will remember, mine is called: huntercoin encrypted save wallet.
Press Save.

If you want to start playing using your encrypted wallet, and you do not mind putting in your password each time, then go to the game and start playing, you can skip the next step. However if you do not want to enter that long complicated password each time, then continue to the next step, i.e. How to set up a new wallet to play the game on and how to make all of your saved/bank coins go into your "save wallet".

Close Huntercoin-qt wallet program.

Go to windows start button.
Type in %appdata% (this opens your roaming data folder).
Go to Huntercoin folder.
Rename your wallet.dat file to whatever you called your backup above, i.e. huntercoin encrypted save wallet.dat

Re-open Huntercoin-qt.exe

Doing this will force Huntercoin-qt.exe to make you a brand new wallet.dat file which will not be encrypted, this can be your "play wallet"!

Ready to start playing? Here we go!

Playing Huntercoin:

First things first. You need to have at least 1.005 Huntercoins [HUC] in your wallet to be able to start your first team.

You can either buy Huntercoin from an exchange using Bitcoin or Litecoin, or change another type of Alt coin you might have into one of those. Some exchanges May have HUC tradable directly against other alt coins (such as Doge coin) but I do not know of any yet.

A List of exchanges can be found here. (I use myself)

OR you could try to beg some from the community forums to get started.

When you have got enough HUC to start your first Team, you do the following.

On your wallet, press the 'Game' tab at the top near the right hand side.
On the 'Game tab' look at the Upper Right and click on 'New'.

Type in the name of the team you want to make.
Press OK.

NOTE for next step:
If you DID set up your encrypted wallet, and you are using your non-encrypted to actually play, you need to set your 'Reward Wallet' to your encrypted wallet address. This way if you 'bank' your coins they will go to your encrypted wallet and not to your unencrypted wallet (this is a 1-time set up, the game will remember for future new teams).
If you are only using one wallet to save and play, then you can leave these fields blank. They can be changed at a later date, so don't worry if on you forget or miss this point, and you can can also send coins to your encrypted wallet by pressing Send at the top and putting in the address and amount etc.
If you do not set a reward address then any coins you bank will simply show on the wallet you are currently using.

Once you have set your reward address, choose the colour of the team you want to make.

Once you have the reward address set and the colour selected, press OK.

Be patient for the next step, every action, more, chat message in Huntercoin goes into the blockchain, this means when you click a new team, or you send a chat message or move your character the action goes into the chain and has to be decrypted by the miners, once the block is decrypted the actions for you and everyone else for that "turn" will be processed;
You now have to wait for your team to be created in the block/transaction, this usually takes a couple of minutes but can sometimes take longer. Imagine that each 'block' takes around 1 minute, and to create a new team takes 2-5 blocks or so.

After pressing OK to making the new team, you will see in the top right window your teams name in black text.
When the team is actually made and usable, the name will change to the colour of the team you selected (red/green/yellow or blue).

Actual Game Play: The Basics

Collecting Coins 101:

If you leave your new team in the spawn area for 30 blocks, you will die, that is how the game was made.
By spawn area, we mean the little coloured strip right in the corner of the area you spawned in. If you made a red team, your spawn area is red. Yellow team yellow, and so on and so forth.
NOTE: The spawn area is also the bank (covered further later in this guide).

Q:What am I supposed to actually do?
A:Collect Coins!

A:There are several ways to collect coins.

First / Most straight-forward way;
1 - Click on the tab for your created team at the top right window and click on an individual character on that tab.
2 - Click on a coin on the ground (scroll around the map until you see a coin spawned on the ground somewhere).
3 - Click the "Go" button (typing go will not help!).

Your little character will eventually start to move towards the coin/location you clicked on. If no one else gets there before you, your little character will pick up the coin and you will then get a number under your name. That number is the amount of coins that your little person is holding.

In order to actually keep this coin you picked up, you will need to "bank it".
Banking means taking the little person with the coin all the way back to the spawn area and standing in the coloured strip in the corner. Once you land in the bank area, you will see your coins disappear in the game, and appear in your wallet.

Coins take 120 confirmations before they are spendable. Before 120 confirmations, you should still "see" the coins on the overview tab, under Immature. After 120 confirmations, the coins will go into your "balance".


A: The "Map" is made of 502 x 502 squares.
Your little person will take ONE STEP, per block (remember from earlier I said blocks take approx 1 minute to decrypt).
This means in order to get from the Yellow Base at the top of the map, to the Red Base at the top of the map, it has to take approx 502 steps (slightly more/less depending where you start and where you aim to get).
502 steps @ 1 minute per step = ~502 minutes (Just over 8 hours).

The closest "Coin Spawn Area" is directly out of your starting area, down the path towards the centre of the map.
This will take APPROX 20-30 minutes to reach from your spawn spot, then 20-30 minutes to get back to bank when you have coins to bank.

See this map for details of where coins spawn, and approximately how many/often they spawn per area;
See next post for details of how many coins spawn per area on the map.

Collecting Coins 102:


It sounds kind of mean, I know, but lets face it, if you are carrying lots of coins and pass close to an enemy, they are probably going to kill you and take your coins.
Recently there have been a lot of bots in the game, some of which are specifically designed to target players who are carrying coins.


In order to kill someone, you have to press Destruct, then press Go.
When you press Go your "move/destruct/chat" transaction goes into the blockchain. This can take 1, 2 or sometimes 3 blocks to actually happen in the game. So in order to kill someone else, you have to be accurate, and sometimes lucky, or just cover yourself and carpet bomb an area.

Personally I've killed enemies 1 square too soon, meaning they died and dropped their coins on someone else of the same colour team as me and I did not get any coins, but the other person standing there got them all. Unlucky for me, lucky for him.
I've also completely missed people more than once because the transaction did not happen when I expected it would, bad luck for me.

Keep in mind the following things:

You CANNOT kill your own team colour, so don't waste your time, or your team.
You CAN kill yourself, if you destruct a soldier in your team, and he is close to a soldier also in your team, they both die. If you destruct a soldier, and it kills your own General, then the team is killed. When I say team, I mean characters of the same name, i.e. bob + bob 1 + bob General. This does not mean other teams that you own.

If your General Dies (The one with the star on his name) then your team dies. So use your soldiers for something productive if you can before you destruct your own General!

When you destruct your soldiers (the ones under you General on the team) the soldier will destroy himself and any enemy colour within a 1 block radius. This includes the square he is standing on, the one to the top, bottom, left, right, AND the diagonal blocks as well.

Your General can blow up a 2 Block Radius, this means the block he stands on, plus TWO blocks to the top, bottom, left, right PLUS diagonal blocks as well, imagine a 5x5 grid, anything inside the grid gets hit.

I've thrown together a basic image showing the destruction size at work.
Attack Influence Range

This shows *Bob (General) along with Bob.1 in the blast radius (2 squares each way).
Bob will destruct, and Bob.1 will also die because 1, his general is dead, and 2, he is in the blast radius of his own team.
Tuto (Blue Team) WILL NOT die, because Bob and Tuto are both blue coloured team.
Short, Short.1 Will die, because they are in the blast area.
*Yellow will die, as will Yellow.1 - Yellow.2 (at the top of the screen) is outside of the blast radius, but he will die because his General will be dead.
The Yellow character who is not named, to the right of the blast area is outside of the area, and not related to the yellows within the blast area.

So, everyone on screen dies, accept Tuto, blue team and inside the blast area and the unnamed yellow outside of the area.

That means anyone who is killed drops their coins on the floor. Tuto and the Yellow could pick them all up and if they decide to try to bank them they could run them home (I say run, remember 1 step/~1 min) and bank them to their wallet.

So, now you know "how" to kill someone, you should practice at it, you can work out the timings for yourself, keeping in mind a moving target is harder to kill than a static one!

Also remember that enemies can kill you, so if you are carrying lots of coins that you have picked up yourself, someone can kill you and take them, so be vigilant and try to watch for people moving directly at you or directly to the position you are headed to.

Some people work together with others, so you might see one person carrying 10 coins or 100 and then 4 or 5 other people with nothing standing around him and moving together, these are usually guards and depending how you feel you could either take them out if you have enough man-power, or stay away as they may just kill you for being in the way and not risk you killing their coin carrier. Also, remember their are bots playing, who may not be able to determine if you are a threat, and so might kill you regardless.

Keep in mind that although a General getting killed means your team dies, he can take out 2 squares, not just 1. So you could technically kill a coin-carrier guard/soldier before he even has a chance to get close enough to kill you...only useful if you have other teams, or friends, close by to pick up the coins if you are lucky as your General destructing means your team is gone.

Once you have coins, you need to bank them. The more coins you carry, the more likely people will try to kill you to take your coins.
I would say you are usually safe if you have less than 5 or so coins, but this is simply not true any more. It was at the start when few players, but now coins are harder to pick up off the ground, so people are more willing to kill their own characters in order to take 2 coins as this is more than it cost them to make their just be careful!

Banking Coins:

In order to bank your coins, you need to return to your teams spawn base, and stand in the coloured strip at the edge. When you step into the strip, your coins are banked and "safe" and you can send your General/Soldier back to look for more.

As per my previous post, DO NOT stand in the spawn strip for more than 30 blocks, or you will die and lose your character who is there, if it is a General then you will lose your team.

I've pretty much covered the basics here.

So far you should know how to:
Download and Install wallet.
Set up Configuration File.
Make Encrypted and Non-Encrypted wallets to save/play the game.
Collect coins from off the ground (by clicking on the team, soldier, coin on the ground and clicking go)
How to kill others and take their coins.
How to Bank coins.

The rest is really up to you to figure out, but I would advise you try to avoid "bot areas" and try to make friends (use the forums and in game chat) that you can move around the map with and plan playing times with to help each other out.
If you can afford it, make more than one team, and send them out so they are close together to give each other support and even in order to attack other coloured teams and take their coins.
If you use one whole team in a good order, you can use 2 soldiers to kill lots of people, then your remaining General to kill anyone left who might be a threat, in the meantime your 2nd team picks up the coins and heads back to bank. You might want to think about scaling this up from 1-2 teams to 10-20 or even more if you can afford it.

Closing Notes:
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March 29, 2014, 11:14:13 PM

Details for the map for HUC Coin Spawn Locations:
Originally Posted by Snailbrain on

0.55 Red x4 = 2.2
0.4 Cyan x4 = 1.6
0.4 Yellow x4 = 1.6
0.4 Green x4 = 1.6
0.75 Gold/Yellow (all areas are combined) = 0.75
1 Central Pinkish Strip = 1

= 8.75

+ Crown of Fortune = 0.25

+ Miner 1

=10 HUC per block.
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