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Author Topic: MV Capital - Overwhelmed by trading? Volatility got you down? Use Trading Bot!  (Read 19 times)
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May 30, 2024, 08:07:25 PM
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Overwhelmed by trading? Volatility got you down?

Take control with MV Capital and go passive with up to ~250% APY.

Who We Are?

We are a fresh quantitative digital asset investment firm founded in 2024 by a team of tech geeks with decades of experience in algorithmic trading, both for themselves and private clients across financial markets.

Our mission is to offer accessible and professional quantitative investing to everyone, regardless of their experience, one quant at a time.

What do we do?

We specialize in researching and developing innovative quantitative strategies.

We offer a wide range of market-neutral, one-click quantitative algorithms with up to ~250% APY (after fees), ready to be used with ease by everyone, regardless of their experience.

A complete list of our available public algorithms can be found Here.

Why Choose MV Capital?

Transparency, simplicity, and results. We disclose all our Past Trades as well as  Open Positions as they occur, and our platform aims to be as straightforward as possible.

As for the results, they speak for themselves. Statistics and a complete list of previous trades for each algorithm can be found on the Algorithm page.

How does it work?

Our investing model is very simple and requires only three steps from you to complete:

1) Account Creation.
2) Funds Deposit.
3) Invest. Lock funds within the algorithm of choice. (Note: Every algorithm represents a unique strategy and comes with different risk profile and expected returns.)

Once funds are locked within the algorithm of your choice, they are transferred to the exchange where the selected algorithm operates. After this transfer, the algorithm begin to trade on your behalf, 24/7 for the duration of the lock-up period.

What do I have to do once I have made an investment in the algorithm?

Absolutely nothing. Our algorithms are completely autonomous. Throughout the duration of your investment, you can simply sit back and enjoy. You can monitor the status of your investment from your dashboard or return once the investment lock-up period expires; it's up to you.

Note: After your investment expires, you can withdraw the amount or reinvest. The amount will not be reinvested automatically.

How did you solve the problem of liquidity and market slippage?

Each of our algorithms has an Investment Cap set specifically for the strategy it utilizes.
It's the amount with which the algorithm can safely and reliably trade without causing unwanted Market Slippage or Liquidity problems.
Our algorithms' Investment Cap ranges from as low as $10,000 to as high as several million dollars. Once the investment cap for the algorithm is fulfilled, it no longer accepts new investments.

Important: Investment cap is not the same as minimal deposit.

What is the minimum investment on MV Capital?

The minimum amount to invest on MV Capital is dynamic and individual for each of our Algorithms. Currently, the lowest is $500.00.

If your algorithms are so successful, why don't you just invest yourself?

We do! We co-invest with our users. Our goal is to accumulate enough capital to fully realize the potential of our algorithms and to fulfill the Investment Cap of every algorithm in our repository.

Why do you share your algorithms? What's in it for you?

We collect a performance fee on every single positive trade.

On what exchange are the algorithms trading?

Currently, all our algorithms trade only on Binance.

Do you engage in margin trading, and what types of trading do you perform?

The risk margin trading poses is not acceptable to us. We exclusively engage in spot trading.

Are you free from KYC/AML requirements?

Temporarily, yes, but we will likely introduce KYC/AML in the future. We do not recommend using our services if anonymity and/or privacy is of utmost importance to you.

Are you registered with any regulatory body?

Currently, no, but we plan to register with various regulatory bodies once we resolve more pressing issues.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. For each user who registers via your referral link or code, you will be entitled to receive 10.00% of the performance fee collected from their transactions.

For more similar questions, please visit our FAQ section.

The Platform:

The platform is not CMS-based; it is fully developed from scratch for its very purpose, ensuring seamless integration and security. We aim to design our service to be as straightforward as possible: no mess, no fuss, no ads.

It serves as an interface for investments as well as to provide full and transparent insight into the progress of your investment, including every single past or ongoing trade our algorithms execute on your behalf.

Future plans and further development:

- Build trust and reputation within the community and further improve the service by listening to the community.
- Complete integration of the remaining Algorithms with the Platform.
- Translating and adding multilingual support to the service.
- Additional platform polishing and bug fixes.
- And more.

You can check our regularly updated Roadmap here.

Our Socials:
X, former Twitter:

Support Form

Thank you for reading. We welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or criticisms, and we are most receptive to bug reports.  Smiley

Risk Disclosure
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